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									                 LITTLE FALLS URBAN RENEWAL AGENCY
                      Minutes of the January 19, 2011 Board Meeting

                                    Approved by Board February 16, 2011

OFFICERS PRESENT:                            Mayor Robert J. Peters, Chairman
                                             David Petkovsek, City Treasurer
                                             Kimberley Kelley, Common Council Member
                                             Kathleen Ballerstein
                                             Ralph Renzulli

ABSENT:                                      Virginia Curry

GUEST:                                       Jim Thatcher, Grant Consultant and Attorney, Mark Rose

Agenda Item I – Call to Order

Mayor Robert Peters called the meeting to order at 6:18 p.m.

Speaker - Jim Thatcher of Avalon Associates
Jim Thatcher was present to discuss the status of existing projects and plans for future programs.
Mr. Thatcher handed out an Activity Schedule for the City of Little 2011 NYS HOME Investment
partnerships Program and the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program – noting that
copies of all resolutions and notices prepared for these projects should be kept on file in the City Clerk’s Office
and/or the Urban Renewal Agency. Application deadlines are April 29, 2011 and May 27, 2011. He added that
the URA is looking to revise last year’s application to include a new outside elevator and re-configuration of the
front entrance. Jim Thatcher will be contacting an architect from Watertown who has done some tricky elevator
projects recently similar to Rockton Plaza. If the architect determines the new elevator is doable, he may be
able to supply some good cost estimates and technical information for the CDBG application.
Avalon is currently reviewing the agreement between the City and the Department of State for the 2009
awarded Local Waterfront Revitalization grant. Mr. Thatcher stated that the projects can be budgeted and
implemented over a three to five year period.
The Brownfield (BOA) application that was approved by the Common Council will be submitted to the
Department of State at the end of the month. The funding would allow planning for redevelopment of
underutilized residential and commercial properties for re-use. Jim Thatcher mentioned that the grant has a low
administrative portion.

Agenda Item II – Bills
Unpaid bills for January 2011 totaling $12,447.60 were audited and approved for payment. Kathleen Ballerstein
made the motion to approve item; seconded by Kimberley Kelley and carried unanimously.
Little Falls Urban Renewal Agency
January 19, 2011

Agenda Item III – Minutes
Minutes of the November 17, 2010 meeting were presented for approval. Ralph Renzulli made the motion to
approve the item; seconded by Kathleen Ballerstein and carried unanimously

Agenda Item III – Financials
State and Federal loan reports for December 31, 2010 were presented for review. David Petkovsek made the
motion to approve the item; seconded by Kimberley Kelley and carried unanimously.

Agenda Item IV – Other

 • 2011 Budget
   Kathleen Ballerstein made the motion to approve the item; seconded by Ralph Renzulli and carried

 • Policies Adopted
   FOIL ACT                                                        (M/S/A: D. Petkovsek/K. Kelley)
   Investment Guidelines/Financial Reporting Procedures            (M/S/A: D. Petkovsek/K. Kelley)
   Procurement Policy                                              (M/S/A: D. Petkovsek/K. Kelley)
   Audit Committee Charter                                         (M/S/A: K. Ballerstein/R. Renzulli)
   Governance Committee Charter                                    (M/S/A: K. Kelley/D. Petkovsek)

 • Check Signing Authorization
   City Treasurer, David Petkovsek, Council Member, Kimberley Kelley, and Kathleen Ballerstein provided
   required information and signatures on banking resolutions for check signing authorization of accounts at
   M&T Bank and Adirondack Bank.

 • Open Discussion
    The Board discussed various options and ideas for covering URA administration and overhead expenses
    when there is a lag in available funding. Kim Kelley offered to speak with Mayor Brown of Rome. David
    Petkovsek asked if the Mayor had discussed the possibility of merging the URA into the City system with
    the Common Council and that it would have to be approved before next year’s budget is passed. Kim
    Kelley stated that budget concerns would be an issue. David Petkovsek mentioned the City may not want
    to take on the liability either. Ralph Renzulli stated he was not comfortable with the URA no longer being
    a public authority and that he had already taken the public authority training. Mark Rose will look into the
    legalities of dissolving the URA. Discussion tabled until next meeting.
Little Falls Urban Renewal Agency
January 19, 2011

Agenda Item VI – Executive Session
Kathleen Ballerstein motioned to entered into Executive Session at 7:35 p.m. to discuss matters related to
employment contracts for the Agency’s Program Coordinator and Attorney. Motion was seconded by Ralph
Renzulli and carried unanimously. Attorney’s contract approved. The Program Coordinator’s contract was
tabled pending approval of City Clerical contracts. David Petkovsek made the motion; seconded by Kathy
Ballerstein and carried unanimously. Kim Kelley made the motion to exit Executive Session at 8:00 p.m.;
seconded by Ralph Renzulli and carried unanimously.

Agenda Item VII – Adjournment
Motion to adjourn was made at 8:01 p.m. by David Petkovsek; seconded by Kathleen Ballerstein and carried

   The next regular scheduled meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 16, 2010 at 6:15 p.m.,
               in the Urban Renewal Conference Room, City Hall, Little Falls, New York.

                                          Respectfully submitted,

                                          Virginia Curry
                                          Programs Coordinator

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