Constitutional Lesson Plan for Kindergarten Teachers at Coal Mountain Elementary by wMH5X2S


									Constitutional Lesson Plan for Kindergarten Teachers at Coal Mountain Elementary, 2011

             The following standards will be addressed:

             Identify Standards: SSKCG1 – Explains how rules are made and why they should
             be followed.

             SSKH1- Identifies the purpose and customs of national holidays

             MKN1- Counting 1-10

             ELAKr6a- Gains meaning from orally presented text

             ELAKLSV1d: Recites a song

             ELAKW2a,b,f: Produces an informational writing

          o Essential Questions: Why do we celebrate Constitution Day? How does the
            Constitution compare to our class rules? Why is it important for us to have


             Formative- T –chart of Rights and Privileges on Activboard

             Summative- Digging Into Good Citizenship Flipchart- Performance –Based-
             Move each example to Good Citizen or Not a Good Citizen- Each child will go
             back and do it at his desk

 Lesson Design:

          o Lesson Design: Tell students to wear red, white, and blue for this day
          o Morning Class Meeting – Discussion of Essential Questions and Vocabulary,
            Show Constitution on the Activboard and point out High-frequency words
          o Social Studies Time
            Motivation: Song- Our Constitution
            Read book: Our Constitution Make predictions, ask and answer questions,
            distinguish between fact and fiction books
Know the Rules (Cut and Paste) Activity
Discussion DOK- Different Rules for Different Settings
Writing-Using the T-chart- Go back and write in journals. Choose either a right
or a privilege
Draw and label.
Art- Patriotic Hand Print with 10 stars.

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