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Recorder assessment – Term 2
                                                                                    All          Most   Some   None
Hold the recorder comfortably and correctly with the left hand at
the top
Tongue with greater confidence
Control how notes stop
Play louder and quieter within a piece
Compose words to fit with a rhythm
Recognise and play the following rhythms- ta, te-te, too-oo and rest
Play music in 3 and in 4 time
Understand pitch as moving up, down or staying the same
Relate pitch to solfa
Read, sing and play notes on a 5 line stave: high D,C,B,A,G,E,D
Play an ostinato using low D
Play in two parts (three including an ostinato)
Play staccato and legato
Explore melodic patterns through improvising whilst maintaining a
steady pulse (2/3 pitches)
Appraise performances eg identify which bit needs practice
Can internalise pitch and rhythm
Understand what a chord and an accompaniment is

Repertoire List                                                  Warm ups, games, rhythm exercises
Please add any extra songs/games in the spaces provided

Here Sits A Rhino                                                   Rhythm card improvising
Mary Anne                                                           Pass the note
Enchanted Forest                                                    Danger rhythm (using 1/2/3 pitch/es)
One Mosquito                                                        Rolling flashcards (on 1/2/3 pitch/es)
Fanfare                                                             Copy cats (melodic patterns)
Dear Liza                                                           Today’s Menu
Hot cross buns + ostinato (in D)                                    Spot the rhythm
Davy dumpling + ostinato (in D)                                     Fanfare composition
Dragons Lair
Green Jelly (in G)
Hi Lo Chickalo (in G)
Elevator Song
Creeping up the staircase
Jog Along Jason
Old MacDonald

Gifted and Talented

                                                  NEWHAM MUSIC TRUST
                                  Newham Academy of Music, Wakefield Street, London, E6 1NG
                               T: 020 8472 9895| F: 020 8471 0495 | W:

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