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									   USC Upstate
School of Education

 Orientation Spring 2009
   USC Upstate
      and the
School of Education!
             Orientation Program
•   Introduction to the School of Education
•   Praxis I prep
•   Opportunities for involvement
•   Successful student strategies
•   Course Selection
              School of
• Provides leadership in teacher education for the
  university as a whole and collaborates with area
  schools and the community.
• Works with a variety of departments and offices on
  the USC Upstate, University Center Greenville, and
  Sumter campuses.
• Works with the State Department of Education to
  ensure licensure of candidates.
• Programs are approved by the South Carolina
  Department of Education and accredited by
  National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher
  Education (NCATE).
          School of Education
         Conceptual Framework
• The faculty and candidates of the School of
   – Value reflective teaching practice.
   – Value learner centered instruction.
   – Value performance based assessment.
   – Are committed to diversity.
   – Are committed to professional responsibility.
               School of Education
               People and Places
• School of Education office – 3rd Floor (left) Health
  Education Complex
   – Dr. Charles Love, Dean
   – Dr. Jim Charles, Associate Dean
   – Dr. Carol Gardner, Student Teaching Director
     & Field Experiences Coordinator
• Curriculum Materials Lab – HEC
• Webpage
                Degree Programs

•   Art Education (PK-12)
•   Early Childhood Education (PK-3)
•   Elementary Education (Grades 2-6)
•   Middle Level Education (Grades 5-8)
•   Secondary Education (Grades 9-12)
    – English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Biology,
      Chemistry, Spanish, Mathematics
• Special Education: Learning Disabilities (K-12)
• Physical Education (K-12)
             Teacher Education
• The course work
  includes university and
  South Carolina State        General          Professional
  Department of Education    Education
  (SCDOE) requirements.
                             44-50 credit       37-63 credit
• Completion of the USC         hours              hours
  Upstate Teacher
                                     Content Area
  Education Program leads            Requirements
  to certification for                 16-48 credit
  SCDOE licensure.                        hours
             Admission to the
           Professional Program
• English 101 & 102, Speech 201 with a ‘C’ or better
• Successful completion of the prerequisites for
  Mathematics 121: College Algebra
• Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5
• Minimum 60 credit hours earned
• Passing scores on the Praxis I or ACT/SAT exemption
• Two satisfactory recommendations (one from general
  faculty, one from School of Education faculty)
• Personal affirmation of non-criminal background
• Teacher Education Standards of Professional Conduct
• And more… see “Student Resources” on SoE page
                   Praxis I:
• Take this test soon!
• SC State requirement for all Teacher Education students.
• Exempt if ACT = 24+ or SAT = 1100+ (new SAT = 1650+)
• Praxis I information is on our SoE website:
• Tests on reading, writing, and mathematics.
• Fees – vary by format
• It takes approximately 3-4 weeks for official scores to reach our
• Computer Based Testing is available.
• Resources: Test at a Glance on ETS website; books for
  checkout from SoE, 1hr. Online course at SCC
                 Opportunities for
•   Student Organizations (TEACh)
•   Tutoring programs/Peer Mentoring
•   Honors organizations (Kappa Delta Pi)
•   Campus Child Care Center
•   Religious Organizations
•   Coaching/Park & Recreation Programs
•   Camp Counselor
              Successful Student

•   Make academics your priority.
•   Develop study skills and time management skills.
•   Get to know and work with your professors.
•   When in trouble…talk with your advisor.
•   Know the resources on campus.

• Be sure to check your university email account. All
  email from the university will be sent to this account.
• You can access your account via any internet
  connection through the USC Upstate website.
• If you have trouble with your account, contact ITS
  Help Desk.
               Course Selection

• FOLLOW YOUR Program of Study (POS)!
• Balance!!
• Fulfill requirements for applying to the Teacher
  Education program.
• Complete General Education requirements.
• Courses required for content area major or minor.
  (Some may also fulfill General Education
                     To Do List…

•   Take and pass the Praxis I.
•   Solid academic performance in every class.
•   Sign up for Advisement each semester!
•   Get involved!!!
•   Seek assistance when needed.

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