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The College of Education welcomes your interest in obtaining a non-degree teaching license in
Elementary Education K-6. Your transcript(s) has been evaluated by the Office of Alternative
Licensure and the following courses are needed with the exception of the ones with (Met) beside

       Praxis I is required                                               Praxis I is NOT required

Beginning Courses
      ELEM 2123(EE)               Early Experience for the Prospective Teacher               1 hr        F*       S*       SS        DE
      EDTC 5010(EE)               Computers in Education                                     3 hrs       F*       S*       SS*       DE
      EDTC 4001(EE)(UD)
      ELEM 3235                   Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary School        4 hrs       F*       S*       SS*       DE
      and                         (Course and Practicum)                                     and
      ELEM 3236                                                                              1 hr
      EDUC 3200                   Foundations of American Education                          3 hrs       F*       S*       SS*       DE
      EDUC 3002                   Introduction into Diversity or PSYC 2777                   3 hrs       F        S        SS        DE
Intermediate Courses
      SPED 4010(UD)               Effective Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms              3 hrs       F*       S*       SS*       DE
      or                          or
      SPED 5101                   Introduction to Exceptional Children
      ELEM 3250                   Language Arts in the Early Childhood and Elementary        4 hrs       F        S*       SS*       DE
      READ 3301                   Reading Instruction in the Primary Grades                3 hrs      F*        S*         SS*       DE
      SCIE 3216                   Teaching Science in the Elementary School                3 hrs      F         S*         SS        DE
      ENGL 4950                   Literature for Children                                  3 hrs      F*        S          SS        DE
      LIBS 4950
Upper Division and Senior I – includes one full day a week in an assigned Latham Clinical Schools Network classroom
     ELEM 4525(UD)               Classroom Organization and Management – must be           3 hrs      F*        S           SS       DE
                                 taken during Senior 1
     ELEM4550(UD)(EE)            Social Studies in the Early Childhood and Elem School      3 hrs     F*        S                    DE
      and                        and                                                        and
     ELEM4551(UD)                Practicum in Teaching Social Studies in the                1 hr
                                 Elementary School
     EDUC 4400(UD)               Foundations of School Learning, Motivation, and           3 hrs      F*       S*          SS*       DE
     or                          Assessment or
     PSYC 4305                   Educational Psychology
     READ 3302(UD)               Reading Instruction in the Intermediate Grades            3 hrs      F*        S          SS        DE
     MATE 3050                   Mathematics and Methods for Grades PreK-2                 4 hrs      F         S          SS*       DE
     and                         and
     MATE 3051                   Field Experience in Mathematics K-2
     or                          or
     MATE 3060(UD)               Mathematics and Methods for Grades 3-6
     or                          or
     MATE 3223(UD)               Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary Grades

All courses listed above must be completed with a grade of C or better prior to beginning Senior II
Senior II – a semester long internship (full time, 5 days per week) in an assigned Latham Clinical Schools
Network classroom
       ELEM 4324(UD)(EE)          Internship in the Elementary School                       10 hrs        F        S        SS

       ELEM 4325(UD)(EE)          Internship Seminar: Issues in Elementary Education        1 hr          F        S        SS
       ELEM4526(UD)(EE)           Practicum    in    Classroom      Organization   and      1 hr          F*       S        SS       DE
                                     Courses designated (EE) students will produce electronic evidence.
                Courses designated (UD) require admission to Upper Division. The shaded cells indicate typical campus offerings:
       F=Fall, S=Spring, SS=Summer Session, DE=Distance Education, *=possibly offered DE that semester pending budget & enrollment

       Praxis II test 5015 effective 9-1-11

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