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                                                         Mrs. Beckham’s Weekly News
                                                       December 13 - 17, 2010, 2010
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           We are learning about. . .
        Animal Homes
        Holiday activities
        Sight Word: Review (Continue to practice with your child. The goal is instant
         recognition. New words are added weekly.)
        Numeral 12; sets of 0 – 12; identifying amount on a ten-frame
        Sorting, Patterning, Meaningful Counting
        Sound and letter formation review of Ff /f/ and Oo /o/ (short o)
        Blending sounds; reading words!
        Completing a sentence frame
        Comprehension Strategy: Summarize and Make Sentences
        Rhyming and Seasonal Words
        Shared , Interactive, and Independent journal writing

        Monday                     Tuesday                    Wednesday                 Thursday
1. Practice sight words.    1. Practice sight words.    1. Practice your sight   1. Practice your sight
                                                           words.                   words.
2. Wkbk. Pages 113-114      2. Read “Cam”. Wkbk
                            pages 115-116 Sign and      2. Wkbk. Pages 117-118   2. Handwriting practice
3. Math Mania               return.
                                                        3. Math Mania            3. Math Mania
                            3. Math Mania

        Really Good Information:

*Tuesday, December 21st Class party 11:00
                        ½ day of school Dismissal at 12:45

All instruction is aligned with Louisiana State Comprehensive Curriculum, St. Tammany
Guaranteed Curriculum, Grade Level Expectations. Literary resources for this week
include Animal Baby ABC, The Three Little Kittens, The Ugly Duckling, The
Nutcracker, the Vet, and other seasonal stories as selected by the teacher.

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