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									                                                                           Ms. Tova Clemmensen
                                                                     Monterey Trail High School
                                                                       Social Science Department
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                                World Geography Syllabus

MTHS Mission Statement: The learning community of Monterey Trail High School will
challenge ALL students to realize their greatest potential while preparing them for their future.

Course Description: World Geography is a nine week course that is required for freshmen. It
involves the study of the world’s major cultures and how physical and human characteristics of
place affect historical and contemporary events. Throughout this course we will look at current
events that reflect World Geography.

Course Outline:
                              Topics                                        Time Allotment

Intro to Geography                                                   2 Week
Latin America                                                        2 Weeks
North Africa and South West Asia/ Middle East                        2 Weeks
Sub Saharan Africa                                                   2 Weeks
East and South Asia                                                  1 Week

Required Supplies:
    Writing Utensils: blue/black pens, and pencils (highlighters, colored pencils and/or
       markers are helpful, however, they are optional).
    8.5x11 Spiral Notebook (at least 100 pages): to be used only for this course. It is
       recommended to purchase a hard cover spiral notebook. It is also recommended to have
       a glue stick.
    Loose-Leaf binder paper and a section in a binder or a folder/ pocket in your notebook
       for handouts that are not glued in to the notebook.

Course Expectations: Failure to satisfy these expectations may result in disciplinary action such
as parent notification, detention, OCS, and/or an Administrative referral.
    1. Come in to class quietly, on time, prepared, and ready to work. Note that on time means
        being seated at your desk at the bell. You will receive a stamp on your learning log for
        being on time, no stamp = no 10 points for that day. This class strictly adheres to the
        school tardy policy.
    2. Bring all required materials on a daily basis.
    3. Respectful and mature behavior is expected at all times.
    4. Practice Positive Learning Behaviors (PLB’s) on a daily basis.
    5. Seats are assigned; do not leave your assigned seat without teacher permission.
    6. No late work will be accepted. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the
        assigned due date.
    7.  Obtaining and completing make-up work (not including tests and quizzes), for excused
        absences only, is the responsibility of the student. Students have the equal number of
        school days compared to consecutive absences to turn in a missing assignment. Daily
        Learning Logs cannot be made-up. Students who are absent on the date of a group
        presentation, will lose the presentation points.
    8. Make-up Tests/Quizzes can be made up by appointment before school, at lunch, or after
        school. The test/quiz must be made up within 3 days of the actual test/quiz date. Failure
        to keep an appointment will result in a 0 on the test/quiz.
    9. Food and drink (other than water) are not allowed in the classroom. Hats, hoods and
        sunglasses are not to be worn during class. And, electronics of any type will be
    10. Hall passes are given out at the discretion of the teacher. No one may leave the
        classroom during the first 30 minutes or last 15 minutes of class, other than these times it
        is completely up to the teacher. Never ask to leave the room while the teacher is giving
        direct instruction (lectures, explaining assignments, etc.). Suggestion: GO BEFORE
    11. Students are expected to respect all classroom materials and equipment.
    12. The bell does not excuse you, I do! You will not be excused until the classroom is clean
        and all students are quietly seated in their assigned seats.

Grading Policy: Students are evaluated on the basis of total points earned from class work,
participation, homework, notebook checks, projects, tests and quizzes. Grades are not given,
students earn them. Students and parents need to be registered on school loop, use this resource
to check grades and any missing assignments. I will send home printed grade reports bi-weekly
on Thursdays. Students are to get their grade report signed by a parent/guardian and returned
the following day. If you are experiencing trouble in this class, ask for help. Hint to being
successful: pay attention and do the work!

Social Science Writing Assignments and Projects:
All writing assignments and projects are due on the assigned due date (Friday’s). Papers and
projects are due within the first 5 minutes of class. There will be no exceptions. Papers will be
accepted for a maximum of 50% credit on the Monday following the assigned Friday due date. If
you are absent (excused, unexcused, planned or unplanned), it is YOUR responsibility to submit
the paper/project on time.

I have read the syllabus for Geography, and I agree to participate fully and be an active learner in
class. I understand that the teacher will treat me with respect, and I in turn will respect the right
of the teacher to teach.

_______________________________                    ___________________________________
Student Signature                                  Parent Signature

*This syllabus is to be kept for reference as the first item in the notebook.

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