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10th grade Honors English - Get Now DOC by 83uCkRd


									  Mrs. Johnson’s 10th grade Honors English 2009-2010
  Unit Outline for Wuthering Heights
  Essential Questions: Is there such a thing as true love that is undying? How does physical
  landscape and environment contribute to character, and how do authors use it to reflect character?
  Do social class and socioeconomic status matter in personal relationships? How can power, or lack
  thereof, affect an individual? What factors during childhood shape a child’s personality – who s/he
  is and will become? Are there events and circumstances that are so intense, absolute, and/or
  powerful that they cannot be overcome? What are the characteristics of Gothic literature? How can I
  determine theme?
                                     Bring your book to class every day
                                  *Note that agenda is subject to change*
   Day/ Date                                  In Class                                   Homework
DGP sentence for next week (27): andre took his wrinkled shirt to his neighbors house because the
neighbor has a nice new iron
Monday             Turn in Hamlet extra credit obituaries                        Ongoing: Read Wuthering
4/12/10            Vocab Quiz over lists 6, 7, and 8                             Heights – you may read
                   Hand out Wuthering Heights Unit packet                        ahead if you like. This unit
                   Note: bring text to class every day; do not look at anything  outline provides a reading
                   before p. 9                                                   schedule with deadlines.
                   Introduction to Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
                   Review background on Emily Bronte and this novel (first       Tonight: Review words for
                   two pages of unit packet, front and back)                     vocab list 9; Read
                   Begin discussing time period and characteristics of Gothic    Wuthering Heights
                   literature                                                    chapter 9

Tuesday            * Elements/ Characteristics of Gothic Lit                       Vocab sentences for list 9
4/13/10            * Jung Typology Test – take for yourself, review, and           due tomorrow; Read
                   consider as you read: There is a wide range of personalities    Wuthering Heights
                   represented in the characters in Wuthering Heights.             chapter 10
                   Different personalities handle situations, stress, and crises
                   differently. As you read Wuthering Heights, pay attention
                   to the different personality types and reactions of the
                   * Interesting facts and definitions for Wuthering Heights
                   Essential vocabulary: moor, heath, heather, wuthering
                   * Quick Write: What are the most influential forces in the
                   shaping of a child’s values and behavior? Parents,
                   guardians, or other family members? School? Friends?
                   * Think-Pair-Share & Discuss with a partner
                   * Review map in unit packet: Where in the world is
                   Yorkshire, England and what is a “moor”?

Wednesday          Who’s Who? Who’s Where? And Who’s in Charge?                    Read Wuthering Heights
4/14/10            Discuss and dissect chapters 1 & 2 of Wuthering Heights         chapter 11-12; Dialect:
                   Group examination of text and presentations to the class        review two specific
                                                                                   passages of Wuthering
                   Complete active reading chart (in unit packet) for              Heights, looking up
                   Wuthering Heights & Thrushcross Grange in chapters 1-9          unfamiliar words (see
                                                                                   explanation from today’s
                   Introduce Instant Wuthering Heights ongoing assignment          class assignment); As you
                   – you may work with a group of three. Begin today.              read the rest of the novel,
                                                                                   complete Active Reading
                   Dialect homework: Carefully review two passages:                chart – family tree
                  Lockwood’s description of Wuthering Heights in Chapter 1
                  (p 10, from “Wuthering Heights is the name of Mr.
                  Heathcliff’s dwelling” to “previous to inspecting the
                  penetralium”) and Joseph’s description of Heathcliff in
                  Chapter 10 (p 104, from “‘Nelly,’ he said” to
                  “while he flees afore tuh open t’ pikes.”) For Lockwood’s
                  passage, look up words whose meanings you don’t know or
                  are unsure of. Make a list of these words and
                  their meanings. For Joseph’s, underline (or write in your
                  notebooks) words whose meanings you can’t discern
Thursday          Discuss dialect in Wuthering Heights:                         Read Wuthering Heights
4/15/10                   What Did He Say?                                      chapter 13-15; Journal:
                  Instant Wuthering Heights in groups through chapter 10        Opposites Attract
Friday            True love silent debate & (look back, especially through      Read Wuthering Heights
4/16/10           chapter 9) Homework: Write out your opinion on the true       chapter 16-17
                  love debate and reference specific passages and page
                  numbers to back you up

DGP sentence for next week (28): in william shakespeares play julius caesar brutus joins the conspiracy to
assassinate caesar but he doesnt think that killing marc antony is necessary
Monday             Grammar review & grammar practice packet for homework Read Wuthering Heights
4/19/10            Discuss Wuthering Heights                                    chapter 18-20; As you
                   Stepping it up a notch: Critical Theory                      read, complete Active
                   Assign Critical Theory Group Powerpoint Project – will be    Reading chart – character
                   the major assessment for this unit – due Thursday 4/29       comparison venn diagram
                   Students select groups of 3 for Critical Analysis Powerpoint
                   Project – draw topic from the hat
                   (in 5th and 6th period, one group may receive permission to
                   have 4 group members; in 7th period, two groups may
                   receive permission to have 4 group members. You may
                   have first choice to choose your groups, but if the numbers
                   don’t work out, I will assign groups)
                   Time briefly to touch base in groups on critical theory
                   group powerpoint project

Tuesday           Grammar review                                                Read Wuthering Heights
4/20/10           Discuss Wuthering Heights                                     chapter 21-22
                  Instant Wuthering Heights in groups through chapter 20

Wednesday         Grammar review and grammar packet due                         Review grammar practice
4/21/10           Discuss Wuthering Heights                                     packet; Study for
                  Discussion: Jung typology for Heathcliff                      grammar quiz; Read
                  Instant Wuthering Heights in groups through chapter 22        Wuthering Heights
                                                                                chapter 23-26
Thursday          * Grammar Quiz 5 (last one for year): Sentence fragments      Read Wuthering Heights
4/22/10           and run-ons; mixed review with phrases and clauses            chapter 27-29; Review
                  Read & discuss Wuthering Heights                              vocab words for list 10;
                                                                                Vocab sentences
Friday            Discuss Wuthering Heights                                     Read Wuthering Heights
4/23/10           Listen to Wuthering Heights song                              chapter 30-34 (end of
                  Instant Wuthering Heights in groups through chapter 29 –      novel); Study for vocab
                  finish through chapter 34 for homework                        quiz
No DGP this week – week of the End-of-Course Test
Monday           7th period long/ 5th period short/ 6th period does not meet
                 Whenever your class period has their long class time based
                 on the schedule for the EOCT, you will take your Vocab
                 Quiz over lists 9 & 10, and then you will have time to work
                 on your critical theory group powerpoint projects. NOTE
                 that we cannot get in to the computer lab, so use this time
                 to your best advantage for group planning and
                 collaborating, but you will also need to spend time at a
                 computer outside of class for this project.

                  If your class period (5th and 7th) gets an extra short period
                  during the EOCT schedule, you may use this as work time.

                  Critical Theory Group Powerpoint Projects (major grade)
                  due Thursday.

                  Instant Wuthering Heights group assignment should be
                  complete by today, but you may want to reference this
                  guide as you work on your powerpoint projects. You will
                  also turn the Instant Wuthering Heights group
                  assignments in on Thursday.

Tuesday           6th period long/ 5th period short/ 7th period does not meet
4/27/10           6th pd – see Monday assignment

Wednesday         5th period long/ 7th period short/ 6th period does not meet
4/28/10           5th pd – see Monday assignment

Thursday          5th, 6th, & 7th periods meet/ shortened classes (40 minutes)    You must obtain a copy of
4/29/10           Extra Credit opportunity: National Poem-in-your-                MAUS Parts I and II by
                  Pocket Day is today – bring a favorite poem in your             Monday (I have a limited
                  pocket to read and briefly share with the class                 number of MAUS Part I
                                                                                  books to loan out – see
                  Turn in Instant Wuthering Heights group assignment              me if you need to borrow
                  Wuthering Heights Critical Theory Powerpoint

Friday            Wuthering Heights Critical Theory Powerpoint                  Begin reviewing and
4/30/10           Presentations                                                 studying for Grammar
                                                                                Post-Test, Thurs May 6th
DGP sentence for next week (29): three pigs from that story with the wolf were on the news yesterday after
a girl with a riding hood filed a complaint against the wolf
and then
DGP sentence for the next week (30 – LAST DGP sentence): mrs johnson our teacher has told us that this
is our last sentence of the year but it is a pretty tricky one

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