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									   Fairborn Primary School                                 IMPORTANT DATES…February and
  Where Skyhawks earn their wings!                                          beyond
                                                           Wednesday, 2/1….NO SCHOOL –
        Parent Update                                        Waiver Inservice Day
       February 1, 2006                                    Tuesday, 2/7…2nd Grade Cognitive
                                                             Skills Test
  DELAYS AND CLOSINGS                                      Wednesday, 2/8….Ventriloquist
Make sure to listen to the local radio stations and          Assemblies for all students
keep an eye on your television news to know when           Thursday, 2/17…February Birthday
our schools are delayed or closed due to inclement
                                                             Party with the Principals at 2:30
weather. If schools are not in session at the usual
times, there will not be anyone to supervise your          Monday, 2/20…NO SCHOOL –
child at the school. Please keep your child home             Presidents’ Day
until the appropriate time to send them back to us.        Wednesday, 2/22…Interim Reports go
We, like you, want your children to be safe.                 home
                                                           Saturday, 2/25…Winterfest (carnival,
      IMPORTANT TESTING DATES                                flea market, bake sale, craft sale) at
          COMING UP IN MARCH!                                Fairborn Primary School 11-4:00
Our 3 graders took the Ohio Reading                        Monday, 3/6…3rd Grade Reading
Achievement test in October. In March they                   Achievement Test
will take the Reading portion again and also               Wednesday, 3/8…3rd Grade Math
take the Math Achievement test. It is                        Achievement Test
essential that all students arrive on time on              Friday, 3/24…End of 3rd quarter
test day and be well rested and well fed.                  Thursday, 3/30…Parent Teacher
Please encourage your child to do his very                   Conferences (evening)
best on the test. If you have already                      Friday, 3/31…NO SCHOOL – Parent-
scheduled an appointment (Dr. or dentist,                    Teacher Conferences
etc.) for the mornings of test days, please                Friday, 4/7…Last day of school before
reschedule it so that your child will be able to             Spring Break
test with the rest of his class.                           Tuesday, 4/18…First day of school
                                                             after Spring Break
                                                           Wednesday, 4/26…EARLY RELEASE
     SUPPORT YOUR ELEMENTARY PTO                             at 1:55 and 2:00
Your elementary PTO serves all elementary children         Wednesday, 5/3… Interim Reports go
in grades K-5 at both FPS and FIS (the intermediate          home
school). By joining and participating in the activities
                                                           Tuesday, 5/9…EARLY RELEASE at
your PTO sponsors, you are helping to make your
schools better places for kids. Please contact the           1:55 and 2:00
PTO at 559-0254 for details on how you join, help          Monday, 5/29…NO SCHOOL –
with events, and become an active part of our school         Memorial Day
community. They do great work for kids, and we             Friday, 6/9…Last day of school for
want you to be a part of that effort.                        students

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