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					                                                      Linda Vista Elementary School
                                                             2011 Jog-A-Thon
                                                               Calling All Volunteers!
Our Annual Jog-A-Thon will be held on Monday, October 31, 2011. We need your help to
make this event a success. If you are able to volunteer, please complete and return this form
to school by Monday, October 3rd. We also love to see family helpers the morning of the event,
don’t worry we will find something for you to do and remember you can pre-order lunch for the
family picnic to be held the same afternoon!
______ Jog-A-Thon Committee                               Help assist in various duties leading up to event as well as
                                                          the follow up of prizes and awards

______Class Representative (1 per class)                  Work the day of the event, distribute t-shirts and other
                                                          materials, collect tally sheets and coordinate lap counters
                                                          for the class

______ Lap counter (5 per class)                          Work the day of the event with your child’s class marking

______ Set up and Distribute water bottles                Work Friday and Monday (the day of the event) to help set
                                                          up tables and distribute cases of water to classes (CALLING
                                                          ALL DADS!)

Name:________________________________                     Student’s Name:________________________________

Phone #:______________________________                    Teacher’s Name:________________________________

Email Address:____________________________________________________________________________

                                                 This is a LVPTA sponsored event

                  If you have any questions please contact Beverly Siniscalchi: .

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