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									                                     Timber Ridge KTC
                                     Monthly Newsletter
      September 2012
                                                            Fall Fieldtrips 2012:
       The Monthly Register
            Updates:                                    Monday Sept. 17th No School All Day KTC
                                                         @ Lawson Elementary
   Welcome to Timber Ridge KTC, my                      Center Grove Orchard 12:00-4:00
    name is Katie Skillman and I am the on-                            (Sack Lunch Needed)
    site here. I know many of you are                   Thursday Oct. 25th Early Dismissal
    interested to know more about what we                Incredible Pizza Factory for arcade games, bumper
    do here at KTC. You are always free to               cars, or bowling
    come and visit us, but until that time feel          1:20-4:30 ($5.00 treat money)
    free to check out the daily schedule                Friday Oct. 26th No School All Day KTC @
    posted in the bottom right box of this               Lawson Elementary
    newsletter!                                          Girls: Fuddrukers in WDM 12:30-3:00
                                                         Boys: Champps in WDM 12:30-3:00
   Monday September 3rd KTC will be
                                                                      (No Sack Lunch Needed)
    closed for Labor Day.
                                                        Thursday Nov. 15th Early Dismissal
   Remember payments are due on                         Science Center 1:20-4:30
    Thursday by 7:30 am one week in                     Wednesday Nov 21st No School All Day KTC
    advance. Please check the payment                    @ Lawson Elementary
    calendar posted by the greeter table for             Springwood 9 Theatre 9:00am-12:30pm
    full details regarding the payment                                (Sack Lunch Needed)
   Payments for no school days or Holiday
    Breaks are due two weeks in advance.
    The first no school day is Monday,
    Sept. 17th and the payment is due                           Daily Schedule:
    Thursday, Sept. 6th @ 7:30am.                 AM
   Please do not allow your child to bring       6:30-KTC opens, students may play in the cafeteria
    toys or electronics from home to KTC.         7:30-Students may go in the gym or continue to play in
    We will be starting an individual and         the cafeteria
    group incentive program the week of           8:00-Students line up to wash hands or continue
    8/27. Among other prizes, they will           playing games in the cafeteria
    have the opportunity to bring toys from       8:10-Breakfast is served
    home as a special reward.                     8:30-K-2nd plays a group game in the cafeteria; 3rd-5th
   On Fridays we will be offering movies         plays a game in the gym
    along with gym time and games. Here           8:40-Students are dismissed and escorted to class
    is a list of our movies for August and
    September:                                    PM
    8/31: The Lorax                               3:30-Students are picked up from communities,
    9/7: The Muppets                              attendance is taken
    9/14: Madagascar                              3:40-Students wash hands and snack is served outside
    9/21: An American Tail: Fievel Goes West      (weather permitting)
    9/28: Shrek
                                                  4:00-Students may come inside for optional
   We hope that this newsletter is useful to     homework/reading time
    you, if you have any questions or             4:45-Students’ choice of gym, cafeteria, craft, or wii
    concerns with the program please call us      6:00-KTC closes
    here at Timber Ridge KTC 331-6594 or
    email me @

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