P07002 Needs Assessment by 8N7tK4E


Needs A ssessment

Need Topic               Need Number/Statement

Sof tware                1 )H ave an optional us e for vis ually impaired us ers (larger font)
                         2 )D atabas e that c overs all dis c iplines in C O E
                         3 )I nternet ac c e s s
                         4 )M eans to update databas e/s oftware
                         5 )H ave a way to provide graphic al tools to us ers (graphs )

Team Capability          6 )Stay within budget
                         7 )D es ign output mus t be within programming c apability of team
Portability              8 )P ortable for s ingle us er to c arry
Display                  9 )Sc ree n s ize viewable by both s tudent and teac her
                         1 0 )Rotating c apability
Manual                   1 1 )D etailed us er manual with troubles hooting and FA Q s ec tion
System Specif ications   1 2 )H ave RA M /proc es s or s peeds that are adequate for proje c t
                         1 3 )S torage s pac e to ac c ommodate databas e e xpans ion
Durabilit y              1 4 )A ble to res is t impac t
                         1 5 )A ble to res is t liquid s pills
I/O                      1 6 )H ave c apability to allow us er to s ave s es s ion for later us e
Maintenance              1 7 )E as y to c lean in order to keep in orderly c ondition and s anitary
                         1 8 )I nc lude c arrying c as e
Heat Cont rol            1 9 )D is s ipate heat in order to preve nt over-heating
Security                 2 0 )H ave the ft prev ention c apabilities
Power                    2 1 )H ave low power c ons umption
                         2 2 )H ave a s leep mode
User-Friendly            2 3 )U s ers mus t be able to be trained in a s hort time period
                         2 4 )C ommonly us e d phras es and rec ently us ed his tory

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