Facebook and Pandora_ Upgraded for Both Android and iOS

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					Facebook and Pandora, Upgraded for Both
Android and iOS

You can now get some extra cash when you decide to sell broken iPad or other Android-based tablet
PCs. You would be surprised that there are businesses that are willing to buy these seemingly useless
things. But then, not only will you get cash for transacting with these companies, you will also get the
satisfaction of properly getting rid of your obsolete or broken gadgets.

But for those who are still enjoying their units, you would be happy to know there are updates for the
Facebook and Pandora apps on the Android platform. These apps are some of the most famous apps
downloaded into mobile devices by almost all users.

Facebook Upgrades

The latest upgrade for Facebook also coincides with the Facebook app upgrade on the iOS platform. The
most noticeable upgrade made for this app is the ability to upload photos more easily. While it used to
be that the Facebook app only allows for pictures to be uploaded to the site one at the time, photos can
now be uploaded by batches. This can be done by selecting multiple photos and uploading them all one
time instead of doing it per photo, just like the procedure on PCs and laptops. This is a great new
feature because users would not have to repeat all the steps many times if they have a lot of photos to
upload and share with their friends. Another great addition feature to the updated app is the ability to
use emoji (picture) characters and photos to your Facebook messaging feature. This will make your
messages more personal. With your messages containing emoji characters, you can now clearly show
your emotions in a cute manner.

Pandora Upgrades

The Pandora upgrade for Android-based apps is seen to be in connection with the upgrade done with
the app on the iOS platform. This update now brings the Android-based Pandora up to par with the one
on the iOS format. So, if you are a diehard fan of this app, there’s no need to sell your iPad to get
updated with this app and switch to Android or vice-versa, because the app is already updated on both
platforms. You can also bookmark, review, and rate all songs you have listened to in the past. If you are
curious about the singer of the song you are listening to, or if you want to sing Along with the song, you
can have access to the artist’s biography, as well as full lyrics to the song.

With this new update, the app has revamped itself almost totally, starting with its new user interface. It
also has improved app navigation, and even its look has been changed, as its color scheme is now similar
to Facebook’s blue and white colors. The updated app also lets users review and rate songs, as well as
search for other songs by browsing similar tracks and artists.

These apps are all free when you download them from the Google Play store. If you decide to sell used
iPad and get an Android tablet PC, these are the two apps that you should download right away.

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