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									                          ROBERT RATHBUN
                          (Wappingers Falls, N.Y.)

 The name Rathbun is synonymous with softball in Dutchess County, as Bob's
  father was one of the great players in the area, before Bob carried the name
  to greater heights.

 A lifetime .310 batting average, on the Major Fast Pitch level, Bob has
  played for such teams as: The Poughkeepsie Little Brauhaus Brewers,
  Gallagher's Shell, and Solomon's Sports of New Jersey.

 He led the Brewer's teams in home runs, extra base hits, slugging
  percentage and battling average many years.

 Bob competed against the best Major Fast Pitch Teams in the country from
  1971 thru 1982, in the Eastern Seaboard League, Major Fast Pitch
  Tournaments and independent scheduling.

 He has competed in 10 State, 13 Regional and 6 National Fast Pitch
  Tournaments, and his teams have won 8 State and 5 Regional Tournaments.

 He played on two Brewer Teams which finished 2nd runner-up in the
  National Tournaments and many others which finished in the top ten in the

 In 1977, Bob was the Batting Champion in the Allentown tournaments. In
  1978, Bob was the St. Catherine's Canada Batting Champion and was named
  to the St. Catherine's All Star Team.

 He was nominated in 1978 for a tryout for the US Pan Am Team. He was the
  Poughkeepsie Elks Club Male Fast Pitch Player of the year in 1979.

 In 1980, Bob was the New York State Tournament Batting Champion and
  also the Tournament Most Valuable Player.

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