Surrey Care Association and Skills for Care TSI Partnership 2006/07 by 0fKplDoV


									          Surrey Care Association and Skills for Care TSI Partnership 2010/11

Eligibility Criteria for Partnership
To ensure fairness in the distribution of available funds eligibility criteria will continue to apply for

Please tick the box to confirm that you understand each of the eligibility criteria 

         Claims will still be accepted on a first come first served basis.
         Payments to employers will initially be capped at 80 units, however further payments will be
          made subject to funding being available.
         Statutory sector claims will not be accepted. The remit of SCA is the independent sector and
          the partnership is to support that sector as a priority.
         Employers can no longer claim for NVQ’s that are fully funded from other sources – however
          employers can still submit claims for this category for possible payment in the event that
          further funding becomes available. Partly funded training remains eligible.
         SCA partnership is only available to those employers who can evidence that staff for whom they
          are claiming primarily work in the County of Surrey. With limited funding we are seeking to
          ensure that employers with staff working in the County of Surrey benefit.
          For example an employer who has multiple offices, agencies or homes can only claim for staff
          primarily working in the county of Surrey. An employer who only has their Head office in Surrey
          and is not providing services in the county of Surrey is not eligible. Examples are included in the
          FAQ sheet.
         SCA reserves the right to decline partners or reject or accept claims at their discretion.

Declaration to be signed by Employer

         I declare that my claims meet the eligibility criteria.
         I have completed and/or updated since April 2010 the organisation questionnaire and 90% of
          the employee questionnaire for NMDS-SC and the registration number is





I am submitting further claims in excess of the 80 units cap or for fully funded NVQ’s in case further
funding becomes available.
Please tick box 

Please return form to:
Jenni Turner, Surrey Care Association Ltd, Suite H4, Leatherhead Enterprise Centre, Randalls
Way, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7RY


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