Unit 9 Studyguide & Notebook Contents�60's/Vietnam

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					                                Unit 9 Studyguide & Notebook Contents—60's/Vietnam
Civil Rights:
        1. Background/Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
        2. What/when the Greensboro Sit-ins were
        3. Important Black leaders of the civil rights era(Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, etc)
        4. Civil Rights Terms/people: SCLC, SNCC, Freedom Riders, NAACP, CORE
        5. JFK & LBJ’s role in the Civil Rights movement
        6. What the 1964 Civil Rights Act was/did
        7. What Feminists are
        8. Who Betty Friedan was, the name of the book she wrote
        9. What NOW means/stands for
        10. What ERA means, what happened to it
        11. What Roe v. Wade is
        12. What the UFW is, what fruit they boycotted
        13. What La Raza Unida is
        14. Who Cesar Chavez was
        15. What AIM is
60’s Presidents/Supreme Court/Vietnam:
        16. The PRO sheet
        17. Who the two 60’s presidents were, what happened to JFK
        18. What happened at the Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile Crisis
        19. Know what happened in Berlin (Berlin Crisis & Wall)
        20. Know what happened to JFK in Dallas, who was responsible
        21. Know who Jack Ruby was
        22. Major “Great Society” programs: Economic Opportunity Act, Medical Care Act, Water Quality Act,
            Omnibus Housing Act, Elementary & Secondary Education, Immigration Act, Highway Safety Act
        23. Warren Court Decisions: Baker v. Carr, Reynolds v. Sims, Engel v. Vitale, Abington v. Schemp, Gideon
            v. Wainwright, Miranda v. Arizona
        24. What the Geneva Conference in 1954 did to Vietnam
        25. Who led the N. Vietnamese
        26. How JFK escalated the Vietnam War
        27. How LBJ escalated the Vietnam War
        28. USS Maddox and Gulf of Tonkin
        29. Tonkin Gulf Resolution & what it did
        30. Student protest movements (SDS & FSM) & Hawks v. Doves
        31. Why 1968 was a turning point (events of 1968)
        32. Who the counterculture was, some characteristics of them
        33. Who the mainstream culture was, characteristics
        34. Nixon’s role in ending Vietnam (vietnamization)

                                          UNIT 9 Notebook Contents
        Title Page—(10)
        PRO Sheet—(10)
        60's Slang—(10)
        Century video: 60-64—(10)
        Great Society Chart—(10)
        Vietnam Map—(10)
        Century video: 65-70—(10)
        Vietnam timeline—(10)
        Counterculture ?'s—(10)
        Counter culture vs Mainstream T-chart—(10)
         Century video: 71-75—(10)
         Eyes on the Prize—(10)
         Civil Rights Learning Map—(10)
         Letter from Birmingham—(10)
         MLK/Malcolm X ?’s—10)
         MLK/Malcolm X Venn—(10)
         Statistical Info—(10)
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