RFP FY2010 Other Non-Competitive FC: 264-A Curriculum, Instruction by HC12091318415


									  Name of Grant Program: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment                                Fund Code: 264-A
                         Alignment Project

                                  PART III – REQUIRED PROGRAM INFORMATION

Each response should address the following questions and should not exceed three (3) pages, excluding
budget pages. Refer to Attachment A: Study Team Guidelines as needed.

A. Overview
        1. Discuss the extent of inclusion of students with disabilities from pre-K to grade 3, including
           descriptions of the models used (e.g., smaller class sizes, integrated therapies), and other
           options offered by the district for education of students with disabilities across this age span.
        2. Using the chart below, provide brief statements of anticipated areas of strengths (S) and needs
           (N) of the district’s pre-K to grade 3 continuum. Varying grade level categories and additional
           topics that relate to the alignment of curriculum, assessment, and instruction are included. Three
           examples are provided in italics. Responses are not needed in each box, however, information
           should provide a general picture of the status of this work in the district.
                                                                                               Family      and EC/EE
 Grade Level         Curriculum       Assessment   Instruction   Transitions     Inclusion   Engagement    Leadership

Pre-K and          S - The district
Kindergarten       has aligned its
                   pre-K and K
                   standards and


Kindergarten –                                                   N – The
Grade 1                                                          district does
                                                                 not do formal
                                                                 between K
                                                                 and Grade 1.

Grade 1 – 3

Pre-K - Grade 3                                                                                           N – The
                                                                                                          principals do
                                                                                                          not have early
                                                                                                          childhood or
Name of Grant Program: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment                     Fund Code: 264-A
                       Alignment Project

                    PART III – REQUIRED PROGRAM INFORMATION - continued

B. Composition of the Study Team
   1. Describe the proposed composition of the Team, including job title, grade level/span, and/or
      discipline. Members of the Study Team should reflect but are not limited to those listed in
      Attachment A.
C. Implementation Plan
   1. Describe briefly the implementation plan for the project, including:
       a. the proposed schedule of the Team’s work (e.g., weekly or monthly meetings, in-district
          training, etc.);
       b. plans to assess strengths and weaknesses of inclusion and other aspects of the pre-K to
          grade 3 continuum (Refer to topics in Question A. 2.); and
       c. who will coordinate the project and the related activities and how the action plan will be
   2. Provide a timeline for implementing the project through August 31, 2010. This timeline should
      reflect the Team’s meeting schedule noted above.
D. Professional Development
   1. Applicants must state their willingness to send Team members to professional development
      activities (approximately 2 days) related to this project.
E. Action Plan
   1. Applicants must state their willingness to submit the action plan by August 31, 2010 to:
          Nermina Peric
          Office of Elementary School Services
          Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
          75 Pleasant Street
          Malden, MA 02148-4906

F. Project Contact Information


 Job Title:

 Mailing Address:



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