Special Project: Translate Plant Common Names: by 1tjy8J


									                                     Special Project: Translate Plant Common Names:
To research the common names of plants around Smithers, in languages other than English.
    1. Internet research – Botanical Publications
    2. Plants of Northern BC
1. Look up the full Latin name in a search engine (eg. Google). Using the Advanced Search option, filter so that you get
pages (a) with both parts of the Latin name, and (b) only in the language you are translating to.
2. If the exact species was found on a web page, with a common name in the correct language, use that name.
3. If the genus was found, but not that species, choose the common name that seems to be used with most of the other
species in that genus (common generic name).
4. Modify the common generic name with
           (a) the meaning of the second (species) portion of the Latin name, or
           (b) the meaning of the English common name.
5.. Indicate the way you arrived at the name – check box:  GS  GL  GE  ET
          GS Full name found
          GL. Genus name found, used Latin for second part of name
          GE. Genus name found, used English for second part of name
          ET. Name translated from English name

Example 1. Translate Chrysanthemum leucanthemum (English: Oxeye Daisy) to Spanish

An Advanced Google search of Spanish web pages determines that the names “Margarita mayor” and “Margaritón” are
Spanish common names for this species. More web pages use Margaritón, so choose that name.
            GS  GL  GE  ET

Example 2. Translate Aquilegia formosa (English: Red Columbine) to Spanish

          An Advanced Google search returns no web pages that mention a Spanish common name for this species.
          A search on Aquilegia alone gives web pages for Aquilegia vulgare, which has the Spanish names “Aquileña” or
           “Columbina”. Most web pages use the name “Aquileña” for Aquilegia species.
          In Latin formosa means “beautiful”, which is “hermosa” in Spanish. The English “red” is “roja” f. (rojo m.) in
          Combining the names, a Spanish speaker might call the plant Aquileña hermosa (Beautiful aquilegia),
           Aquileña roja (Red aquilegia), Columbina hemosa (Beautiful columbine) or Columbina roja (Red columbine).
          Looking at the plant, the flower is orange-red. “Beautiful” is nice, but applies to too many flowers. Therefore, the
           best choice is Aquileña roja, as the name Aquileña is used more often than Columbina.
            GS  GL  GE  ET


Hand in a printed copy of this document, and an updated file in Microsoft Word format. This document is available at:
Plant Species near Smithers Secondary School

English Common Name       Scientific Name           Name in   Name obtained from:

Subalpine Fir             Abies lasiocarpa                     GS  GL  GE  ET

Yarrow                    Achillea millefolium                 GS  GL  GE  ET

Sitka Alder               Alnus crispa                         GS  GL  GE  ET

Mountain Alder            Alnus tenuifolia                     GS  GL  GE  ET

Saskatoon                 Amelanchier alnifolia                GS  GL  GE  ET

Red Columbine             Aquilegia formosa                    GS  GL  GE  ET

Wild Sarsaparilla         Aralia nudicaulis                    GS  GL  GE  ET

Bearberry                 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi              GS  GL  GE  ET

Heart-leaved Arnica       Arnica cordifolia                    GS  GL  GE  ET

Goat's beard              Aruncus dioicus                      GS  GL  GE  ET

Showy Aster               Aster conspicuous                    GS  GL  GE  ET

Lady Fern                 Athyrium filix-femina                GS  GL  GE  ET

Paper Birch               Betula papyrifera                    GS  GL  GE  ET

Shepherd's-Purse          Capsella bursa-pastoris              GS  GL  GE  ET

Graceful Mountain Sedge   Carex podocarpa                      GS  GL  GE  ET

Red Paintbrush            Castilleja miniata                   GS  GL  GE  ET

Field Chickweed           Cerastium arvense                    GS  GL  GE  ET

Lamb's Quarters           Chenopodium album                    GS  GL  GE  ET
Oxeye Daisy
                                                               GS  GL  GE  ET

Douglas' Water-Hemlock    Cicuta douglasii                     GS  GL  GE  ET

Canada Thistle            Cirsium arvense                      GS  GL  GE  ET

Queen's-cup               Clintonia uniflora                   GS  GL  GE  ET

Striped Coralroot         Corallorhiza striata                 GS  GL  GE  ET

Bunchberry                Cornus canadensis                    GS  GL  GE  ET

Red-osier Dogwood         Cornus stolonifera                   GS  GL  GE  ET

Beaked Hazelnut           Corylus cornuta                      GS  GL  GE  ET

Tall Larkspur             Delphinium glaucum                   GS  GL  GE  ET

Spiny Wood Fern           Dryotpteris expansa                  GS  GL  GE  ET

Fireweed                  Epilobium angustifolium              GS  GL  GE  ET
Common Horsetail             Equisetum arvense            GS  GL  GE  ET

Scouring-Rush                Equisetum hyemale            GS  GL  GE  ET

Wild Strawberry              Fragaria virginiana          GS  GL  GE  ET

Northern Bedstraw            Galium boreale               GS  GL  GE  ET

Sweet-scented Bedstraw       Galium odoratum              GS  GL  GE  ET

Bastard Toad-flax/Comandra   Geocaulon lividum            GS  GL  GE  ET

Northern Geranium            Geranium erianthum           GS  GL  GE  ET

Large-Leaved Avens           Geum macrophyllum            GS  GL  GE  ET

Oak Fern                     Gymnocarpium dryopteris      GS  GL  GE  ET

Cow-parsnip                  Heracleum lanatum            GS  GL  GE  ET

Orange Hawkweed              Hieracium aurantiacum        GS  GL  GE  ET

Slender Hawkweed             Hieracium gracile            GS  GL  GE  ET

Narrow-leaved Hawkweed       Hieracium umbellatum         GS  GL  GE  ET

Foxtail Barley               Hordeum jubatum              GS  GL  GE  ET

Tamarack                     Larix laricina               GS  GL  GE  ET

Purple Peavine               Lathyrus nevadensis          GS  GL  GE  ET

Creamy Peavine               Lathyrus ochroleucus         GS  GL  GE  ET

Labrador Tea                 Ledum groenlandicum          GS  GL  GE  ET

Duckweed                     Lemna minor                  GS  GL  GE  ET

Butter-and-Eggs Toad-flax    Linaria vulgaris             GS  GL  GE  ET

Twinflower                   Linnaea borealis             GS  GL  GE  ET

Black Twinberry              Lonicera involucrata         GS  GL  GE  ET

Arctic Lupine                Lupinus arcticus             GS  GL  GE  ET

Running Clubmoss             Lycopodium clavatum          GS  GL  GE  ET

Skunk Cabbage                Lysichiton americanum        GS  GL  GE  ET

Pineapple Weed               Matricaria matricarioides    GS  GL  GE  ET

Alfalfa                      Medicago sativa              GS  GL  GE  ET

White Sweet-Clover           Melilotus albus              GS  GL  GE  ET

Yellow Sweet-Clover          Melilotus officinalis        GS  GL  GE  ET

Field Mint                   Mentha arvensis              GS  GL  GE  ET

False Azalea                 Menziesia ferruginea         GS  GL  GE  ET

Mountain Forget-me-not       Myosotis alpestris           GS  GL  GE  ET
Yellow Water Lily        Nuphar lutea             GS  GL  GE  ET

Devils Club              Oplopanax horridus       GS  GL  GE  ET

Mountain Sweet-Cicely    Osmorhiza chilensis      GS  GL  GE  ET

Palmate Coltsfoot        Petasites palmatus       GS  GL  GE  ET

Arrow-leaved Coltsfoot   Petasites sagittatus     GS  GL  GE  ET

Timothy                  Phleum pratense          GS  GL  GE  ET

White Spruce             Picea glauca             GS  GL  GE  ET

Black Spruce             Picea mariana            GS  GL  GE  ET

Blue Spruce              Picea pungens            GS  GL  GE  ET

Lodgepole Pine           Pinus contorta           GS  GL  GE  ET

Ponderosa Pine           Pinus ponderosa          GS  GL  GE  ET

Common Plantain          Plantago major           GS  GL  GE  ET

Tall Jacob's-Ladder      Polemonium caeruleum     GS  GL  GE  ET

Balsam Poplar            Populus balsamifera      GS  GL  GE  ET

Trembling Aspen          Populus tremuloides      GS  GL  GE  ET

Shrubby Cinquefoil       Potentilla fruticosa     GS  GL  GE  ET

Douglas Fir              Pseudotsuga menziesii    GS  GL  GE  ET

Pink Wintergreen         Pyrola asarifolia        GS  GL  GE  ET

Green Wintergreen        Pyrola chlorantha        GS  GL  GE  ET

Meadow Buttercup         Ranunculus acris         GS  GL  GE  ET

Trailing Black Currant   Ribes laxiflorum         GS  GL  GE  ET

Northern Gooseberry      Ribes oxyacanthoides     GS  GL  GE  ET

Red Swamp Currant        Ribes triste             GS  GL  GE  ET

Prickly Rose             Rosa acicularis          GS  GL  GE  ET

Wood's Rose              Rosa nutalli             GS  GL  GE  ET

Wood's Rose              Rosa woodsii             GS  GL  GE  ET

Red Raspberry            Rubus idaeus             GS  GL  GE  ET

Thimbleberry             Rubus parviflorus        GS  GL  GE  ET

Trailing Raspberry       Rubus pubescens          GS  GL  GE  ET

Salmonberry              Rubus spectabilis        GS  GL  GE  ET

Curly Dock               Rumex crispus            GS  GL  GE  ET

Western Dock             Rumex occidentalis       GS  GL  GE  ET
Sitka Willow                   Salix sitchensis                  GS  GL  GE  ET

Red Elderberry                 Sambucus racemosa                 GS  GL  GE  ET

Common Groundsel               Senecio vulgaris                  GS  GL  GE  ET

Soapberry                      Shepherdia canadensis             GS  GL  GE  ET

Water Parsnip                  Sium suave                        GS  GL  GE  ET
                               Smilacina (Maianthemum)
False Solomon's-seal
                                                                 GS  GL  GE  ET

Star-flowered Solomon's-seal   Smilacina stellata                GS  GL  GE  ET

Three-Leaved Solomons-seal     Smilacina trifolia                GS  GL  GE  ET

Canada Goldenrod               Solidago canadensis               GS  GL  GE  ET

Perennial Sow-Thistle          Sonchus arvensis                  GS  GL  GE  ET

Western Mountain-Ash           Sorbus scopulina                  GS  GL  GE  ET

Sitka Mountain-Ash             Sorbus sitchensis                 GS  GL  GE  ET

Birch-leaved Spirea            Spiraea betulifolia               GS  GL  GE  ET

Pink Spirea                    Spiraea douglasii                 GS  GL  GE  ET

Pyramid Spirea                 Spiraea pyrimidata                GS  GL  GE  ET

Clasping Twisted-stalk         Streptopus amplexifolius          GS  GL  GE  ET

Common Snowberry               Symphoricarpos albus              GS  GL  GE  ET

Tansy                          Tanacetum vulgare                 GS  GL  GE  ET

Common Dandelion               Taraxacum officinale              GS  GL  GE  ET

Western Meadow-rue             Thalictrum occidentale            GS  GL  GE  ET

Pennycress                     Thlaspi arvense                   GS  GL  GE  ET

Western Red Cedar              Thuja plicata                     GS  GL  GE  ET

Three-Leaved Foamflower        Tiarella trifoliata               GS  GL  GE  ET

One-Leaved Foamflower          Tiarella unifoliata               GS  GL  GE  ET

Northern Starflower            Trientalis europaea v. arctica    GS  GL  GE  ET

Small Hop Clover               Trifolium dubium                  GS  GL  GE  ET

Alsike Clover                  Trifolium hybridum                GS  GL  GE  ET

Red Clover                     Trifolium pratense                GS  GL  GE  ET

White Clover                   Trifolium repens                  GS  GL  GE  ET

Western Hemlock                Tsuga heterophylla                GS  GL  GE  ET

Mountain Hemlock               Tsuga mertensiana                 GS  GL  GE  ET

Common Cattail                 Typha latifola                    GS  GL  GE  ET
Stinging Nettle      Urtica dioica           GS  GL  GE  ET

Bog Cranberry        Vaccinium oxycoccos     GS  GL  GE  ET

Grouseberry          Vaccinium scoparium     GS  GL  GE  ET

Bog Blueberry        Vaccinium uglinosum     GS  GL  GE  ET

Lingonberry          Vaccinium vitus-idea    GS  GL  GE  ET

Indian Hellebore     Veratrum viride         GS  GL  GE  ET

American Brooklime   Veronica americana      GS  GL  GE  ET

Highbush Cranberry   Viburnum edule          GS  GL  GE  ET

American Vetch       Vicia americana         GS  GL  GE  ET

Canada Violet        Viola canadensis        GS  GL  GE  ET
Common Name                  Scientific Name           Portugese                           Nederlandse (Dutch)
Subalpine Fir                Abies lasiocarpa          Abeto-do-Canadá                     Bergzilverspar
Yarrow                       Achillea millefolium      Mil-folhas, Milefólio, Milfolhada   Duizendblad, Gewoon duizendblad
Sitka Alder                  Alnus crispa              Amieiro (+a Alasca)                 Alaska els
Mountain Alder               Alnus tenuifolia          Amieiro (+montanha)                 Berg els
Saskatoon                    Amelanchier alnifolia     Guillomo                            Krentenboompje
Red Columbine                Aquilegia formosa         Columbina (+vermelho), Aquilea      Rood akelei (Rote akelei)
Wild Sarsaparilla            Aralia nudicaulis         Arália                              Wilde sarsaparilla
Bearberry                    Arctostaphylos uva-ursi   Uva-ursi                            Berendruif
Heart-leaved Arnica          Arnica cordifolia         Arnica                              Hart-vormig valkruid
Goat's beard                 Aruncus dioicus                                               Geitenbaard
Showy Aster                  Aster conspicuous         Aster (+conspícuo, pomposo),        Opzichtig Aster
Lady Fern                    Athyrium filix-femina                                         Wijfjesvaren
Paper Birch                  Betula papyrifera         Bétula (+papel)                     Papierberk
Shepherd's-Purse             Capsella bursa-pastoris   Bolsa-de-pastor                     Beursje, Gewoon herderstasje.
Graceful Mountain Sedge      Carex podocarpa           Carriço                             Berg zegge
Red Paintbrush               Castilleja miniata        pincel (+ vermelho)                 Rood Penseel (Rote Penseel)
Field Chickweed              Cerastium arvense                                             Akkerhoornbloem
Lamb's Quarters              Chenopodium album         Ançarinha-branca                    Melganzevoet
Oxeye Daisy                  Chrysanthemum             Margaridas, Crisântemos,            Chrysant
Douglas' Water-Hemlock       Cicuta douglasii          Cicuta                              Waterscheerling
Canada Thistle               Cirsium arvense           Cardo; Cardo-das-vinhas             Akkerdistel
Queen's-cup                  Clintonia uniflora                                            Koningin kop
Striped Coralroot            Corallorhiza striata                                          Koraalwortel
Bunchberry                   Cornus canadensis                                             Kornoelje
Red-osier Dogwood            Cornus stolonifera                                            Canadese kornoelje
Beaked Hazelnut              Corylus cornuta                                               Hazelnoot
Tall Larkspur                Delphinium glaucum                                            Lange ridderspoor
Spiny Wood Fern              Dryotpteris expansa                                           Niervaren
Fireweed                     Epilobium angustifolium                                       Wilgenroosje
Common Horsetail             Equisetum arvense         Cavalinha                           Akkerpaardenstaart, kattenstaart
Scouring-Rush                Equisetum hyemale         Cavalinha                           Schaafstro, Japanse holpijp
Wild Strawberry              Fragaria virginiana       Morango                             Wilde bosaardbeien, Aardbei
Northern Bedstraw            Galium boreale                                                Walstro, Noordelijke Bedstro
Sweet-scented Bedstraw       Galium odoratum           Aspérula-odorífera                  Lievevrouwebedstro
Bastard Toad-flax/Comandra   Geocaulon lividum
Northern Geranium            Geranium erianthum        Geranio, Bico-de-??                 Noordelijke Ooievaarsbek
Large-Leaved Avens           Geum macrophyllum                                             Knikkende nagelkruid
Oak Fern                     Gymnocarpium dryopteris                                       Gebogen driehoeksvaren
Cow-parsnip                  Heracleum lanatum         Vaca parsnip                        Herkulesstaude
Orange Hawkweed              Hieracium aurantiacum
Slender Hawkweed             Hieracium gracile
Narrow-leaved Hawkweed       Hieracium umbellatum                                          Schermhavikskruid
Foxtail Barley               Hordeum jubatum           Cevada                              Kwispelgerst
Tamarack                     Larix laricina            Lariço-americano                    Amerikaanse lariks
Purple Peavine               Lathyrus nevadensis       Chícharo
Creamy Peavine               Lathyrus ochroleucus      Chícharo
Labrador Tea                 Ledum groenlandicum                                           Moerasrozemarijn
Duckweed                     Lemna minor               Lentilhas-da-água                   Klein kroos
Butter-and-Eggs Toad-flax    Linaria vulgaris          Linária                             Vlasbekje
Twinflower                   Linnaea borealis                                              Linnaeusklokje
Black Twinberry              Lonicera involucrata      Madressilva                         Kamperfoelie
Arctic Lupine                Lupinus arcticus          Tremoceiro                          Lupine
Running Clubmoss               Lycopodium clavatum         Licopódio-da-estrela, Pinheirinho   Wolfsklauw
Skunk Cabbage                  Lysichiton americanum                                           Gele lysichiton
Pineapple Weed                 Matricaria matricarioides                                       Schijfkamille
Alfalfa                        Medicago sativa             Alfalfa, Luzerna
White Sweet-Clover             Melilotus albus             Meliloto-branco                     Witte honingklaver
Yellow Sweet-Clover            Melilotus officinalis       Meliloto-amarelo                    Akkerhoningklaver
Field Mint                     Mentha arvensis             Vique                               Akkermunt, pepermunt, veldmunt
False Azalea                   Menziesia ferruginea
Mountain Forget-me-not         Myosotis alpestris          Miosótis                            Berg vergeet-mij-nietje
Yellow Water Lily              Nuphar lutea                Boleira-amarela, Figos-de-rio-      Gele plomp
Devils Club                    Oplopanax horridus
Mountain Sweet-Cicely          Osmorhiza chilensis
Palmate Coltsfoot              Petasites palmatus          Petasites                           Hoefblad (+hand-like, palm of hand)
Arrow-leaved Coltsfoot         Petasites sagittatus
Timothy                        Phleum pratense             Timótio, Rabo-de-gato               Timoteegras
White Spruce                   Picea glauca                Espruce-branco, Pícea-branca        Witte spar
Black Spruce                   Picea mariana                                                   Zwarte spar
Blue Spruce                    Picea pungens               Espruce-azul; Espruce-do-           Blauwe spar
Lodgepole Pine                 Pinus contorta              Pinheiro                            Den
Ponderosa Pine                 Pinus ponderosa             Pinheiro                            Gele den
Common Plantain                Plantago major              Tanchagem, Tanchagem-folha-         Grote weegbree
Tall Jacob's-Ladder            Polemonium caeruleum                                            Jakobsladder
Balsam Poplar                  Populus balsamifera         Álamo                               Balsempopulier
Trembling Aspen                Populus tremuloides         Álamo                               Amerikaanse ratelpopulier
Shrubby Cinquefoil             Potentilla fruticosa                                            Zilverschoon
Douglas Fir                    Pseudotsuga menziesii       Abeto-de-Douglas
Pink Wintergreen               Pyrola asarifolia                                               Roze wintergroen
Green Wintergreen              Pyrola chlorantha                                               Groen wintergroen
Meadow Buttercup               Ranunculus acris            Botão-de-ouro, Cordão-de-ouro       Scherpe boterbloem
Trailing Black Currant         Ribes laxiflorum
Northern Gooseberry            Ribes oxyacanthoides                                            Noordelijke kruisbes
Red Swamp Currant              Ribes triste
Prickly Rose                   Rosa acicularis             Roseira-brava, Rosa-??              Stekelig roos
Wood's Rose                    Rosa nutalli                Roseira-brava, Rosa-??              Roos (+Nutall's name)
Wood's Rose                    Rosa woodsii                Roseira-brava, Rosa-??              Roos (+Wood's name)
Red Raspberry                  Rubus idaeus                Amora-??                            Braam, Framboos
Thimbleberry                   Rubus parviflorus           Amora-??
Trailing Raspberry             Rubus pubescens             Amora-??
Salmonberry                    Rubus spectabilis           Amora-??
Curly Dock                     Rumex crispus               Azeda-crespa, Labaça                Krulzuring
Western Dock                   Rumex occidentalis          Azeda-??                            Westelijke zuring
Sitka Willow                   Salix sitchensis            Salgueiro-??                        Alaska wilg
Red Elderberry                 Sambucus racemosa                                               Trosvlier
Common Groundsel               Senecio vulgaris            Cardo-morto; Tasneirinha            Klein kruiskruid
Soapberry                      Shepherdia canadensis                                           Canadese Shepherdia
Water Parsnip                  Sium suave                                                      Grote watereppe
False Solomon's-seal           Smilacina (Maianthemum) racemosa                                Valse salomonszegel
Star-flowered Solomon's-seal   Smilacina stellata                                              Troslelietje
Three-Leaved Solomons-seal     Smilacina trifolia
Canada Goldenrod               Solidago canadensis         Vara-de-ouro                        Canadese guldenroede
Perennial Sow-Thistle          Sonchus arvensis            Serralha,                           Akkermelkdistel
Western Mountain-Ash           Sorbus scopulina                                                Westelijke lijsterbes
Sitka Mountain-Ash             Sorbus sitchensis                                               Alaska lijsterbes
Birch-leaved Spirea            Spiraea betulifolia         Spireia                             Spierstuik
Pink Spirea               Spiraea douglasii                Spireia                         Douglasspirea, Roze spierstuik
Pyramid Spirea            Spiraea pyrimidata               Spireia                         Piramide spierstuik
Clasping Twisted-stalk    Streptopus amplexifolius
Common Snowberry          Symphoricarpos albus                                             Sneeuwbes
Tansy                     Tanacetum vulgare                Tanásia, Catinga-de-mulata,     Boerenwormkruid
Common Dandelion          Taraxacum officinale             Dente-de-leão, Taráxaco         Gewone paardebloem
Western Meadow-rue        Thalictrum occidentale                                           Westelijke ruit
Pennycress                Thlaspi arvense                                                  Witte krodde, Klootzakskens
Western Red Cedar         Thuja plicata                    Tuia-gigante; Tuja              Reuzenlevensboom
Three-Leaved Foamflower   Tiarella trifoliata
One-Leaved Foamflower     Tiarella unifoliata
Northern Starflower       Trientalis europaea v. arctica                                   Noordelijke zevenster
Small Hop Clover          Trifolium dubium                 Trevinho; Trevo-amarelo-menor   Kleine klaver
Alsike Clover             Trifolium hybridum               Trevo-híbrido;                  Basterdklaver
Red Clover                Trifolium pratense               Trevo-dos-prados                Rode klaver
White Clover              Trifolium repens                 Trevo-branco                    Witte klaver
Western Hemlock           Tsuga heterophylla               Tsuga                           Amerikaanse hemlock
Mountain Hemlock          Tsuga mertensiana                                                Berghemlock
Common Cattail            Typha latifola                   Tábua-larga                     Gore lisdodde, Grote lisdodde
Stinging Nettle           Urtica dioica                    Urtiga, Urtigão                 Grote brandnetel
Bog Cranberry             Vaccinium oxycoccos                                              Moeras bosbes
Grouseberry               Vaccinium scoparium
Bog Blueberry             Vaccinium uglinosum
Lingonberry               Vaccinium vitus-idea                                             Rode bosbes
Indian Hellebore          Veratrum viride                  Veratro
American Brooklime        Veronica americana               Assapeixe                       Amerikaanse ereprijs
Highbush Cranberry        Viburnum edule                                                   Sneeuwbal
American Vetch            Vicia americana                  Ervilhaca                       Amerikaanse wikke
Canada Violet             Viola canadensis                 Violeta-??                      Canadese Viooltje

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