Elegant Report by Zy2C9BH4


									     PROJECT [N] RESOURCE

     “ O U T BR E AK ”
                                Open Source FPS
                                Design Document

                                       P RO J E C T OU T L I N E

     The open source FPS Outbreak will be a multiplayer only first person shooter where players can
easily mod the game and add to the game, thus it is open source.

                                        GAME FEATURES

    The game although being a rather small project has the following features:

       Full 3D environments and weapons

       Full Graphical User Interface displaying health, ammo, and armor

       Ogre 3D based graphics engine.

       Game browser where you can locate other games, friends, and what the server
        settings are

                                           GAME PLAY

    The game will have five (Only five to start) weapons to choose from. The player can carry
around any combination of two of these weapons at any time. There will be a stamina system that is
depleted by excessive jumping, sprinting, or a combination of both. It will be possible for the player
to dual wield the four smaller weapons together, while the shotgun and the rocket launcher can not
be duel wielded at any time.

     The game will have three (three to start) game types. These three game types are death match,
team death match, and capture the flag. In death match, the goal of the player is to score the highest
amount of frags (or kills) before the time limit is reached, or to reach the score limit before anyone
else. It works the same for team death match, except that when a player scores a frag it is counted as

a team point. The team to reach the frag limit first, or to have the highest amount of frags by the end
of the time limit, wins the match. In capture the flag, one team must steal the enemy’s flag. The team
with the most flag “captures” when the time limit is reached wins. Or the team the team that reaches
the capture limit first will win.

                                P L A Y E R S TA T I S T I C S A N D I T E M S

    The player will have the following statistics:

       Health
           o Player will have a maximum of 100 points of health.
       Armor Level
           o Player will have a maximum of 100 points of armor
       Ammo
           o Maximum amount of ammo is determined by weapon
       Grenades
           o Amount of grenades available

    The player will be able use the following items:

        Name                            Description
Small Health Pickup       Increases Health by 20 points when used
Small Armor               +25 Armor Points
Medium Armor              +50 Armor Points
Health Regenerator        Regenerates health +3 for 30 seconds
Armor Regenerator         Regenerates armor +3 for 30 seconds
SMG Ammo                  + 50 Ammo
Pistol Ammo               + 18 Ammo
Shotgun Ammo              + 16 Ammo
Sulaarin Pistol           + 15 Ammo
Rocket Launcher           + 4 Ammo
Frag Grenade              + 1 Ammo
Proximity Grenade         + 1 Ammo
Trip Mine                 + 4 Ammo
Energy Grenade            + 1 Ammo

    The player will only be able to carry two weapons at a time. If a player decides to dual wield, he
may only do it with any combination of the SMG, pistol, or Sulaarin pistol. Neither the rocket
launcher nor the shotgun can be dual wielded. If a player decides to dual wield, he will not be able to
throw grenades nor will he be able to use the other weapon in his inventory until he drops his third
weapon that he is dual wielding. The frag grenade is your usual fragmentation grenade, explodes two
seconds after hitting the ground, and explodes immediately on contact. The proximity grenade
explodes when approached by a player. Players who laid the mine should also be weary, as it will
explode if they come in contact with it as well. The trip mine uses a small laser that, when a player
walks through it, will make it explode. The energy grenade primarily drains your armor, but will also
do a small amount of damage to you.

    The following is the amount of ammo and grenades each weapon/player can hold:

        Name                           Description
Frag Grenade             Can hold 5
Proximity Mine           Can hold 5
Trip Mine                Can Hold 8
Energy Grenade           Can Hold 5
SMG                      Can Hold 300, including 50 in clip
Pistol                   Can Hold 48, including 6 in clip
Shotgun                  Can Hold 56, including 8 in clip
Sulaarin Pistol          Can Hold 200, including 50 in clip
Rocket Launcher          Can Hold 4, including 8 in clip

                                        ENGINE DESIGN

    Coder’s job; This section will be added when we’ve a coder.

                                          3D GRAPHICS

    In this section I just want to outline what 3D Graphics we will need for the game. Normal
mapping would be NICE on characters and on some scenery; would be best on everything, but you
can’t have everything. We will need a large amount of textures for the weapons, scenery, characters,
and levels. Also we’re going to need some good level concepts that will make for good 3D models
and/or maps.


    There will be a space ship level. It’s a complete design of a small ship named the Arc Angel. It’s
not a large ship, kind of like the Atlantis on Unreal II, except a bit larger.

    There will also be a desert level which will require some good programming, as it will have to be
quite large so the engine will need to support it. There will be two pyramids, one serving as the blue
base, the other serving as the red.

    More level concepts to be added to this document as more are thought of.




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