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									CPE/GDL Part-Time Evening Course at SULS: Information

This is information for Part-Time Evening students starting the course on Tuesday 18th September 2012.

Entry Requirements Please note that all our CPE/GDL offers are subject to the requirement that you must satisfy
CPE entry conditions by the time you start the course. Further information about entry requirements, for example in
relation to the need in some cases for a Certificate of Academic Standing from the Solicitors Regulation Authority
(SRA) or Bar Standards Board (BSB), is in the note ‘Confirmation of Eligibility to Take a Common Professional
Examination (CPE) Course’ provided with your offer letter. Please note: It is your responsibility to check the
information on eligibility on the Law professional bodies’ web-site, and take whatever steps are needed to satisfy
entry requirements. You are advised to do this well before the start of the course.

Part-Time Evening Study: Attendance

Attendance is on up to two evenings a week (Tuesday and Thursday), with some Wednesday evening contact
sessions for EU Law in the period before Christmas in the first year. There is an Induction/English Legal System
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course that starts on Tuesday 18 September at 6.00 pm. Attendance is required on two evenings (18 and 20
September, 6.00 – 8.50 pm), and an ELS assignment must then be completed. The Main Programme then starts
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on Tuesday 25 September, 6.00 pm. There is a ‘welcome’ and drinks beforehand at 5.00 pm, on 25
September. You study particular modules in timetabled ‘blocks’ of 4 weeks starting with Tort, and continuing with
Contract and then Constitutional & Administrative Law in Year 1. For EU Law, the module programme relies on a
mix of pre-course reading and tasks, directed study, and attendance at a series of seminars in Semester 1 of Year
1 enabling participants to meet the tutor. These will be on a series of Wednesday evenings in Semester 1 of Year
1. The Part-Time course is taken over two years, with four subjects being taken in each year. If you are undertaking
the standard subjects, the subjects taken in Year 1 (2012-13) are Tort, Contract, Constitutional & Administrative
Law, and EU Law. In Year 2 (2013-14) the subjects are Land Law, Equity & Trusts, Land Law, Criminal Law, and
the 8 Subject (which is researched and studies independently and does not require attendance at classes). The
EU assessment is in January 2013 when that module ends.

Exemptions from Modules If you have approved exemptions your study commitments will, of course, be reduced.
If you believe you are eligible for exemptions it is your responsibility to make an application to the Solicitors
Regulation Authority (SRA) well before the start of the course using the on-line application procedure at the section
‘Exemption from the Common Professional Examination’ on the SRA’s web-site:
http://www.sra.org.uk/students/conversion-courses.page Note: Please inform the CPE/GDL award administrator,
Diane Light (d.light@staffs.ac.uk) of any exemptions that have been granted. Diane will need to have a copy of the
exemptions letter by the time you enrol so that we can make the necessary teaching and administrative
arrangements by the time the course starts.


If you wish to apply for a grant or support in connection with your study you should apply direct to your source of
assistance. If your sponsor requires evidence that you have a place on this course, you should produce this offer
letter together with the letter which you will be sent acknowledging receipt of your acceptance form. Please ensure
that you confirm with the sponsor, at an early stage, the amount of the assistance you will receive and whether it
will cover your tuition fees.

Course Fee

The fee for the CPE Courses at Staffordshire University Law School is £2250 for Year 1 and £2250 for Year 2 of
the course. Fees must normally be paid at the start of each year, or can be paid in instalments subject to
agreement with the university’s Finance Dept. If you would like advice on payment of the fees (including
instalments), please enquire when you enrol.

Vocational Stage of Training

Staffordshire Law School has a guaranteed places scheme for our CPE graduates wishing to proceed onto the
Staffordshire Law School’s Legal Practice Course. Information about the scheme, including financial arrangements,
is available on request.
The provision of a place on the course does not in itself guarantee a place to a student on any other course at the
Vocational Stage of Training for the Legal Profession, viz. the Legal Practice Course for solicitors, or the Bar
Professional Training Course for barristers. Nor does it guarantee that the student will be able to obtain a training
contract or pupillage.

Correspondence Details/Changes of Address

Please note that should you change your address between now and the commencement of your course, it is
essential that you notify the Law School immediately – otherwise you may not receive important information about
the course. It is also important that, should you be away from your home address during August/September 2012,
you make arrangements for any mail to be dealt with in your absence, as further information regarding term dates
and enrolment will be sent to you then.

Information about the Law School & the CPE

Further information about the Law School and the CPE course is available at these sites:

The Law School: http://www.staffs.ac.uk/faculties/law/
The CPE Course: http://www.staffs.ac.uk/faculties/law/courses/gdl/

Open Days & Evenings

We encourage applicants and those who have been offered a place to come to an open day or evening before
starting. Attendance is not vital, but it does provide you with an opportunity for us to meet you, and for you to find
out more about us and the Law School, the CPE/GDL course programme, and what we offer. This includes:

       A modern, purpose-built law school with excellent resources and facilities
       A guaranteed place on our mentoring scheme, providing the opportunity for experience with a law firm in
        the region in your second year
       Two awards, made at the end of your CPE studies: the Graduate Diploma in Law (the normal national
        award for CPE); and the LLB (CPE) (Hons). Please refer to the information about the awards which is
        provided in the award handbook.
       A guaranteed place on the Law School's Legal Practice Course if you elect to progress to our LPC

Further information about open days and evenings, the Induction/English Legal System course, ELS and EU Law
pre-course reading and tasks, will posted on the ‘Student Information’ section of the Law School site from mid-May:

Main Programme & Module Handbooks

Main Programme sessions start on . Note: there are only lectures in that week. Tutorials start the following week.
Reference may be made to the CPE/GDL Award Programme for key dates, breaks, exam periods – and to
particular module handbooks for module information and programmes.


If you have any queries with which we can assist then please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions
Administrator, Chris Culverwell (c.culverwell@staffs.ac.uk) if this relates to an admissions matter, the award tutor,
Keith Puttick (k.a.puttick@staffs.ac.uk), or Diane Light, the CPE award administrator (d.light@staffs.ac.uk)

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