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					                                 Great Basin College
                           Student Government Association
                             12:30 p.m. September 7, 2007
                                  Elko – GBC LH 114
                                 Battle Mountain BM 2
                                      Ely GBC 112
                                  Pahrump PVC 124
                                 Winnemucca GBC 109

I.     Call to Order
       President LeSpade called the meeting at 12:35 P.M.

II.    Roll Call

       Executive Board
       Richie LeSpade, President                        Present
       Katrina Kahama, Secretary                        Present
       Julie Smith, Student Advocate                    Present

       Battle Mountain Senator

       Elko Senators
       Andre LeSpade                                    Present
       Jose Torres                                      Present
       Cesar Benitez                                    Present

       Ely Senators
       Michelle Ashcraft                                Present - Via cell phone

       Winnemucca Senators
       Susan French                                     Present
       Ilona Somers                                     Present

       Pahrump Senators

III.   Introduction of Guests                                Information
       Pahrump: Bob Lurker, Emily Lurker, Dale Griffith, Gregory Schmaltz
       Elko: Erin Ganguet, Cody Lamb, Ella Trujillo, Jaqueline Lemback

IV.    Approval of Agenda                                  Information/Action
       September 7, 2007 SGA Agenda
       Senator LeSpade moved to approve the September 7, 2007 SGA Agenda. Senator
       French seconded. No discussion. Motion passed.

V.     Approval of Minutes                                   Information/Action
       August 31, 2007 SGA Minutes
       President LeSpade said the SGA minutes for August 31, 2007 will be approved next
       week to give the newly appointed Secretary Katrina Kahama some time.

VI.    President’s Report                                      Information
       President LeSpade acknowledged the president from Skills USA, Cody Lamb. He
       also mentioned the deadline for elections is September 12, 2007 by 5:00 P.M. He
       reminded everyone about Friday Follies and tonight’s event; as well as asked for us to
       join. Don’t forget that there are two meetings next week! According to the
       constitution we have to have two meeting for the election process. President LeSpade
       also commented on the Secretaries progress.

VII.   Vice-Presidents Report                                 Information
       President LeSpade gave the Vice-President’s report, see attachment #1.

VIII. Treasurer’s Reports                                      Information/Action

       July Treasury Report
       Senator Torres moved to bring the July Treasury Report to the floor. Senator Benitez
       seconded. Motion Passed.
       July Treasury Report presented by Julie Smith, see attachment #2.

IX.    Student Advocate’s Report                              Information
       Nevada Open Meeting Law requires us to stay off mute. Try to get qualifying
       Senators, a new Vice President and Treasurer. Attend the first programming board
       meeting on the September 17, 2007. The meetings are always on Mondays at 12:30
       P.M. in the Big Horn Activities Center. Advocate Smith sends thanks to everyone for
       being present.

X.     Branch Campus Reports                                   Information
       Battle Mountain
       No Report

       Mary Swetich returned to work and will be having a belated welcome back on the Ely

       No Report

       Welcome back went great and they have a lot of ice-cream left over.

XI.    Committee Reports                                         Information/Action
       President LeSpade has been taking care of the facilities. The recreation room is open
       until everyone is trained and then it will be closed and producing some revenue. It
       will have a schedule so no one gets overwhelmed.

XII.   Unfinished Business

XIII. New Business
      A. GBC Ambassadors                                       Information/Action

       Erin Ganguet requests a cap of $700 for fall 2007 semester Ambassador Events.
         Secretary Kahama moved to approve Erin Ganguet’s request
         for $700 for the fall 2007 semester Ambassador events. Senator
         Ashcraft seconded. Erin presented a list of expenses to
         President LeSpade see attachment #2. President LeSpade and
         Advocate Smith Complimented the Ambassadors. Motion

      B. Intervention                                         Information/Action

       President LeSpade requests a cap of $500 for fall semester 2007 refreshments
       for the Intervention Committee to host student life topics on Thursdays.
       Secretary Kahama moved to approve a cap of $500 for fall semester 2007
       refreshments for the Intervention Committee to host student life topics on
       Thursdays. Senator Benitez seconded. Senator French had a question on relation of
       the Intervention Committee with Pat Anderson’s input in the last meeting. President
       LeSpade directed Senator French’s question with goals and reasons why the
       Intervention Committee is running. He also stated that he brought the original
       request for $1000 down to $500. Advocate Smith informed everyone that the request
       of $500 is for refreshments to try and attract people to the meetings or event.
       Motion passed with Senators Somers and French voting nay.

XIV. Items Laid on the Table

XV.   Issues and Concerns/Public Comment                                Information
      President LeSpade informs everyone to not ever be afraid to vote how you feel to
      vote. It is encouraged to give your input. Advocate Smith stated when a motion is
      made to be approved it is only bringing the item(s) to the floor for discussion.
      President LeSpade sends thanks to Pahrump’s campus director.

Secretary Kahama moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:59 P.M.

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