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									  MBTA Department of System-Wide Accessibility (SWA)
                    Weekly Update
                      Sunday 2/27/11 - Saturday 3/5/11

General Activities:

   Met with/or attended:
      o Director of Strategic Planning to discuss snow/ice removal for
        Winter 2010-2011 document
      o Representative plaintiffs and AACT members in mini-
        roundtable meeting focused on Wayfinding
      o Interdepartmental work group on enhancements to Reduced
        Fare CharlieCard program
      o Design and Construction and Finance to discuss Wayfinding
        Next Steps proposal.
      o Independent Monitor of BCIL/MBTA Settlement Agreement to
        discuss Wayfinding
      o Disability community stakeholders to discuss Wayfinding
      o Presentation by THE RIDE software contractor StrataGen on
        NYC Transit Paratransit
      o Riders Oversight Committee (ROC) Meeting

   Other:
      o Presented “How Can I Help You Today?” training to
        MassDOT front-line employees

                                              Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
                                                      Ten Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116
Design and Engineering Activities:

   Reviewed plans/drawings/specifications; submitted comments on:
      o Key Station Update for the Federal Transit Administration
      o Site inspection report on Southeast Regional Transit Authority
        (SRTA) facilities
      o Green Line platform layouts for three-car consists
      o Site inspection report for Natick Commuter Rail Station
      o Parking improvements, including accessible parking at Transit
        Police Headquarters
      o Dudley Bus Station improvements with revised pedestrian
      o Interlocking mechanisms on elevator doors for the proposed
        MBTA Elevator Design Standards
      o Key bus routes with proposed bus stop improvements
      o South Shore garages (Red Line) with consultant responses to
        System-Wide Accessibility design comments
      o Public Rights of Way Guides for pedestrians
      o Government Center Station (Blue/Green Lines) with
        consultant responses to our design comments

   Conducted site inspections/site visits:
      o Southeast Regional Transit Authority (SRTA) facilities in New
        Bedford for an accessibility audit
      o Natick Commuter Rail Station for proposed transportation

   Met with:
      o MassDOT representatives at Southeast Regional Transit
        Authority (SRTA) office in New Bedford for audit discussion
        before site inspections

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Customer Complaint Tracking Activities:
   15 customer complaints; 12 complainants
    o Fixed Route: 15 complaints
      - 2 forwarded to Office of Diversity & Civil Rights (ODCR)
    o THE RIDE: 0 complaints

Internal Access Monitoring (IAM) Program Activities:
    13 Monitors conducted 49 trips throughout all of fixed route system
     (40 Bus; 4 Subway; 5 Stations)
    Updated IAM program goals for 2011
    Edited Ambulatory (AMB) & Wheeled Mobility (WMD) Access
     reports for Q2-10
    Created 124 queries consisting of results from the IAM program’s
     Q2-2010 bus study
    Began generating internal monitoring report for Q2-10
    Began generating internal monitoring report for Q3-10
    Reviewed 41 completed monitoring forms
    Scanned 64 completed monitoring forms
    Verified the content of 40 scanned monitoring forms
    Conducted a 1 hr training session for monitoring staff
    Forwarded 1 violation to ODCR for investigation

Reduced Fare CharlieCard Program Activities:
   Issued 1076 reduced-fare CharlieCards:
       o 651 Senior CharlieCards
       o 409 Transportation Access Pass (TAP) CharlieCards
       o 9 Blind Access CharlieCards
       o 7 “THE RIDE” CharlieCards
   Reviewed 265 Transportation Access Pass CharlieCard
   Processed 265 account deposits for customers of the MBTA
    Paratransit program THE RIDE
   Packaged 950 RIDE CharlieCard surveys for mailing
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