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									                           Agenda/Minutes February 13, 2007

Meeting Date:   February 13, 2007 at the home of Jerry Slater and Rene Rodriquez 34
                Elm Street 7:00-8:30 PM

Attendees:      Stan Butler-Keane, Ted Butler-Keane, Jil Clark, Stacey Cordiero, Erik
                Gould, Deborah Judd, Mark Wilen-Lopez, Dave O’Donahoe, Janet Levatin

Absent          Carlos B. Icaza, Ann Boyajian,

Guests:         James Lesnick, Kim Soderberg, Jerry Slater, Rene Rodriguez

6:35pm – 6:40pm          Minutes
Review of previous meeting minutes Secretary was absent. Minutes recorded by Jil
Clark and Deborah Judd

6:40pm – 6:45pm           Treasurer’s Report

$1189.00 on account



6:40pm – 7:55pm           Committee Reports
       6:45pm – 7:00pm – By-Laws Committee
       .Janet Levatin Chair has circulated changes with requests for review. Wants
       to present at Annual Meeting in May
       7:00pm – 7:20pm - Zoning
       Dave O’Donahoe reported on development at 500 Amory Street. Discussion
       on design review of building. Developer has a history of unattractive
       building. SHA will contact Brookside Association to get their take
       Kim Sodaberg of the Congregational Church presented a request for zoning
       relief to increase to occupancy of the day care center from 24 to 30.
       Approved. Stacey to write letter to JP neighborhood Council Zoning
       7:20pm – 7:45pm - Community Development
    Deborah Judd will organize 2nd annual Sumner Hill Garden Stroll with theme
     of Spring Thaw

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Sumner Hill Association

       7:45pm – 7:55pm - Neighborhood Improvements

                          Elm Street traffic
                          A letter and petition have been sent to Frank Johnson
                           requesting an all-stop intersection at Elm and Roanoke
                          Street Lighting
                          Historic Designation
                          Invite an expert to the annual meeting to discuss the pros
                           and cons

New Business

Stacey Cordiero will not continue as President but wants to stay on the board

Approved that the Sumner Hill Association supports a new Kelley Rink

Action Items for next meeting

Define Conflict of Interest policy

Delegate who will flyer what neighborhoods in prep for annual meeting


Respectfully Submitted

Carlos B. Icaza


                             PO 300467 • JAMAICA PLAIN MA • 02130

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