Portronics Mojo Universal Emergency Charger and Torch Price in India

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					DailyObjects presents Biggest range of Emergency
Here on Dailyobjects.com, we present a variety of Emergency Chargers. If you are using
a Smart phone then you must know how the battery dries Often when we need it most.
For this reason we give a real emphasis on Emergency chargers. We have added many
renowned Brands and products in The same category. During our research a MOJO
Charger came to our knowledge we exclaimed with surprise because other than a
charger it contains a LED flash light too which means an emergency charger with a
Torch. Curiosities lead us to a hand on meeting with the MOJO and as we were expecting
the product wasn’t a bulky one but it was smaller and lighter than a mobile phone
(90grams). The additional feature other than a charger was its LED flash light with four
different indicators. Light was good enough to find out a pin on road in midnight. MOJO
is a high power capacity (2200MAh) emergency charger with a price tag of 1299/- but at
Dailyobjects.com you can get it for a discounted price 999/-INR. Here is a hand on
experience of the same.

Functions & Operations of MOJO
Center Button – There is a single button to use both charger and torch, when the center
button is pressed for a long time of 3-4 seconds it changes between charger and torch.
When it’s on torch mode a indicator near button shows you the modes of flash light
which you can change by pressing the button gently.
USB port – It supports USB on the go and supports all smart phones, blackberry,
iPhone/iPod universally every device which is accessible through USB.
Connectors – MOJO comes with seven different connectors for maximum support with
all mobiles, gaming console, mp3 players and portable gadgets.
Battery – Here is the eye candy, MOJO got the battery of 2200MAh capacity which can
charge any Smartphone and can remain charged for 6 months if not used. The best part of
the deal is 1000+ charging cycles.

Input Voltage      5V 500mA
Output Voltage     5V 650-750mA
Battery Capacity   2200mAH Lithium Battery, 1000+ charging cycles
                   95 LUX, Protection against over-charge, over-discharge and short-
Size               23x23x129mm (Torch head: 29mm)
Weight             90g
Dailyobjects.com is very clear about the notion of introducing unique and affordable
wonders to Indian market MOJO is another addition for the same, this charger is the best
solution for your gadget and included flash lights makes it the perfect wonder. We
personally tried a review product with BlackBerry curve and It was highly impressive the
speed of charging and intensity of flash light. A sleek and light product with very good
capacity comes with both price and size which satisfies your pocket with a one year
replacement warranty. No doubt it’s an impressive gear get it now from dailyobjects.com
on a discounted price 999/- INR.
For more details : Portronics Mojo Universal Emergency Charger

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