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									                               Grants for research-related expenses

Trinity Hall provides a substantial number of grants for research-related expenses for which all
students are eligible to apply. There is a maximum per student of £300 for an M.Phil student, £600
for a Medic or Vet (Elective) and £1000 for Ph.D students.

Trinity Hall does not fund trips organised by your department. If these are “recommended”,
“strongly recommend” or “required” by your department, then they should be funded by the
department, or the additional expenditure required should be declared to you at the time of your
admission, and be a part of the financial guarantee you give the Board of Graduate Studies.

What is covered

The College’s funds are for independent research-related activity. This is normally of the following

       -      Travel and accommodation for conferences; preference will be given firmly
              to those presenting their own work

       -      Travel and accommodation for archival research

       -      up to £50 for a University language course, if connected with research


       -      Applications for computing support will not be considered

       -      Applications from students who have already submitted their theses will not be

       -      Applications must be submitted in advance of the expenses incurred

       -      There is no entitlement to funding

Application procedure

You should:

       1)     Prepare your application in advance.

       2)     The application should state clearly the purpose of the trip, the total realistic (not
              inflated) costs and the intended income portfolio. You should include a copy of a
              letter from the conference organiser (if that is what you are applying for) accepting
              your paper for presentation.
       3)      Ask your supervisor to email a clear letter of support to the Graduate Office.

       4)      Your Tutor or Graduate Officer may need to see you if there are questions that need
               further examination.

All documentation, including the letter of support from your supervisor, should be sent to the
Graduate Officer and not your Tutor.

If there is a change to the purpose for which the grant is given (eg date changes to a trip) you must
obtain authorization from the Graduate Officer who will consult your Tutor or your grant will be
forfeit and subject to repayment.

If your application is successful, you will be asked to submit a written report of around 300-500
words to us and to your supervisor on the outcome within one month. Please note that if these
conditions are not met within one calendar month of the date specified on your application,
the College will charge the amount awarded to your College account as a debt. It will be your
responsibility to ensure that your supervisor writes to the Graduate Tutor within one month.

Dr Tadashi Tokieda
Acting Graduate Tutor
September 2012
                         Application for funding for research-related expenses

Surname           _____________________________              First name     ____________________

Degree            ____________________

Crsid             ____________________

Dates of travel           from _______________________              to ________________________

Where travelling to            ________________________________________________________

1)       Statement of purpose (why is the trip essential)

2)       Financial statement                                 £

         Costs          Travel
                        Other                                ____________

                        Total outgoings                      £

Fees should be the cheapest student-discounted negotiable. Travel at APEX rates. Accommodation
at University Hall of Residence rates (where possible).

Income against the expenses covered here (please complete each section even if only with zero

                        Funding Body
                        Personal Contribution
                        Sought from College                  ____________

                        Total income                         £
3)    Statement of particular circumstances, personal resources, urgency etc.
      (Use separate sheet as necessary).

Signature ____________________________________                    Date ______________________

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