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                          BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                      MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING

DATE:        MAY 4, 2005
TIME:        5:30 PM

MEMBERS PRESENT:            Chair Tom Austin, Vice-Chair Dan Shagoury,
                            Director Jon Lambert, Director Michaela Loisel,
                            Director Diana Scully, Student Rep. Barbara Watson,
                            Dresden Director Gary Getchell

MEMBERS ABSENT:             Director Linda Leet

ALSO PRESENT:               Donald Siviski, Secretary [Superintendent of Schools]
                            Christine Chamberlain, HDES, Principal
                            Steven Lavoie, HDMS, Principal
                            Stephen MacDougall, HDHS, Principal
                            Brenda Joseph, Director of Special Education
                            Diane Snell, HDES, Asst. Principal
                            Jim Goulet, Director of Buildings and Grounds
                            Students: Padric Gleason, Heather Veilleux, Jill Ende, Dan Voner
                            John Burgess, HDHS, Jobs for Maine Graduates
                            Nora Reed, HDHS, Spanish Teacher
                            Retirees Barb Loken, Diane Leclair, Anita Morrissey and
                            Priscilla Markley

      Chair Tom Austin declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM.

      Director Jon Lambert motioned acceptance of the minutes of the regular Board of
      Directors meeting April 6, 2005, seconded by Director Michaela Loisel and voted in
      favor unanimously.

      Adjustments to 6.1 (background information on the field trip request) and 6.4 correction
      were noted.

      4.1  Student Dan Voner, HDHS recipient of the Maine Chamber of Commerce
           sponsored JMG Scholarship, was introduced to the Board of Directors and
           commended for his accomplishment.

      4.2    Chair Tom Austin presented each retiring teacher with a token of the Board’s
             appreciation for servicing the students in our district. Diane Leclair, Anita
             Morrissey, Barbara Loken and Penny Markley all received applause and
             commendations for the efforts in MSAD #16.
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      4.3    There was no public comment.



      6.1   Field Trip Request – “Spanish”
            Director Diana Scully motioned acceptance of the request for an “out of the
            country” field trip. Director Jon Lambert seconded the motion, voted in favor

      6.2   Nomination
            Director Jon Lambert motioned acceptance of the Superintendent’s nomination of
            Elizabeth Cieslinski, Coleene Moody, Elizabeth Crosby, Carolyn Ely, Allison
            Waterbury, Michael Gilbert, Misty Favreau, Michelle Wheelock and Pamela
            McQuoid as 2nd year probationary contract teachers. Director Michaela Loisel
            seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

             Director Michaela Loisel motioned acceptance of the Superintendent’s
             nomination of Manami Hayashi and Pam Bonney as continuing contract teachers.
             Director Jon Lambert seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

      6.3    Resignation(s) and Retirement

      6.4    Nomination(s)
             Director Diana Scully motioned acceptance of the Superintendent’s nomination
             of Scott Bell as ½ time Asst. Principal and ½ time English Teacher and Diane
             Snell as ½ time Asst. Principal and stipend Title I Coordinator for FY’06.
             Director Jon Lambert seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

      6.5A. Approval of Budget for FY’06
            Director Diana Scully motioned acceptance of the budget for FY’06. Vice-Chair
            Dan Shagoury seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

      6.5B. Approval of Warrants
            Director Diana Scully motioned acceptance of the 6 Articles on the School
            Budget Warrant.

             Article 1:    To elect a moderator to preside at said Meeting.

             Article 2:    State/Local EPS Funding Allocation. To see what sum Maine
                           School Administrative District No. 16 will appropriate for the total
                           cost of funding public education from kindergarten to grade 12 as
                           described in the Essential Programs and Services Funding Act and
                           to see what sums the District will raise and assess as each
                           municipality’s contribution to the total cost of funding public

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             education from kindergarten to grade 12 as described in the
             Essential Programs and Services Funding Act in accordance with
             the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 20-A, section 15688.
             (Recommended amounts set forth below).

                 Total appropriated (by          Total raised (and district
                 municipality):                  assessments by municipality):
                 Town of Farmingdale:            Town of Farmingdale:
                 $3,459,165.63                   $981,288
                 Town of Hallowell:              Town of Hallowell:
                 $2,484,417.93                   $1,063,062
                 School District Total           Total School District:
                 Appreciated: $5,943,583.56      $2,044,350.00

             The Board of School Directors Recommends a “YES” vote.

             Explanation The District’s contribution to the total cost of funding
             public education from kindergarten to grade 12, as described in
             the Essential Programs and Services Funding Act is the amount of
             money determined by state law to be the minimum amount the
             District must raise and assess in order to receive the full amount of
             state dollars.

Article 3:   Additional Local Funds. To see what sum Maine School
             Administrative District No. 16 will raise and appropriate in
             additional local funds (recommend $1,599,989), which exceeds the
             State’s Essential Programs and Service funding model by

             The Board of School Directors recommends $1,599,989 for the
             following reasons: $815,722 is needed to cover the state’s shortfall
             in its share of the state’s funding model, and $784,267 is needed to
             cover costs of District schools that the state’s funding model does
             not recognize.

             Explanation: The additional local funds are those locally raised
             funds over and above the District’s local contribution to the total
             cost of funding public education from kindergarten to grade 12 as
             described in the Essential Programs and Services Funding Act and
             local amounts raised for the annual debt service payment on
             previously approved non-state-funded school construction
             projects, the non-state-funded portions of school construction
             projects, and minor capital projects that will help achieve the
             District’s budget for educational programs.

Article 4:   Total School Budget Summary. To see what sum Maine School
             Administrative District No. 16 will authorize the Board of School
             Directors to expend for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2005 and

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                       ending June 30, 2006 from the District’s contribution to the total
                       cost of funding public education from kindergarten to grade 12 as
                       described in the Essential Programs and Services Funding Act,
                       non-state-funded school construction projects, additional local
                       funds for school purposes under the Maine Revised Statutes, Title
                       20-A, section 15690, unexpended balances, tuition receipts, state
                       subsidy and other receipts for the support of schools.
                       (Recommend $9,048,172).

                       The Board of School Directors recommends a “YES” vote.

       Article 5:      To see if Maine School Administrative District No. 16 will
                       appropriate $60,783 for Adult Education and will authorize the
                       expenditure of additional funds raised through grants or self-
                       funded programs for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2005, and
                       ending June 30, 2006, and to see if the District will raise $25,925
                       as the local share?

                       The Board of School Directors recommends a “YES” vote.

       Article 6:      To see if the voters of MSAD 16 will allow the Board of Directors
                       to expand any additional incidental or miscellaneous receipts in the
                       interest and well being of the K-12 program and to allow the Board
                       of Directors to transfer unanticipated balances from one account to

                       The Board of Directors recommends a “YES” vote.

       Director Michaela Loisel seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

6.5C. Approval of Assessments

       Director Jon Lambert motioned acceptance of the local assessment for the school

                                      2005                 2006             Difference
         Farmingdale                    1,913,809           1,761,727           (152,082)
         Hallowell                      2,115,965           1,908,537           (207,428)
         TOTAL                          4,029,774           3,670,264           (359,510)

       Vice-Chair Dan Shagoury seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

6.5D. Set Date for Annual District budget Meeting and Hearing

       Vice-Chair Dan Shagoury motioned acceptance of the establishing a District
       Budget Hearing at 6:30 p.m. and Meeting at 7:00 p.m. on June 8, 2005. Director
       Diana Scully seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

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6.6    Approval of Apparent of Bidder K-5 New Construction

       Vice-Chair Dan Shagoury motioned that the Superintendent of Schools be and
       hereby is authorized to execute and deliver a contract for construction services
       with Arthur C. Dudley for the construction of an elementary school in Hallowell
       which contract shall be in form acceptable to the Superintendent of Schools and
       legal counsel.

       Director Jon Lambert seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

6.7    Approval of Service Agreement with Dresden

       Vice-Chair Dan Shagoury motioned acceptance of the Service Agreement
       Contract with the Dresden School Committee as presented. Director Diana Scully
       seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

6.8    Approval of Central Office Negotiations Agreement

       Director Diana Scully motioned acceptance to of the Central Office Contract as
       amended. Director Michaela Loisel seconded the motion, voted in favor

6.9    Approval of Referendum Warrants

       Director Diana Scully motioned acceptance of the Referendum Warrant.

       That the warrant and notice of election presented to the meeting be and is hereby
       approved and that a District meeting referendum be and is hereby called as
       described therein for the purpose of approving the issuance of bonds, notes or
       other evidences of indebtedness of the District for a minor capital project and
       other purposes as further described therein.

       That the Notice of Public Hearing presented to the meeting be and is hereby
       approved and that a public hearing on the issuance of bonds, notes or other
       evidences of indebtedness for a minor capital project and other purposes will be
       held as provided therein.

       Vice-Chair Dan Shagoury seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

6.10   Action on Bond Anticipation Note from 4/6/05

       Director Diana Scully motioned acceptance of the changes presented in the votes
       for a $4,000,000 Bond Anticipation Note:

       That the vote adopted by the Board of Directors of Maine School Administrative
       District No. 16 (the “District”) on April 6, 2005 accepting the offer of Banknorth,
       N.A. to purchase bond anticipation notes of the District in the original principal
       amount of Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000) be rescinded and that the offer of
       Banknorth, N.A. be rejected as not in conformity with the bid specifications that
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            disclosed to prospective bidders that the District would not certify that the note is
            a qualified tax-exempt obligation within the meaning of Section 265 of the
            Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code").

            That the offer of Camden National Bank to purchase bond anticipation notes of
            the District be accepted and the Board of Directors of the District hereby
            authorize a borrowing in the amount of Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000) from
            Camden National Bank on behalf of the District, with interest on the principal
            amount thereof at a rate of 5.10% per annum, principal and interest to be paid at
            maturity on November 15, 2005, which borrowing is for the purpose of financing
            a school construction project.

            That under and pursuant to the provisions of Title 20-A M.R.S.A. Section 1311,
            the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the Treasurer of the District be and
            they are hereby authorized to borrow from Camden National Bank in the name
            and on behalf of the District the sum of up to Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000) at
            the per annum interest rate of 5.10%, and that the Chairperson of the Board of
            Directors and the Treasurer be and they are hereby authorized to issue general
            obligation securities of the District in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed
            Four Million Dollars ($4,000,000) and to execute and deliver a note or notes
            under the seal of the District attested by the Secretary, dated on or about May 6,
            2005, in such form as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the Treasurer
            may approve; and that the appropriate officials of the District be and hereby are
            authorized to execute and deliver on behalf of the District such other documents
            and certificates as may be required in connection with such borrowing; and that
            no part of the proceeds of said borrowing shall be used, directly or indirectly, to
            acquire any securities and obligations, the acquisition of which would cause the
            notes to be "arbitrage bonds" within the meaning of Section 148 of the Code; and
            that the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the Treasurer be and they are
            hereby authorized to covenant on behalf of the District to file any information
            report and pay any rebate due to the United States in connection with the issuance
            of said notes, to take all other lawful actions necessary to insure the interest on the
            notes will be excluded from the gross income of the owners thereof for purposes
            of federal income taxation and to refrain from taking any action which would
            cause interest on the notes to become includable in the gross income of the
            owners thereof.

            Vice-Chair Dan Shagoury seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.


      7.1   Dresden School Board Report

            Dresden Vice-Chair Gary Getchell outlined action taken by the Dresden School
            Committee at their last meeting to include 1.) a budget that reflects reductions in
            administrative cost since merging office and personnel functions with Hall-Dale;
            2) the nomination and approval of a 30/70 Principal/Superintendent position; 3)
            the notification of a Service Agreement with Hall-Dale; 4) the favorable

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      acknowledgement from the Commissioner that as of July 1, 2005 Dresden will be
      an independent district.

7.2   Building and Grounds, Food Service and Transportation Committee Meeting
      Central Office, April 13, 2005 – 5:30 P.M.
      Present:       Committee Chair Jon Lambert, Board Vice-Chair Dan Shagoury,
                     Director of Building and Grounds Jim Goulet and
                     Superintendent Donald Siviski

      1. The Owner’s Representative hiring process has been initiated with an
         advertisement in the Kennebec Journal 4/9/05, interviews in the week of
         4/18/05, applications close 4/20/05 and a decision is to be made on 4/21/05.
         The expectation is to have the Owner’s Rep. on board when bids are opened
         on Tuesday, April 26th at 1:00 p.m. If “value engineering” is necessary to
         bring bids into compliance with the budget our Owner’s Rep will be an
         essential player in the decision.

         Jim Goulet, Brad Hendrickson and Vicki Raymond will be included on the
         interview committee to address construction, contractor and accounting
         attributes/skills of the candidates.

      2. A “mailing” to all district residents will be processed in mid May explaining
         the Hall-Dale High School Renovation project. Pictures of various facility
         concerns, quotes from students and staff as well as research findings and
         financial expectations will be included. Once published, opportunities for
         public meetings will be scheduled.

      3. Conversion of Leased Space at Hall-Dale High School is also being explored
         so that the portable classroom space can be incorporated into the building
         footprint. DOE official Scott Brown and the Superintendent will meet next
         week to discuss particulars. School attorney Rob Nadeau has also advised the
         district on the interpretation of statutes.

      4. The “practice field” has been harvested and the Dept. of Transportation has
         awarded the Route 201 reconstruction project to Pratt and Son. Discussions
         with Mr. Pratt have been very encouraging for the receipt of fill from the
         project over the next 18-24 months. Use of the “Simmons Property” by the
         Construction Co. as a “yard” for their supplies and equipment was discussed.
         Surplus loam from the Winthrop Street site will be transported to the practice
         field and stock piled for future use.

      5. The Bureau of General Services will be asked to extend the lease of the
         current MSAD #16 Central Office so that pre-fabrication of materials for the
         Hall-Dale High School renovation project can be conducted in the gymnasium
         area. Once the K-5 school and the 9-12 renovation project are completed a
         decision regarding the permanent home for Central Office of MSAD #16 will
         become necessary.

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      6. Jim Goulet analyzed and computed a cost for the reconstruction of the district
         owned portable classroom. He projected that over $20,000 would be needed to
         complete a structural and cosmetic overhaul of the facility. Future use of this
         facility could include use as a Central Office.

      7. A ceremonial “ground breaking” date will be determined once bids are opened
         and a contractor selected. A listing of invited guests has been created and
         invitations will be sent after the project has been approved by Commissioner

      8. The financial account of the Food Service Dept. continues to “break even”.
         Challenges increased this year with annual increased cost of labor and
         supplies and decreased population.

      9. The American Red Cross asked that Hall-Dale Middle School and High
         School be utilized as an emergency shelter should cause exist. The Committee
         agreed that the schools in MSAD #16 are located in each community and
         should serve as shelters for citizens whenever said need arises.

7.3   Minutes of DCLT Meeting
      April 14, 2005 – Hall-Dale Elementary School
      Attending:     Steve Lavoie, Deb Large, Truax McFarland, Cindy McLean,
                     Marie Gordon, Judith McKernan, Joe Viselli, Chris Chamberlain,
                     Don Siviski, Bill Portela
       Each committee chair summarized progress made by their committee during
         the March workshop day
       Don explained the role of the DCLT as an advisory board to the
         Superintendent on all curriculum matters, assessment work, and new
         classroom resources to match curriculum. Some of the topics for discussion
         that have been presented to us recently regarding high school requirements
         need only a statement of input from the Team to the Superintendent for his
         consideration. The Team does not approve or disapprove a proposal. DCLT is
         considered “the expert” in curriculum and assessment matters in MSAD #16.
       Bill Portela reviewed the technology curriculum and his proposed timeline.
         DCLT made some suggestions for him to consider.
       The DCLT budget line for sub coverage is overdrawn.
       Chris spoke with Pam Rolfe at DOE for clarification of the Commissioner’s
         Informational Letter 112. There will be a follow-up Informational Letter sent
         out next week to further explain Learning Results Credit and other proposed
         changes to the LAS. Timelines will be made clear. There are meetings
         scheduled for April 27 and 29 between DOE reps. And the education
         committee. She agreed that MSAD 16 could continue using the LAS
         templates based on 8-12 assessments until further clarification is made.

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       No input was offered into the policies, as it is a challenging undertaking. Chris
        will submit some suggestions to the Superintendent.
       The following members have committed to staying with DCLT for one more
                   Marie Gordon – ELA
                   Cindy McLean – Math
                   Truax McFarland– Science
                   Joe Viselli – PE/health
                   Deb Large – Visual Performing Arts
                   Allison Waterbury will take over as chair of foreign language.

      Next meeting May 19th from 3:00-5:00 at Hall-Dale Elementary School.

7.4   Simmons Committee Meeting
      April 14, 2005 – 4:30 PM, Hall-Dale High School Library
      Present:       Director Linda Leet, Superintendent Donald Siviski,
                     Director of Buildings and Grounds Jim Goulet, Peter Johnson,
                     Jim Duncklee and Ellen Vickers
      Absent:        Tim Johnson, Chuck Smith, Wes Brann and Mark Cummings

      1. Reports
            - Trust Management – Jim Duncklee – no activity
            - Lighting – Wes Brann – no report
            - Practice Field – Jim Goulet
         The property has been harvested and a one week extension was granted to the
         contractor because of a wet spring to conduct the de-stumping process. All
         work will be completed by April 23, 2005.

         Jim also researched the “memorial iron gate” cost and determined that with
         $10,000 we could have the gates installed and plaques mounted in
         commemoration of Melvin Simmons. The committee supported the design
         and authorized Jim to move ahead with this project since the MSAD #16
         Board of Directors had previously approved the concept.

      2. Winthrop Street loam and Route 201 fill – Don Siviski
         Rob Tillotson, architect from Oak Point Associates informed us that
         approximately 1500 yds. of loam is expected as surplus from the new K-5
         school construction project. He also predicted that the General Contractor for
         the project will want the material moved off site as soon as possible. It was
         recommended that a 1/3 portion from this year’s allocation be devoted to the
         transport cost of the loam to be stockpiled on the practice field area for future
         use. Heath Cowen from the Dept. of Transportation reported that Pratt and
         Son Construction Co. was awarded the bid to reconstruct Rt. 201. Reggie Pratt
         and the Superintendent have discussed the use of the Simmons property on
         Maple Street as a contractor’s yard for set-up and storage of materials for use
         on Rt. 201. Restrictive use of the space still provides parking for graduation.
         The project bid included 20,000 cubic meters of base gravel that needs to be
         removed and deposited elsewhere. The School District and contractor are
         preparing a plan to use the fill to level the practice field.
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             -   Pete Johnson volunteered to investigate the potential use of the
                 Simmons property and what code restrictions may exist that would
                 affect the development value of the property. The committee agreed
                 and appreciated Pete’s insight and effort.

      3. The Committee then visited the practice field to assess its potential for multi-
         purpose uses.

7.5   Sports Done Right Leadership Meeting
      April 14, 2005 5:30 PM, Hall-Dale High School

      Present:       Donald Siviski, Superintendent of Schools; Steve Lavoie,
                     Principal; Scott Bell, Asst. Principal; Tim Johnson, HS Athletic
                     Director; Ruth Lachance; Dan Plourde; Peter Barengo; Guy
                     Cousins; Peter Johnson; Mike Aitken; Ellen Vickers; Brian
                     Perkins; Dave Kaplan
      Absent:        Steve MacDougall, Principal; Tim Soule, MS Athletic Director;
                     Dan Crocker

      Mr. Siviski opened the meeting by defining the Board of Directors challenge to
      recommend a developmentally appropriate activity/athletic experience for kids in
      grades K-12. The Leadership Team’s challenge was to define where we are and
      what needs to be done in order to achieve that mission.

      Suggestions to consider during the discussion are listed as training for all coaches,
      high school athletes mentoring peewee teams, high school and middle school
      coaches coaching parent coaches of community teams, physiological and
      nutritional information to all parents, students and coaches, policy on not playing
      in 2 leagues at the same time, policy on facility use to those who agree to abide to
      proper coaching expectations, reinforcing fun and skill development over
      winning, consideration of changing leagues to one which supports similar ideas,
      small group discussions with community, coaches’ clinics, etc.

      UMO and Sports Done Right are co-sponsoring a workshop on May 25th to
      - Core Principles, Core Practices, Out of Bounds
      - Team relationships, contracts and leagues
      - Draft initial action plan for local conversations
      - Address controversial issues of the report including competition and winning
      Members scheduled to attend include Scott Bell, Dan Plourde, Tim Soule and
      Don Siviski

      The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

      Our next meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2005 at 5:30 p.m. Our next topic of
      discussion will focus on Middle School athletics.

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7.6   Inter-District Relations Committee Meeting – 4/20/05
      April 20, 2005 5:00 PM – MSAD #16 Central Office
      Present:        Dresden Chair Nadine Barnard, Dresden Vice-Chair Gary
                      Getchell, MSAD #16 Rep. Diana Scully, Dresden Principal Rick
                      Cote and MSAD #16 Superintendent Don Siviski

      Service agreement contracts were presented for discussion and resolve so that an
      essential “office function” for the eventual independent Dresden School Dept.
      would be provided.

      MSAD #16 will provide accounts payable, payroll and state reporting as well as
      secretarial assistance for Special Education correspondence for a fee of
      $18,000/year. The agreement is for 4 years with incumental increases in cost of
      services realized.

      Individual service agreements from the Dresden School Committee to individuals
      in MSAD #16 for various administrative and technical services were also

      (The Dresden School Committee approved the issuance of these contracts on
      Tuesday, April 26th.)

      “Remote user” training to afford Principals and Dresden Administrators access to
      current financial data is being pursued through Advance Data Systems, Inc.
      Dresden Teacher Contract topics were discussed so that a clarified position on
      language intent and financial obligations could be achieved.

      Percentage of enrollment discussions centered on contract obligations and
      deficiencies of processing. Without a Dresden oversight or approval of enrollment
      the Dresden School Committee has discovered that 4 students have simply left
      Hall-Dale and enrolled somewhere else without any approval of the Dresden
      Superintendent. Two other students were recorded as having Superintendent
      Agreements when none existed. Given the 6 student discrepancy percentage
      expectations were very close to the projected/expected figure.

      Acknowledging that criteria has now been established by the Dresden School
      Committee they proposed that all future classes be held to an 85% Hall-Dale
      enrollment so that the 3-year target of 85% for total enrollment could be
      accomplished with some flexibility. The Committee agreed to pursue this
      approach and to report back to the committee after this round of 8th to 9th grade
      student transition has occurred.

      Attendance and tardiness because of administrative or transportation concerns
      will not be recorded as individual absences or late arrivals.

      Transportation vendor concerns persist and contract talks to void the agreement
      have been initiated.

      The meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.
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7.7   Technology Committee Meeting
      Tuesday 3/29/05 – High School Library
      In Attendance:       Michaela Loisel – School Board Member
                           Chris Chamberlain – Elementary School Principal
                           Steve Lavoie – Middle School Principal
                           Mondy Stevens – District Web Coordinator
                           John Armentrout – Apple Systems Specialist
                           Bill Portela - Director of Technology

      The focus of this meeting was to investigate new technology topics not previously
      discussed, and to provide more direction for technology plan responsibility and
      information resources. A brief discussion of the upcoming education related,
      legislative sessions was initiated by Bill. A great number of potential bills are
      being debated on the education committee. The public opinion and legislative
      reaction to these bills may have great impact on Hall-Dale schools, and
      developments need to be monitored closely. A large amount of time was spent on
      discussing the benefits and detractions related to the current one to one computing
      initiatives in the district. These discussions also have applicability for the design
      of the new elementary school’s technology resources and missions.

      It was discussed that more detailed one to one information should be gleaned
      from a redesigned technology survey. The current survey will be pared down,
      made less redundant and less useful items will be removed. The survey will also
      be designed to be taken by staff, students and parents. In addition, the technology
      group will assemble detailed repair, insurance and cost information as applicable
      to the laptop programs. This information will be used in order to help determine if
      a one to one solution is appropriate at the differing grade levels. It was brought up
      how difficult it is to determine whether laptop faculty have fully integrated the
      devices into learning and whether for example, the devices are being used
      extensively at home for learning purposes. John shared with the members the
      many various laptop technical and management issues to include:

      a.     Battery charger and laptop case costs and lack of control
      b.     Insurance costs and the inability of families to pay
      c.     The large administrative upkeep involved with the older laptops
      d.     The large end of year effort involved with inventorying and then re-
             imaging the over 400 laptops
      e.     How to get all related costs into the open so that school staff and board
             members obtain a true picture of costs
      f.     The privilege versus right mentality of students regarding the devices

      The issue of professional development was again discussed. It was decided to
      ensure that the revised technology survey contain an explicit question regarding
      how staff feel it would be best to obtain technology related professional
      development. The matter of technology integration was brought up in relation to
      the 2004 survey results. The district needs to address whether technology
      integration is performed in stand-alone curriculum or integrated with existing
      curriculum. In addition, the staff needs to be informed whose responsibility the

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technology delivery falls upon. Many staff members appear to be expecting more
assistance in this regard in the form of professional development or integration
faculty. The culture and direction of the district regarding technology integration
should be forthcoming and well communicated to staff and faculty.

The results of the 2004 technology survey were discussed. In general, there were
no major surprises associated with the survey. This in itself suggested that the
survey needed a significant redesign as although the results were useful in
confirming that no “huge technology surprises” seemed to exist, the survey results
were not able to offer appreciable insight into possible changes or directions
required of district technology. The major highlights of the survey included the

a.     All faculty members appear comfortable with word processing, internet
       browsing and e-mail programs.
b.     By a ratio of 2:1, faculty felt that their students used computers in the
       classroom less than 60 minutes per week.
c.     Almost all faculty members reported that their students had basic
       computing skills and that students could use basic learning programs or
       educational games.
d.     A clear majority of faculty (75%) reported that regarding professional
       development, technology integration, technology supported assessment
       and data systems; presentation software and basic computer system
       maintenance were most needed.
e.     A clear majority of faculty (75%) reported that on-site technical support
       and repair of computer systems was the most needed technical support.
f.     The five most requested technology issues that faculty expressly requested
       should be addressed by the technology plan (in order of times mentioned)
       were: more professional development, more technology integration
       resources, more technology curriculum for students, more or newer
       computing systems and keyboarding instruction for students

Finally, a discussion of district web services was initiated with a brief assessment
by the new District web Coordinator, Mondy Stevens. Mondy advised the
committee that overall, the condition of building web pages was poor. With the
addition of a building web stipend positions at the high school and elementary
school, and with Mondy volunteering to take care of the most pressing issues at
the middle school, it is believed that the condition of the district web presence
will be much improved by next school year. Mondy agreed to conduct a survey of
district needs involving continuing web services. Bill explained to the committee
that the current web server is in need of a total software rebuild or change to a
new platform as “automatic” web page or Front Page services are inoperable and
attempts to upgrade have not been successful. Mondy explained that current
priorities would include cleaning up broken links and correcting or removing out
of date documents. In addition, the new web services stipend positions will
investigate and attempt to deploy online templates, applications, parent
communications methodologies and perhaps web forms.

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      Recap of Action Items: Primary responsibilities -
      I.     Publish 2004 survey results and 2005 technology survey and provide
             analysis and synthesis – complete.
      II.    Perform complete district hardware and software inventory – 90%
      III.   Synthesize NEASC technology related issues – 75% complete.
      IV.    Synthesize Library / Media technology related issues – Library / Media
             committees, Bill Portela.
      V.     Synthesize Adult Education technology issues [Plan Item #5] – Elizabeth
             Wells, Bill Portela.
      VI.    Analyze and incorporate Plan Items #3, #6, #7, #11 and #13 – 90%
             complete, Bill Portela
      VII. Analyze and incorporate Plan Item # 12 – Admin Team, Steve Lavoie,
             School Board
      VIII. Summer Technology Institute - ?????
      IX.    Draft and Author New Technology Plan – 45% complete, Bill Portela

7.8   Policy and Personnel Committee Meeting
      April 27, 2005 - 4:30 PM - Central Office
      Present:       Director Michaela Loisel, Principal Steve Lavoie and Supt. Donald
                     Siviski (Director Diana Scully and the Superintendent met on
                     4/29/05 to review the following agenda.)

      1. Principal Steve Lavoie outlined the recommendations of his Middle School
         Planning Committee in their address of curriculum and reduced enrollments.

         The 6th and 7th grade staff will each teach one area of specialty (Math,
         Science, Social Studies and Writing) while all will teach Reading. Given the
         Trimester schedule 3 of the 4 teachers will align their curriculum with the
         Reading expectation and rotate each trimester i.e. the study of a given
         historical period will include the reading and discussion of historical
         fiction/nonfiction aligned with the content in the Social Studies curriculum the
         fourth member of the Team with a specialty in Reading will team teach with a
         Special Ed. Teacher and Title I Ed. Tech. to address individual skill deficits
         and small group instruction. This group will be skill/performance based and
         not ability grouped. Once a skill is identified and addressed the student could
         join or rejoin one of the other groups of literary study.

         Furthermore the Art Teacher, being a K-8 certified general education teacher
         will conduct a writing lab to hone specific skills and extensions in
         writing/English. Steve experienced 10/27 staff volunteers to be involved in the
         creation of this model and they will continue to meet to address long-range
         (24 month) challenges.

      2. A current update on enrollment and personnel yields:

             A. 23 students have signed up for Pre-Kindergarten therefore we need one

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       B. 45 students are now expected in grade 4 therefore parents will be
          called to confirm their continued presence in the district. If numbers
          hold (good situation) we will need to reestablish the 3rd teacher
          (budget concern).
       C. 5 seventh grade teachers need to be reduced to 4. One teacher could be
          transferred to 4th grade.
       D. French class enrollment shows a need for a full-time language teacher
          rather than the ½ time we planned.

       We will watch enrollments closely and have a recommendation for you at
       the June meeting. We have also discovered that the student to staff ratio at
       the HS needs a thorough school board review as part of our long-range (2
       yr.) planning process.

3. “Icebergs” have been purchased to be presented to honor our retirees and the
   Committee decided to also offer a dessert reception before the School Board

4. The Service Agreement between the Dresden School Committee and MSAD
   #16 Board of Directors has been authored and approved by the Dresden
   Board. The “Agreement” is recommended for approval by the MSAD #16
   Board and is required for Dresden’s succession from Union 48.

5. Negotiations with individual Central Office Staff (Bookkeeper, Business
   Manager, Adm. Assistant) have concluded and changes the expectation from
   hourly to salaried. Over a 3-year contract period benefits become closely
   aligned with the Administrative package currently offered to Principals and
   Directors. The committee recommends full Board review and approval.

6. Advanced Connections Plan (G/T) has been reviewed by the DOE and edited
   by the Administrative Team and is ready for full board review. Since it is
   similar to a curriculum approval process the Administrative Team
   incorporated it into the next 6 months of Board approval for curriculum.

7. Modified contract for the Assistant Principal at the Elementary School and
   High School have been proposed to include the following:

   HDHS Assistant Principal ½ time and English Teacher ½ time.
   HDES Assistant Principal ½ time and stipend for Title I Coordinator
   Distinguished Educator Marsha Cottrell – MSAD #16 Fiscal Agent
   Athletic Director Tim Johnson – Pro-Rated Performance Based Adm. Contract

   The Committee recommended the Asst. Principal’s be brought to the Board for
   a vote in May, Marsha Cottrell in June and Tim Johnson approved as

8. It was suggested that Board members contact individual legislators to defeat
   LD158 and LD200. Given the proposal to require negotiating “policy” with

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                    the various unions/associations, School Boards will be in perpetual
                    discussions and litigation over cost and impact of procedures that are the sole
                    responsibility of the governing body. Rather than a message or conversation
                    campaign with every known legislator it was recommended that a discussion
                    with those who serve our towns would work best.

                 9. In any given year of 365 days we experience 52 weeks and one day. This one-
                    day periodically catches up with us for all year round hourly employees.
                    Therefore this year we will process a one-week payroll of $12,228 to realign
                    about a dozen employees on a biweekly payroll schedule. Salaried individuals
                    would periodically have their salary divided by 27 instead of 26 to accomplish
                    the same goal.

                 10. A job description of “Grounds Keeper” has been authored to encompass 2
                     seasonal (college students) positions to keep the grounds manicured each
                     summer. The Committee approved the proposal.


          8.1    Resignation(s)
                 The Superintendent reported on the following resignation:
                 - Jennifer O’Brien, HDES, Title I Ed. Tech. III

          8.2    New Hire(s), Transfer(s), Newly Appointed Personnel
                 The Superintendent reported on the following new hire:
                 - Lauri Beth Bailey, HDMS, Track Co-Coach

          8.3    Joint Board Meeting with Chelsea at HDHS

          8.8    Financial Report, Enrollment, May and June Calendars
                 Financial reports were distributed along with the May and June calendars of
                 Board activities and a current enrollment report.


          Director Diana Scully motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 PM. Vice-Chair Dan
          Shagoury seconded the motion, voted in favor unanimously.

Respectively Submitted,

Donald L. Siviski
Superintendent of Schools

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