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									Harris Elementary                                                                              March 2006

60 High School St.
Woonsocket, RI 02895
                          Office News:
                           Please be sure to inform the office of any
                          Change in address or phone number.
(401) 767-4855             Kindergarten registration has begun for the
Fax: 767-4857             2006/2007 school year. Please be sure to bring
                          proof of address, immunization records, and birth certificate.
Mr. Thomas Hazard
                          Dates to Remember:
                                                                                             Nurse News from
Secretary:                                                                                   Mrs. Mroczka:
Mrs. Carol Robinson       SELAC Meeting: March 2nd – 6:30
                          at Pothier School                               This is a reminder to all parents that it
Newsletter:               Report Cards: March 13th                  is very important to update you child’s
Stephanie Roberts         PTO Meeting: March 14th – 6:30            Health Record. There are several children      PAC Meeting: March 15th – 7:00 at         who do not have a physical exam
                          the WACTC                                 documented in their record. This is
                          Parent/Teacher Conferences:               mandated by the State of Rhode Island and
                          March 16th                                is also an important yearly check up for
                          SIT Meeting: March 22nd – 3:15            your child. I will be sending home notices
                                                                    for those children in the very near future.
"Harris School will       Professional Development Day (No
                                                                    Each child should be seen by their doctor
                          School) – March 27th
challenge all                                                       for a check up once a year and a yearly
children to reach                                                   physical exam is covered by all insurances.
                          Upcoming Events:                          It is also very important that I know any
their fullest potential                                             medications that you child may be taking.
and to function           April – Family Health Information         In the case of an emergency it would be
successfully as           Session: Nutrition information,           vital to have this information about your
students, citizens and    healthy snack ideas and recipes,          child. It is also important so that I can be
                          healthy snack samples, etc.               aware of any side effects that your child
members of society."      May 24th – Night of the Arts:             may be experiencing. We need to work
                          Student art gallery, musical concert,     together for the safety and well being of
                          buy one get one free book fair.           your children. Please feel free to call me
                          June 27th – Young Author’s Night –        or to drop by my office to discuss these
                                                                    issues or to “catch” me up on your child’s’
                          Students share short stories, books,      health issues
                          poems, etc.                                         Also, on March 9 at 5:30 pm we
                                                                    will be once again offering an Asthma
                                                                    Program at school for children who have
                                                                    asthma and their families. This program is
                                                                    free of charge, babysitting, transportation
                                                                    and a light dinner will be provided.
                                                                    Consent forms have been sent home and
                                                                    need to be returned to me ASAP if you
                                    MOST POLITE                     plan to attend.
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TECH ZONE – Mrs. Neil:                                            SMILE CLUB: We will start
                                                                 this month being dazzled with the
Excellent Job Matthew Brennan, Brianna Tavares, & Dayna          Magical Wonders of Math & Science
Koukas creating the Power Point Story Book to be used during     as presented by Magician Mat Franco!
reading week activities!                                         We will end the month "Roving Mars"
                                                                 after our shuttle drops us in
BIG ENDEAVOR - Mrs. Edwards' class has chosen to do a video      Providence! In between this time we
tour of the school, as well as teach a Power Point lesson to     will be preparing for our Outdoor
some younger students...GOOD LUCK!                               Science Weekend which is quickly
                                                                 approaching! Please get all
Many 4th & 5th graders have helped work on the yearbook          permission forms in Immediately!
during Tech
Class by typing & organizing class lists, as well as
searching the
Internet for inspirational quotes to include in the yearbook.

Many of the younger kids experimented with puzzlemaker during
the month of February to create computerized word search's
for the different Holidays - Valentine's & Seuss' B-Day!

                                                                          School Report Night

                                                                    School report night is scheduled
                                                                   for March 29th at 6:30 in the Harris
                                                                    School Library. Mr. Hazard and
                                                                    Mrs. Greco will present the data
 The committee is doing an excellent job! The main portion
 of the yearbook is being sent for PRODUCTION the                        from this year’s NECAP
 beginning of this month!                                               assessments which were
                                                                        administered in October.

           PTO Meeting – March 14th at 6:30 in the Library
              Please join us for nomination of officers for the
              upcoming school year

                     (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)

                                                       Harris School Spring Sale
         Teacher Poem
                                                        Sell dough to make dough!
           Miss Wilkinson                              Pizza kits and cookies dough!
            By Danielle Wagner
                                                The PTO is sponsoring a Spring sale to raise funds to
 Miss Wilkinson’s our Music teacher            provide extra activities and field trips for our students.
         Music is her think                      Please return fundraiser order forms and money by
    She teacher classes every day              March 20th. Checks are made payable to Harris School
                                                    PTO. Thank you for your continued support.
       And we all get to sing!
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News from room 102--Mrs. Spyrka and   MRS. LARIVIERE:
Mrs. Lambert:

                                      Tibits from Room 216:Ms Edwards

Ms. Nault and Mrs. Roberts:

  60 High School
  Woonsocket, Rhode
  Island 02895




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                                  UPCOMING EVENTS

                            Harris School will
                            be celebrating Dr.
                            Seuss’s Birthday on
                            March 2 with a
                            Reading of one
                            of his famous
                            Can you guess
                            which story it
                            will be?

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