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Model Schools Agenda by HC12091319150


									                             Model Schools Agenda
                              Tues. Oct. 16, 2007
Meet at Oriskany Elementary, 8610 State Route 69 PO Box 539 Oriskany, NY 13424
                                   (315) 768-2149

                                  Hostess: Hilda Moses

9:00-10:00 Tour of library and discussion- Thank you Hilda for hosting!
        Introduction of Sue Martin as new Model Schools coordinator for our group,
replacing Sharon Goskoski. Hilda gave a tour of her elementary library which has two
areas, half is set up with tables and computers, the other half with a story area and the
shelving of materials. Six computers for student use line one wall with a screen above
them. A ceiling mounted computer projector is connected to a document camera
(Toshiba TLPC001) and the computer on Hilda’s desk. She can toggle between the two
easily when teaching.

“You can "toggle" back and forth from anything that is on the computer screen (including
internet, Mandarin, word documents etc) and an object, book or just a paper that you are
writing on---under the document camera! The set-up is my favorite technology thing. I
use it many times each day.”---Hilda Moses

An additional two OPAC stations are spread around the library. A TV is ceiling mounted
in the corner. The reading area is surrounded by shelving, keeping the students from
being distracted. Books are attractively displayed everywhere on the tops of shelving
units and windowsills (like Barnes and Noble), standing up with the covers facing out.
Others are grouped in crates with the spines facing out (I.e. Seuss collection). Three
small portable A-frame/easel dry erase boards were recently purchased and one was
displaying a particular title with information written on the board regarding it. Three
stuffed animals sit in rocking chairs for PreK, K, and first grade students to hold during
story time and are extremely popular. Objects above the nonfiction section clue students
in as to where to locate items, and are good markers for directing students to particular
areas in the collection.
        The library is open all day long while classes are going on so that students can
exchange books, use a computer, etc.. The library operates on a six day rotation A-F and
includes collaboration with Pre-K classes. This allows approximately 20 minutes of
instruction, and 15 minutes of book check out time. There are about 400 students in the
school. The library assistant, Michele Tosti, handles all circulation issues and serves as
A-V coordinator, which enables Hilda to provide a full twenty minutes of instructional
time with all classes. Over the summer the building worked on their CAP documents
(Curriculum Alignment Plans). Hilda’s curriculum covers everything she teaches, by
month, from September to June. She was given the curriculum of each teacher and
grade level, so that she can align/integrate what she is teaching with the topics/subjects
that the teachers are working on that month. She has found this to be extremely
beneficial and the kids are correlating the topics they are studying with the research or
information skills they learn through her.
         The collection includes a “Family Life” area (originally started through PTA)
with books and videos on child development, concerns, issues, etc.. Hilda also has art
kits (really bags) that include directions and all the materials necessary to complete
projects. She is in the process of working with the math teachers to develop math kits.
Other kits include puppets, hats, and masks to support the dramatics standards. She also
has magic kits, which are popular with the students.
         Other items to note about the library are the shelving display out front of various
titles. The theme in October is “Fly Away With Books”. Hilda has a map on each side
of her display. One map is of the world the other of the U.S.. Each map has a news
article or picture from the news with a pin and string pointing to where the news is
happening. The world map is labeled “News from the city of… Country of…. Continent
of….” The U.S. map is labeled “News form the city of… State of…” She is using these
tools to help improve student knowledge of the world, their geography, and map skills.
Hilda also has a small glass display case in the library where students can display their
own collections of items. Students sign up at the beginning of the year and fill the case
themselves with their items. There is a comments folder nearby where students and staff
are encouraged to write positive comments about the display. This is used for character
building and draws a lot of interest from the students.
         The document camera was discussed and used during the meeting. It is cheaper
than an Elmo although it has a smaller viewing area. Some mentioned how cumbersome
an Elmo projector can be.

10:00-11:45 Part II of Charlotte Awards presented by Judy Ehrensbeck
( from Town of Webb Schools and NYSRA Charlotte Award
committee. Judy passed out bookmarks and the book ballot, brought all books on the
ballot for us to review, and provided giveaways. The Charlotte Award is voted on bi-
annually and information is located on the New York State Reading website at Judy book talked several titles on the ballot including: A
Splendid Friend, the Great Fuzzy Friendzy, Grandfather Buffalo, Backbeard and the
Birthday Suit, getting to Know Ruben Platnick, The World’s Greatest Elephant, H is for
Honor, Yellowstar, the naked Mole rat Letters, I Grew Up on a Farm, Just for You to
Know, Amazing Grace, Notes From the Midnight Driver, and Standing Against the Wind.
Judy and Kirsten (Town of Webb) conduct two HS book clubs during the lunch hour, one
exclusively covers the Charlotte nominees. They use the books on the primary and
intermediate ballot with the other grades either in the classroom or as read alouds. The
vote this year is due April 15,2008. You can find bookmarks and ballots at the website.
Silvia Sallustio has purchased sets of the young adult books, 30 each, that can be reserved
on Web/Max for those in the Oneida/Herkimer BOCES area.

11:45-12:15 News and discussion
         Leatherstocking is Thurs. Nov. 15th
         April Bliss is new School Library Systems director at Jefferson Lewis
         Cathy Woodruff mentioned that everyone should take a look at the SKILLS
            (Strengthening Kids’ Interest in Learning and Libraries) Act located at
   This act will
           guarantee “students across America will be served by state-certified school
           library media specialists and will have the library resources they need to
           succeed”. The website urges librarians to contact their Senator and
           Representative for support of this act.
          Discussion of curriculum and curriculum mapping, continued at lunch
12:00-1:00 Lunch and discussion at the Boulevard diner

1:00-3:00 Discussion

I. Group Goals (brainstormed):

1) Pamphlet/publication that tells what the group is, its purpose, and some of its
activities. Use this for recruitment and marketing of the group. Post this to the website
as well as handing out during Leathherstocking next year and setting up a booth.

2) Start a blog or wikki for the group for discussion, or for using as a book blog (explore
this possibility more at the next meeting when we learn about these topics).

3) Regional grant and time to work on it. Start thinking about what technology would
benefit all library media centers and their programs.

4) Submitting lesson plans/learning experiences for peer review.

5) Web site updates

6) Post school curriculums and curriculum maps on our website

  We choose to complete goal #1 this year with the possibility of #6 and #2 as well.
II. Brainstorming for action items for the next meeting Tues. Feb. 5th at MID-YORK
   Bev Devlin on blogging and/or wikkis
   Tour of MID-YORK
   Database instruction/tutorials- time to explore them, as k Bev which database best
     answers which types of questions.
   Ask about the possibility of school library cards to facilitate ILL
   Discuss promotion of summer reading and collaboration between public and school
     libraries such as the theme, supplying the public library with school reading lists,
     public librarian visits to the schools (South Lewis does an ice cream party for the
     kids when the return in the Fall if they participated in the summer reading program)
   Grants and grant seeking
III. Brainstorming for action items for Tues. May 6th meeting at Old Forge, Kirsten
 Tour of library
 Podcasting
 Adobe/PDF training
 Videoconferencing ideas and what is available. Possible speakers Scott Morris or
  Chris Adams
 Time to explore the 50 Items You Should Know, provided through Pat Skelly
 RSS feeds
IV. Review of the website with Sue Martin
  Need to update member links and e-mail addresses
  Need to add links for Librarian’s Index to the Internet,
  Need to add Syracuse Lesson Plans at Jessica
    Jacobs-Broedel from Morrisville Eaton says “You do not have to register to search
    the lesson plans (only to submit plans) and you can search by keyword and/or
    grade level. In each lesson plan, you can see the general description, the actual
    lesson plan (objectives/goals, procedure, etc.), the supporting files needed and the
    standards (information literacy and state/national).”
  Would like to add curriculums and curriculum maps
  Maybe should add job descriptions
  Found it to be cumbersome to search the lesson plan database. Needs to have
    added to it wild card search, drop down arrows for subject listing, advanced
    searching. How were theses lesson plans indexed?
  Need to have our model schools page linked to School Library Systems pages
    V. Discussion of MVVC classes on Information Technology Skills (see attached
    information about classes). Highly recommended by two of our members as
    extremely beneficial. The first series was on Internet searching and evaluating
    websites. The next series is on ready reference on the ‘Net, Education on the ‘Net,
    Children’s Literature on the ‘Net, Local History on the ‘net, The Invisible Web.
    Session three will be on Web 2.0/Library 2.0, Blogs, and Librarian’s Tools on the
    ‘Net. Contact Mary McCormick, Oneida/Herkimer SLS for more information at 793-
    8505. First class of session two starts Oct. 25th.

    Next meeting Tuesday February 5th at MID-YORK.

    If you need any other information from the meeting please contact Amy Austin,
    Vernon Verona Sherrill Middle School,

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