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									Networking Online:
Using the Internet to Build & Maintain Your Professional Network

Presented by Trevor Lohrbeer
CEO - Lab Escape, Inc.
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

         Online Networking Overview

         Social Networks



         Support Services

         Real World + Online

    1988     Started using Internet
    1992     Created
    1998     Developed SlamBook!
    1999     Founded
    2000     Used LinkedIn, e-mail
     -       blogs to find mentors,
    2008     employees, customers
Why Network Online?

     • Find people outside your usual
       business circles
     • Build new types of relationships
     • Strengthen existing relationships
     • Leverage unknown connections
       in your network
Ways To Network Online

     •   E-mail
     •   Social Networks
     •   Blogs
     •   Discussion Forums
Networking Stages

     1.   Find contacts
     2.   Make connections
     3.   Build relationships
     4.   Revive relationships
     5.   End relationships
Relationship Types

     •   Acquaintances
     •   Friends
     •   Colleagues
     •   Customers
     •   Vendors
Relationship Styles

     • Elite / Protective
     • Close Knit
     • Loose / Open
Why LinkedIn?

     •   A network of professionals
     •   23 million members
     •   1.2 million new members / month
     •   150 countries
     •   Average age is 41
     •   Executive level contacts
     •   Actively adding new functionality
Services Provided

     •   Network Management
     •   Find Resources
     •   Learn Information
     •   Manage Interactions
Getting Started

     •   Register
     •   Build Professional History
     •   Add Contacts
     •   Obtain Recommendations
Interface Overview
Finding Contacts

     •   Basic Search
     •   Search By Industry
     •   Search By Keywords
     •   Browse By Company / School
     •   Browse Your Network
Basic Search
Basic Search

     Name & Summary         Degrees From You

                            # Recommendations

                 Keywords                       # Contacts
Search By Industry
Search By Industry
Search By Industry
Search By Keywords
Search By Keywords
Browse by Company
Browse by Company
Browse by School
Browse by School
Browse Your Network
Browse Your Network
Making Connections

     •   Adding People You Know
     •   Asking for Introductions
     •   Passing Along Introductions
     •   Introducing Yourself Via InMail
     •   Introducing Others
Adding People You Know
Adding People You Know
Asking for Introductions
Asking for Introductions

     1. Pick a goal
     2. Choose one of your contacts to
        connect through
     3. Write a descriptive title
     4. Write a message to your go-
        between contact
     5. Write a message to the person
        you want to connect with
Asking for Introductions
     Category:Expertise Request

     In NYC next Tue, can I buy you lunch for some advice?

     Good to see you last week. John works in publishing
     and I'd like to get advice on finding an agent. Please
     connect us, if possible. See you at next week's meeting!

     I'm a 45 year old aspiring writer whose written a novel
     about bats. I'm looking for advice on approaching and
     hiring an agent. I'll be in NYC next Tuesday. Can I take
     you to lunch?
Passing Along Introductions

     • Decide to pass along based on:
       – Source
       – Destination
       – Request

     • Write a message to forward:
       –   Explain your relationship with contact
       –   Include recommendation / reference
       –   Include warnings/ advice on approaches
       –   Build the relationship
Introducing Yourself Via InMail

     • When to use InMail
        – Time Pressure
        – Weak Or No Relationships

     • Include in message
        – Why are you contacting them?
        – Who are you?
        – What are the connections (interests,
          people) between you?
        – What value do they get?
        – What’s the next step?
Introducing Others

     1. Forward a profile
     2. Recipient must request the
     3. Forward the introduction within
Building Relationships

     •   Request/Give Recommendations
     •   Ask/Answer Questions
     •   Send Profiles
     •   Introduce Others
Give Recommendations
Answer Questions
Example Uses

     •   Finding Employees
     •   Finding Work
     •   Finding Business Relationships:
         Partners, Customers & Vendors
     •   Getting Advice & Mentors
     •   Researching People
Finding Employees

     • Post a job
     • Search for employees
     • Locate references
Post a Job
Search For Employees
Locate References
Finding Work

     •   Search job listings
     •   Search for hiring managers
Search Job Listings
Search for Hiring Managers
Finding Business Relationships

     • Search by interest / industry &
     • Ask for introductory meetings
     • Ask for advice
     • Don't hard sell
Getting Advice & Mentors

     • Ask questions
     • Use introductions / InMail to ask
       for advice
Researching People

     • Lookup sales leads
     • Lookup potential employees
     • Lookup real-world networking
Finding Blogs

     • Blogrolls
     • Search Sites
       – Blog Catalog
       – Google Blog Search
       – Technorati

     • Monitoring Services
       – RSS
       – Google Alerts
       – Filtrbox
Making Connections

     • Post Comments
     • Refer To Other Blogs
     • E-mail Authors
Post Comments

    • Contribute to the discussion
    • Link to your site, but don't
    • Provide value to readers & author
    • When in doubt, don't post
Post Comments

                Does anyone
                  know of
Post Comments
Refer To Other Blogs

     • Use TrackBacks
     • Make others aware of your blog
     • Participate in discussions by
       posting responses to other posts
E-mail Authors

     • When comments only provide
       value to author, not to readers
     • To establish a relationship
     • As a followup to a comment
Finding People Through E-mail

     •   Ask your network
     •   Ask infrequently
     •   Ask selectively
     •   Maintain privacy, use bcc
Making Connections

     • Introducing Yourself
     • Introducing Others
Introducing Yourself

     • Same rules as LinkedIn
     • E-mail subject more important
     • Followup once if no response,
       but wait at least 5-7 days
Introducing Others

     •   General Guidelines
     •   Separate E-mails, Sharing Info
     •   Separate E-mails, Go-Between
     •   Combined E-mail
Introducing Others - Guidelines

     • Clearly stated reason
     • Explain relationship
     • Ask for followup

     • Uneven benefit vs even benefit
     • Status & privacy levels
     • Your relationship to each person
Introducing Others Separately

     Share Info
     • Mutual introductions

     Go Between
     • Offer to introduce
     • If agree, send contact info
     • Keep introduced person informed
Introducing Others Jointly

     Address Both
     • Similar to real life
     • John & Jane…
     • John, this is… Jane, this is…

     Address One, cc Other
     • Send introduced contact info
     • cc introduced on e-mail
Introducing Others Jointly
     I met Jane at the last Meet the Geeks meeting and realized that you
     two need talk. Jane does <some valuable skill> and she might be able
     to help you <do something useful> for <your company>.

     Jane's contact information is:
      Jane Smith
      (828) 555-1212

     John has been a mentor and friend for several years now. He's
     currently starting a company related to <some topic>. I think it would
     be worth the two of you talking. John can be reached at:

      John Brown
      (828) 555-1212
     Best of luck, and please let me know how the connection works out.
Building Relationships

     • Checking in
     • Keeping up
     • Informing others
Checking in


     It's been a while since we talked. What
     have you been up to?

     On my end, I got a promotion last month
     and now manage our local division.

Keeping up

     • Read their blog
     • Watch their LinkedIn or other
       social network page
     • Send notes of congratulations
       when a good event occurs
Informing Others

     Personal Notes
     • Keep it personal
     • Keep it infrequent

     • Ask first if they want to receive
     • Make sure to bcc recipients
     • Newletter services are best
Contact Relationship Management

     • Manage followup tasks
     • Include detailed contact info
     • Add notes

     • Record how you met
     • Record interaction notes
     • Create followup task
Network Relationship Management

     • Manage different relationships types
     • Find the best route to an individual
     • Share your network with others
     • Use for online & offline networking

     • Record all known connections
     • Rate connections
After Meeting / Call

      Send E-mail
        –   Pleasure to meet you
        –   Reasons to stay connected
        –   Contact info for reference
        –   Looking forward to future interactions,
            include specific event if relevant

      Request Connection
        – Based on your networking style
        – Don't be offended if connection is not
        – Only do for one network
Build Relationship

     • Followup with e-mail
     • Continue conversations by e-mail
Final Exercise

     Exchange business cards with
     someone in the room, then do one
     of the following tomorrow:

      – Send them e-mail followup
      – Connect on LinkedIn

      – Introduce them to someone via
        e-mail or LinkedIn
Questions, Comments?

             Trevor Lohrbeer
           (800) 921-3623 x707

          Happy networking!

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