The minutes of the meeting of Wentworth Parish Council held in the

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					The minutes of the Annual General meeting of Wentworth Parish Council held in the Village
Hall at 7.30pm.on Wednesday 21st May 2012.

Those present: Councillors Lee, Atkin, Stone, Lowes, County Councillor Hunt and Jayne

County Councillors Report
County Cllr Hunt’s report was taken first. He reported that County priorities were to protect
the vulnerable and to ensure Cambridgeshire is open for business. CCC are committed to
the provision of superfast broadband within the next 3 years, building a new mainline railway
station at the Science Park in Cambridge (Cambridge North), and improvements to the
A14. He also reported that the County Council is committed to building a new southern link
road in Ely, and maintaining and improving major roads.
He also reported that he was still working on a proposal for a flexible approach to fares on
school buses in the County, with varying rates charged depending on the distance travelled
to school. He also asked for the Parish Council view on the prospect of car parking charges
for on and off road parking in Ely. It was agreed that this would be discussed at the next
meeting. Cllr Hunt left the meeting at 8.10pm.

Apologies for absence: Councillor Hayes, District Councillor Pauline Wilson, District
Councillor Gareth Wilson

Minutes of the last meeting      the minutes of the previous meeting were approved and

Matters Arising     There were no matters arising

Chairman’s Report
The Chairman reported that after 60 years the County Council have decided that the
provision of free school buses for children in Wentworth attending school in Witchford is to
be withdrawn in September 2012. He also reported that the District Council’s Village Vision
consultation on growth for Wentworth over the next 20 years is ongoing and on track with
the new Local Plan due to be published in October 2012. He also reported on the village play
area which has formally been handed over to the Parish Council and has just undergone its
annual inspection by RoSPA. He also reported that the ‘countdown to 30mph’ speed limit
signs at the south entrance to the village have been installed. The Chairman reported that
the precept for 2012-2013 had been increased this year to £3750 to cover the Parish’s
increased costs.

Councillor’s Reports
District Councillor Pauline Wilson submitted a written report to the meeting which was
circulated to the Parish Councillors. She reported on her work through the year on the
Community and Environment Committee, Personnel and Corporate Services Committee and
Overview and Scrutiny Committee. She also reported on her work with the Neighbourhood
Panel and that the ‘Shape your place’ website is up and running for raising questions and
problems with the District Council.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer reported that we brought forward £4375.32 and closed with a balance of
£3388.45. Interest amounted to £2.11. The Townlands Charity funded £558 towards the cost
of “The Witchfordian” in which the minutes of the Parish Council meetings are published and
the mower for the playpark. Payments for administration, streetlight and churchyard
maintenance were made as well as playpark insurance. The precept this year has been set
at £3750.

Townlands Charity
Townlands reported that the year opened with £3110.32. £697 was received in rent and
£1.55 in interest. During the year payments were made for a mower for the playpark, repair
of a water heater, a rent review and a contribution towards the cost of “The Witchfordian”.
The balance carried forward is £3026.29.

Adoption of accounts.
It was proposed by Councillor Lowes and seconded by Councillor Atkin that the accounts are
adopted and the Statement of Assurance is certified.

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 8.20pm.


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