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       Valentine’s Day isn’t all about giving presents, kisses and
making love declarations. In order to be somewhat more effective
there has to be created a romantic atmosphere everywhere the lovers
will go. And especially when the evening comes and a romantic
dinner just has to take place.

       You have to prepare early and let your imagination go wild. And
this is all so you two will be able to express freely on Valentine’s Day.

      What is the thing you need the most to create the desired

      Candles … Lots of them … Of different colors and dimensions
… The predominant color has to be red, the color that is considered
to be the color of love. They can be placed anywhere in the room:
near the windows so their light would seem to come from out there
somewhere, on the nightstands, on the desk and in every other
corner of your room.

      It’s going to be a long dinner and a long evening, so the
candles will have to burn a long time. Pick candles in small bowls or if
you choose bigger bowls you can let them burn without any worries:
they will burn but nothing else will catch fire around them.

      If you can’t agree with candles, pick then some scarves to
throw over the light sources. They have to be colored, preferably red,
but they can also come in the color you both like. Keep in mind that
the material they are made of must not have plastic fibers in it so that
it won’t heat and you can eat your dinner without having to worry
about them. If scarves are chosen, the light will be softer and the
room invaded with many effects.
      Don’t forget the aromatherapy bowls and the perfumed sticks.
Your loved one will appreciate if you will use his or hers favorite
scent. If you like more the perfume of fresh flowers, pick a discreet
bouquet of your favorite ones and place them somewhere around.

      Keep in mind that dinner must be something you both like and
has to last longer. So, pick different food types and a desert that
seems appropriate. The desert would have to have some hearts or
cupids design on it if possible. If you don’t cook, order food early and
make sure it gets delivered right on time.

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