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					                                             New Regional School Waste Reduction Program
                                                       Starting September 2012

Four regional municipalities-County of Peterborough, City of Peterborough, Northumberland County and City of Kawartha Lakes -
have partnered to have Peterborough Green-Up develop a new and exciting waste reduction program, to help regional elementary
schools reduce their waste by improving their recycling and increasing their composting. This new program will be launched in the
fall of 2012.

The Recycle Rangers: Planet Protector Program will challenge students to become active agents of change within their school,
finding new ways to protect the planet by using the 5 R’s –Rethink Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The program will support schools, teachers, parents and students in reducing their waste through an interactive website that will
feature downloadable classroom friendly resources as well as “school pages” where individual schools can enter into the Recycle
Rangers year-long waste challenge with on-line audit tools, waste audit tracking, activity blogging and student friendly “how to”
video podcasts of waste reduction ideas.

The program will also feature a fun and interactive Recycle Rangers: Planet Protector Program School Presentation curriculum
linked for grades 3, 4, 5 to encourage students to become leaders in Planet Protection. Support services will also be available to
help schools move forward with implementing the changes needed to reduce their waste and support their students’ initiative.

More information about the program will be available by the end of August in preparation for the new school year. However, if you
would like more information on how to get your school involved prior to that please contact Paula Anderson at Peterborough
Green-Up 705-745-3238 ext. 205 or

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