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									Internal Scholarships

Doisy College
Open to students in good standing enrolled full-time in the College of Health
Sciences (specific qualifications exist for each scholarship).


       Charlotte Royeen, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA, Dean


       Allied Health Professions Building
       3437 Caroline Street
       Saint Louis, MO 63104-1111

Phone: 314-977-8501

Web site:

DCHS Alumni Association Scholarship Sophomore year or higher
Horvath Application in Spring of PYI and Award for PY2

Open to students in good standing enrolled FT in the Professional Phase of
the Program of Physical Therapy (specific qualifications exist for each
Pingel Application
apply Fall of PY2 awarded for spring PY2 clinicals
apply Fall of PY2 awarded for spring PY2 clinicals
Home Health Foundation;
apply spring of Senior Year awarded for fall PYI

External Scholarships
Many local, national and international organizations offer assistance to
students. Organizations offer opportunities such as scholarships, grants, internships,
fellowships, competitions and loans. Saint Louis University does not control these
funds. Although we regularly update these listings, some information may have
changed. Funding agencies can quickly change their requirements and deadlines. For
more information, all questions regarding these external scholarships should be
directed towards the contact shown next to the financial assistance opportunity. As
you are looking through these listings, please keep the following in mind:

       1) These sources of assistance are completely external from Saint Louis
       University and the Program in Physical Therapy. We have no control over the
       aid or the processes. Many of these are nationally and internationally
       competitive programs.

       2) All the information that we have has been included in these listings. For
       further information on each type of loan or scholarship, please contact the
       organization or their web site using the information provided.

       3) We have listed the information for your use but we cannot guarantee that
       all listings are correct and/or complete. If you find that some information is
       incorrect and/or wrong, please contact Program in Physical Therapy and
       provide the corrected information.

       4) If you are writing for information, remember to include a self-addressed
       stamped #10 envelope (SASE). Many agencies will not reply to information
       requests without a SASE.
       5) If you are interested in applying for a scholarship/loan/competition, it is
       recommend that you contact the organization as early as possible to obtain
       applications, additional criteria and information on program changes.

       6) Most of the scholarships are limited to U.S. citizens or permanent

Scholarships for therapy students in their junior/senior year in a bachelor’s degree
program, or a graduate program leading to a master’s or doctoral degree.

American Physical Therapy Association American Physical Therapy Association
See: Scholarships/Financial Aid

Ellie Wiesel Prize in Ethics
Essay contest for full-time undergraduate students with junior or senior standing in
the fall. Essay must be reviewed by a faculty sponsor who must sign the entry form.
The faculty sponsor may be any faculty member.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Open to undergraduate/graduate students of Hispanic descent who are US citizens
and have completed 12 undergraduate credits

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Assistance for an outstanding student with financial need for graduate studies in any
field. An institutional nomination is required and SLU is allowed to nominate two

Jacob K. Javits Fellowship:
Assistance for undergraduate student preparing for graduate school must be a US
institution. Students must have taken the GRE.

Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship:
For undergraduate and graduate students pursuing their first degree of one kind.
Students interested in this scholarship must mail a request form for the application.
       The Leopold Schepp Foundation
       551 Fifth Avenue
       Suite 3000
       New York, NY 10176-3201

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans:
Provides opportunities for continuing generations of able and accomplished New
Americans to achieve leadership roles in their community. The applicant must have a
bachelor’s degree or be in his/her final year of undergraduate study.

The makers of TYLENOL® award up to $350,000 in scholarships to students pursuing
careers in healthcare.

US Department of Education

State Residents

Elks Crippled Children’s Corporation®
       Contact Elks Lodge in your area of residence for information

Saint Anthony’s Hospital the Norbert Siegfried Scholarship Program
Health Professions Scholarship Program ®

Study Abroad

American – Scandinavian Foundation Awards
Offers graduate study and research in one or more Scandinavian countries for up to
one year. Awarded to a United States Citizen in any field of study.

Fulbright Grants
Grants for graduate study, research, or teaching assistant positions abroad.
Students interested in applying must set up an appointment with Dr. Leguey-
Feilleux, SLU’s faculty representative.
        Dr. Leguey-Feilleux
        McGannon Hall 134

Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad:
 This scholarship is to help students wishing to study abroad, but have financial

Marshall Scholarship:
For graduate study in the United Kingdom. Students interested in this scholarship
should start the process early as it can be rather time consuming. Requires an
institutional endorsement.

Overseas Research Student Awards:
Must already be accepted as a full time student at a university in the UK. This award
is for full-time post-graduate research study only. The scholarship deadline and
application instructions are dependent upon the institution you plan to attend.

Rhodes Scholar
Opportunity for two years of graduate study at Oxford University. This scholarship
requires an institutional nomination

Grant for Study in a foreign country; must be proficient in language and have at
least two years of college. Applications go through your local rotary chapter.

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