PBS Staff Update� by a0z144mx


									PBS Staff Update…
There have been many question/comments about the Parent
Communication Letters. This is the finalized plan for their use…

Classroom Teachers:
   1. When you fill out a Parent Communication Letter, you are to rip the
      PINK copy off and keep it for your records.
   2. The WHITE and the YELLOW are to be sent home with the student
      to be signed.
   3. The parent keeps the WHITE copy and the YELLOW copy is sent
      back to school.
   4. When you get the YELLOW copy back and it is signed, please put it
      in the office mailbox marked “Parent Communication Letters.”

  1. When you fill out a Parent Communication Letter, you will give the
      entire form (all three pages) to the classroom teacher!
  2. The teacher will then follow the above procedures.
  3. When the YELLOW copy comes back signed, the classroom teacher
      will make a copy and put it in you mailbox for you to have in your

          If you have filled out THREE Jackson Park Parent
           Communication Letters for one student for the same or nearly
           the same offence, the fourth time they exhibit a similar
           behavior, it is automatically an office referral!
          Please make sure that you are trying to give out about 20 High
           5 Tickets a day!
          If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, please let a
           PBS Team member know so that it may be addressed at the
           next meeting.
          You are also welcome to come to a PBS meeting. Our meeting
           dates for the rest of the year are 11/03/04, 12/01/05, 1/12/05,
           2/2/05, 3/2/05, 4/6/05, and 5/4/05.
          Thank you for all your hard work with getting our High 5
           Program running so successfully!

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