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                                  Career & Employment Services Council
                                  Winter 2009 ITV Meeting Minutes FINAL
                                             February 3, 2009
                                                10:00 – 3:00
Meeting Agenda and Minutes

10:00 –   Welcome and Check-in with sites                                                       Demetra
10:15        Review 2008-09 Goals & Work-plan

10:15 –   Reports from CESC Secretary, Treasurer, and At Large Representative                   Tracy, Diana,
10:30     Secretary Report (Tracy Struble)                                                      Michelle
               Minutes were approved – John Brash 1st and Demetra 2nd, Council
          At Large Report: Michelle:
               Currently membership is strong and possibly has doubled since last year.
                 There are at least 40 current members.
          Treasurer Report (Diana Baker):
               1826.34 Balance
               285.00 For today
                 2111.34 updated amount
10:30 –   Council Liaison Updates                                                               Liaison Rep.
10:45     Workforce Education Council – John Krause
               John has meeting notes for more details.
               Goals and major strategies: Expanding career pathways, tech-prep
                 collaboration, prior learning expansion, and pathways initiatives. Promoting
                 best practices in instruction. Expanding student achievement initiatives.
                 CTC collaboration, support for Centers of Excellence.
               Plus 50 initiative. Preparing for an aging workforce
               Elluminate desktop software and demo
               Budget issues and doubling WRT
               Discussed $15 million request for Op Grant, $ for DSS and Childcare
               WorkFirst is in trouble
               Applied BA degree – redefining the community college
          WSASEA – Jim Jolly
               WASASEA Meeting Oct. Fall Mtg.
               Presentation WA State High Demand math and science program and JLD
                 program presentation
               Spring meeting is April 27-29 at Rainbow Lodge
               Current issues: Senate Bill 54 would limit state work study finds to WA
                 residents only. Currently it can go to non residents but this would be a
                 means of saving money. Currently a survey is being done with members to
                 see the impacts on colleges.
               www.wsasea.org for organization information
          Council for Basic Skills – Patty Triggs
               Fall meeting was October 9-10.
               Have standing committees: Transitions, WABERS, Professional
                 Development and Assessment
               Reorganization of SBCTC – positive move to make more of a positive
                 impact with the BAS areas.

               Next meeting is in February and Patty will be attending.
          College Women’s Program Council – Tracy Struble
               Group is interested in having a joint meeting with CESC possibly next year.
                  ACTION: Tracy will contact Demetra to discuss future joint meeting.
               Meeting was in February and most of the agenda is focused on budget cuts
                  and best practices.
               Spring meeting location and dates are not known yet.
               Tracy will e-mail on the list serve College Women’s Conference
          Co-op Connections – Barbara
               Co-op- connections-have not met since March 2007
               John Kraus can send a report if interested.
               April 19-21 Portland. Email Barbara with questions.
          NCEEA – Barbara
               Go to NCEEA.org > for more information on conference
               Send out Co operative education info on list soon
               Council for Basic Skills>Renton next week is the next meeting>waivers-
                  tracking system
          Interest in having CESC members connect with the other councils (ARC, DSSC,
          ACC, FAID, Multicultural, etc).
               Meagan Bryson at BTC has volunteered and confirmed being a liaison for
               Cascadia has volunteered for ACC. Confirmed?
               Any other volunteers?
10:45 –   Washington State Student Services Commission Report                                   George Smith,
11:00          Next meeting: April 2009 at Bates                                               VPSS
               Goal to push for more technology at meetings.                                   Edmonds CC
               Introduced www.checkoutacollege.com through SBCTC. Great resource for
                  prospective students.
               Experiencing a 4% current reduction with another around 6% cut. Things
                  will get worse probably 10% cut.
               Review state board report for further budget information
               How are people reducing? People are reducing by not filling positions or
                  cutting goals and services.
               Campuses are researching Behavior Intervention Teams. GRCC has
                  created a great program trying to find out what professional development
                  that colleges would be interested in having in relation to this topic. Many
                  colleges are dealing with this individually but there is also a new system
               IT Report from Cable Green.
               AAG Update: Model Code of Conduct
               Participating in student financial planning. Cindy at SBCTC has sent an
                  email via the listserv: www.getsmartaboutyourmoney.com
11:00 –   PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Serving our Returning Veterans                             Peter
12:00          What challenges do our returning Vets face when they come to college?           Schmidt,
               What services do they need and how can we better support them?                  Senior
               First- everyone should review the PowerPoint…there is so much information       Associate
                  in this presentation piece that we can all use for serving the vets.          Dean, EdCC
               1.6 million women vets                                                          Arlene

               1.8 million deployed                                                               Cahoon,
               Vets face burden of killing                                                        Program
               Vets Support Team- EDCC                                                            Manager,
               Student Veterans of America                                                        EVCC
               Outline of how we approach servicing the vets
               CESC—Career search Website
               Hirevetsfirst.gov
               Don’t generalize Vets- not all have PTSD, brain injury etc.
               What do VA reps do to help vets?
               Should be very approachable, be informative, do a little research on the
                services offered.
              Green River-Vet friendly- Symbols of military so student vets know we
                support them
              Check out - American council on Education November issue Vets info.
12:00 –   Lunch & Colleague Connections                                                            Everyone
12:30         Discuss best practices, college happenings, network with colleagues, etc.

12:30 –   CESC Housekeeping                                                                        Demetra &
12:45        Spring Meeting – Date, location, time                                                Jim
             Elections Committee – Spring elections for 09-10 (President-elect and
             Jim – presents 3 year goals
             May 18th 10-4 Spring meeting. Will have ITV options.
             Jim Jolly President listed his 3 year goals
             Develop and produce a Grade book for future work of council
             PE-Guide book
             President
             Treasure
             WIA working calendar
             SBCTC recent reports
             Student Service Committee & Guide
             09-10 guide book updates
             Standardize bylaws
12:45 –   Work-group Updates                                                                       WG1 – Kayte
1:00      WG1 – Improving Services to Diverse Populations                                          Gates
             After the survey of members in the fall, the following were priority                 WG2 – Brian
                populations: veterans, generational poverty, corrections/ex-offender issues,       Davidson
                multicultural, Transitions (ABE, GED, ESOL), SES, Boomer population,               WG3 – John
                Homeless, First Gen.                                                               Krause
          WG2 – Increase Awareness of CES
             Focus of group was to create a video. They started with a NING social
                networking site to be focused on the discussion, sharing, and research of
                what they are working on. Site was built at the fall meeting. Each person
                took 6 colleges to do research based off of SS Handbook looking at the
                CES mission, staffing, structure, facilities, best practices, challenges, future
                directions, etc. Each contacted individuals and put together a document on
                each school. They are currently at this state. Brian has a recommendation
                for online software to upload all of this information about each CES and it
                could be linked from our CESC site or any college CES site. Each college

                may be contacted for more information, photos, etc.
               Brian will hopefully be able to do a presentation at the spring meeting on
                social networking sites.
         WG3 – Develop Strategies to Assess CES
              Student Strategies/career employment services positive impact?
              Data Points
              Student Transition
              Student Confidence
              Retention
              What will we use for the data points?
              Is there something we can all use?
              Will this give CESC information in how students are using our services and
                are they successful?
              Contact John Krause if they would like to be a part of the work-group.
              Had one ITV meeting and several email exchanges. This project started
                more than an year ago to see if in light of the SBCTC SAI, if we could show
                CES had a positive impact – we needed to do better assessment. We took a
                matrix approach broken down into: intended objectives, measurable criteria,
                data sources, and action plans. 6 colleges responded. We all know this is a
                difficult challenge because we want to measure X and all be able to do it the
                same way. After looking at the matrices each college sent in- we are all
                doing things very differently.
              Next steps:
                     o There is a common set of data points (ie. DOLA, Retention, SAI,
                          student confidence and satisfaction.
                     o Need to meet again and decide on a common framework. What will
                          be the common data points? Of those, can we find something we all
                          can use? And if so, will it make the case that CES is a viable and
                          essential function at our colleges?
                     o Will be meeting via ITV soon.
1:00 –   SBCTC Report                                                                           Scott
1:15          Buzz words with current legislation: WRT, Opportunity, No Money, High            Copeland,
                Demand                                                                          Policy
              Waiting to see what happens in the March budget forecast. May move this          Associate,
                forward to late February to know what is going on with the current budget       SBCTC
              WorkFirst program will be cut due to TANF changes. May loose as much as
                ¾ of WorkFirst funding. Some colleges may gain funding.
              Opportunity Grant. Waiting to hear what is going to happen. Both senate
                and house are interested. Currently no money left.
              Major state work-study – tying jobs to high demand fields. Looking at
                eliminating funds to non-WA state residents.
              FA repackaging: eliminating some programs and reshuffling of eligibility.
                Example: removing WA Scholars program, and others. Would all be rolled
                into need-based programs.
              Everything the state issues will be called an “Opportunity Grant”. The OG as
                we currently know it as would be fully funded. There may be sub-items that
                would then more clearly define the grant.
1:15 –   SBCTC Focused Update: “Elluminate” – A presentation on the NEW technology              Cable Green,
2:00     that may change the way we conduct meetings and work in groups.                        Director

   We can schedule Elluminate demos at anytime. Contact Scott Copeland to         eLearning,
    set this up.                                                                   SBCTC
   Strategic Technology Plan
        o Identify a common technology solution that can be implemented on
            every campus. Online webinar format. Elluminate was the choice in
            a synchronous system to dialogue. Each college has unlimited
            access to Elluminate.
        o 2 other options:
                  Plan: design meeting up front and have everything prepared.
                  Publish: what occurs after the meeting. Meetings can be
                   recorded for the future and is saved on the server. The
                   recording can be converted into a different video format.
        o Elluminate Live:
                  ITV plus audio conferencing and interactive web devices.
                   Can have up to 6 people with open mics at a time. Same
                   thing with videos.
                  Need to have a webcam if you want to use the video feature.
                  Microphone headset is an important thing to have. Cheap
                   ones are $5 and nicer ones are $25. Some colleges are
                   purchasing them in bulk for staff and faculty to use.
                  Other features: application sharing, web browser,
                   PowerPoint, instant messaging, polling/voting, recording (in
                   web link form), timer, etc.
                  Tip: don’t be the only moderator. With so many
                   communication streams happening at one time, more people
                   can be responding.
                  Over 700 meetings run over the past 3 months by faculty,
                   staff, commissions, etc.
                  It is a free source so doesn’t cost the colleges. Once a room
                   is created, it is open and you control it.
                  How do you get an Elluminate room?
                         www.elluminate.com
                         Click on Training
                         Live training for Moderators
                         Calendar of training for moderators – Moderator 1-3
                             live sessions learning how to use a session. Each
                             college has their own requirement for how to become
                             a moderator.
                  Rooms can be reused and don’t have to be recreated each
                   time a session is done.
                  3 links for the site (no login)
                        1. Admin link (only for you)
                        2. Participant link (for everyone else)
                        3. Archives link (all archived and recorded meetings)
                  Limit to size of group: 1200 in one group. With large groups
                   the communication can be limited (mics turned off) to control
                   the conversations.
                  Break out rooms can be created

2:00 –   Focused Sharing: “Marketing from the Heart and Branding on a Budget”                         Sandra
2:45     Listen to Sandra’s presentation on the NACE webinar prior to the meeting (only               Tabasinske,
         active only until 1/31/09):                                                                  Career
                     o http://www.myeventpartner.com/NACEweb/EA56DF8888                               Services
                     o If you have any questions after listening to the webinar, bring them to        Specialist,
                         the meeting.                                                                 SPSCC
         Sandra will lead us in a discussion as we share our ideas and suggestions on
         better ways to market and brand our programs.
         Sandra will provide examples and practical tips on how we can do this with limited
              Samples of branding
              Usually you have 5 audiences
              Start and work backwards
              What is the student going to get
              Tech Prep Consortium
              Earn college credit on you high school campus WOW!
              Use the wave create energy/flow
              Brand endured 8 years now
              Picture of a wallet-Tech prep program
              Market how to save money
              Keep in mind it should look good in black and white then it will look good in
                 any color.
              Branding Blueprint or a pathway (ex) co-op education internship program –
                 branding by not changing the look—student—employers
              What do we have? What would be a great image? What can we do next?
                 (Ex) career service specialist in Today—treat posters—so we can move
              Branding—Want students to see connection through all the materials.
              Follow the pathways career success—poster
              Person walking over a bridge
              Who you are? What you’ll be?
              Fastcompany.com
              Goal- particular program or service is distinguishable from others.
              You have succeeded if you have hit the emotional button
              It is easier to start at the end. That is what the student is going to gain. It will
                 provide you a starting point to begin your marketing.
              Be resourceful
              Follow branding guidelines of your campus and get their approval
              Be unique from other offices on campus
              How to tap into creativity? Consider what drives us and why we are in these
                 positions? Think about the creative things that capture your interest and
                 think about how you can bring that into your program.
              See handout
2:45 –   Wrap Up                                                                                      Demetra
3:00     Next Meeting: Highline, Spokane, Columbia Basin ITV 10-4 May 18th
         Send info for next mtg. to Tammy

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