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									Dear Third Prep Elsians ,

    Tests are means of evaluating your final effort &
work as they measure how far you benefited through out
the whole term . Put your sleeves up and get armed with
whatever beneficial tools you are ready with .

Tips to follow :

  - Re-read your literature book focusing on the
    highlighted part
  - Revise the questions in the novel copybook
  - Revise the given material in the revision task sheets
  - Analyse events along with characters
  - Re-read Upstream course book
  - Revise vocabulary task sheets
  - Make sure you can use vocabulary words , idioms ,
    phrasal verbs and fixed phrases in context
  - Revise plans of writing through your course books &
                                Wishing you all the best 
Subject : Literature

  1. Darnay faced THREE trials
  a. Trial 1 : It was in Old Bailey Criminal Court in England
     -   Accusation : treason against England
     -   Witnesses : they were SIX
         1. John Barsad
         2. Roger Cly           Look at sheets of chapter 4
         3. Lucie
         4. Dr Manette
         5. Mr Lorry
         6. The sixth witness
     -   Verdict : acquitted
  b. Trial 2 : In Paris
     -   Accusation : an emigrant & aristocrat
     -   Witnesses : Gabelle & Dr Manette
     -   Gabelle = confirmed that he sent the letter
     -   Dr Manette = said three important things
         1. Darnay was a faithful friend to them since they arrived
         2. Darnay was so truthful
         3. Darnay was tried before in England
     -   Verdict : acquitted
  c. Trial 3 : In Paris
     -   Accusation : an enemy to the Republic
     -   Witnesses : Mons.& Mme Defarge , as well as . Dr Manette
     -   Explain the paper
     -   Verdict : sentenced to death
  2. The mob’s poverty & hunger
     -   Example of the broken cask of wine = they licked the wine mixed
         with mud out of hunger
     -   Gaspard & how he scrawled the word blood on wall
     -   The mob know nothing except black bread & death
     -   Monsieur the Marquis’ accident running over Gaspard { explain }
3. Darnay’s father & uncle were examples of cruelty
   -   The marquis’ accident running over Gaspard’s son
   -   Explain the paper { chapter 18 }
4. Opinion
   { try to refer to what happened to Madame Defarge as an evidence }
5. Darnay’s sense of duty was reflected when he was sent the letter by
   Gabelle & he insisted on travelling to save him
   Gabelle’s accusation : servant to an aristocrat
   End = Darnay was trapped & placed in prison of La Force
6. Carton’s promise to Lucie = was that he was ready to sacrifice his life
   to Lucie or anybody’s life who is dear to her
   Carton’s plan = to exchange places with Darnay
   Carton’s phases : roaming around to show himself to as many as possible
   Went to : - the wood sawyer
   -   the chemist’s
   -   recalling the words on his father’s grave
   -   end = the exchange between him & Darnay
7. Dr Manette suffered a lot in his stay in the Bastille
   How he was mentally & physically worn out { chapter 3 }
   Decision of writing the paper
   Revelation of the truth in chapter 18 i.e. The Paper
8. Carton sought John Barsad’s help as he threatened him using the cards
   that he had as he was a spy , emissary of the republic , sheep of
   prisons & a turnkey . In addition to knowing that he was registered in
   Madame Defarge’s knitting
   -   Carton’s prophecies
       Carton visualized a peaceful country where everyone lives in a
       peaceful calm way
       Carton also saw Lucie having a baby boy named after him doing the
       best what Carton himself can’t do ---etc.
          Miss Pross                 Similarities              Madame Defarge
-she is English                  Both were in         -she is French
-she cares about the             contact with the     -she doesn’t care about the
Manettes especially Lucie        Manettes             Manettes especially Lucie as
-she protected Lucie since                            she became from the
she was a child                  Both were of         Evremonde race
- she risked her life at the     strong character &   - she was a threat to Lucie’s
end for Lucie’s sake when she    bull headed          life
fought with Mme Defarge                               - she tried till the last moment
                                                      to kill Lucie , but she was

         Charles Darnay              Similarities          Monsieur Marquis
 -He is kind hearted             Both were from the    -he is cruel
 -He is a rational person        Evremonde family      -he is an irrational
 -He represents socialism                              person
 -He was ready to risk his       Both hated each       -he represents feudalism
 life for the sake of the mob    other                 -he was so cruel & harsh
 like what he did with Gabelle                         to the mob
 -He was accused several         Both were             -he put many people in
 times for treason               registered by         prison by the letter de
                                 Madame Defarge        cachet
The Egyptian Language School

English Language Department

Stage : Third Prep

Subject : Reader Task Sheet

Dear Elsians ,

       We’d recommend that you take the chance and spend
time reading your new novel “ The Kite Runner “ during the
vacation so as to facilitate matters when you come back
after holiday .

The Kite Runner is a real master piece , so don’t miss the
chance of enjoying reading it as it’s an exposure to
different cultures in different countries . It’s written by
Khaled Hosseini who is an Afghanistani writer !

N.B. Questions were set for you to help you while reading
, so you are asked to read & answer those simple
questions. It will even be tackled inside classes in a
different way as we won’t rely on highlighting parts rather
than    reading   and discussing   more with   students   into

Thank you for your co-operation

English Language Department

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