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					ASFS PTA Electronic Friday Folder for January 21, 2011

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Principal’s Chat January 25
Enrichment Class Registration Open
Yearbook Order Deadline Extended to January 31
Reflections Contest Winners
Investigation Station
Math Day Flyer - Attached
Shoes for Africa Thank You - Attached

Principal’s Chat January 25
Please join Ms. Begley at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 25 in the Library for the
Principal's Chat. The discussion will focus on the current process for quarterly academic
and school participation awards.

Enrichment Class Registration Is Open!
Registration for enrichment classes is open until midnight tonight (1/21). The interest has
been amazing, but there are still spaces left in many of the wide array of offerings. Check
them out and register your child online at If you have
any questions, please contact Sue King at or 703.351.5165.

Yearbook Order Deadline Extended to January 31
The yearbook order deadline has been extended to January 31st. Order forms went
home last Friday. Please ignore the January 15th deadline printed on the orders and
change it to the 31st. Thank you to those of you who have already sent in your order
forms. Students just had their pictures for the various clubs as well as candid classroom
shots and are anxious to see their photos in the yearbook. The price is $16, made
payable by check to ASFS. Please be sure to write the student and teacher name on the
check. Contact Rebecca Gebhardt or Debbie Deerwester with any questions.

Reflections Contest Winners
Congratulations to all of our 2010-11 Reflections winnners! The entries we received were
beautiful, thought-provoking, and charming expressions of the theme, "Together We
Can...." The first place winners from ASFS include Sam Markowitz, Winston Gruver, Io
Kovach, Lena Smith, Arjun Rohlfing-Das, Addison Sharp, and Orion La. The first place
winners went onto district level competition and will be honored at a ceremony at
Washington-Lee High School on Tuesday, Jan. 25 at 7:15 p.m. (the reception for our first
place winners and their families begins at 6:15 p.m.). Here is the link to county results
and more information about the reception:

Congratulations to all the participants, and we look forward to seeing more wonderful
entries next year!
Who's in Investigation Station next week?
Kindergarten-Ms. Wade's Molecules will learn about the electrons in molecules that line
up to make magnets. We will explore what magnets are attracted to, explore a variety of
magnets that we use in our every day world, see how many "fish" a magnet will "catch",
and see what letters a magnet can catch for us to make words from. Please help your
student look around the home, in cupboard doors, refrigerators, etc. to see where we use
magnets at home!

First Grade - Each class will come one day to do our "Winter" observation of the
crabapple tree. Hmmm, could be interesting observing it in the snow! Ms. Guerra's class
will come Monday, Ms. Comick's class on Tuesday, Ms. Miller's class on Friday. Ms.
Gray's class came on Friday 1/21. There may be some changing of days, if there is too
much snow at any point. You are welcome to come with your child's class to help us, if
you would like to come. Stay tuned!

Second Grade- Ms. Abraham's paleontologist will "dig" for fossils that they will create
with plaster of paris and shells, as well as do an experiment to see which powder the
Ancient Egyptians might have used to preserve their mummies. Will salt, baking soda, or
a combination of the two do the best job to keep the apples so they are attractive and
desirable to eat? Ask your second grader!

Third Grade - Mr. Gonzales' class will contemplate how insects have adapted the shape
of their mouth to fit the foods available to it. We will test different configurations to see
what shape works best with different shapes of food sources. We will also do an activity
to exemplify the food chain-the grasshoppers eat grass, the lizards eat the grasshoppers,
and hawks eat the lizards. Who will live the longest? How do the grasshoppers manage
to survive? Next, we will look at animal cards to sort and then create food chains which
quickly develop into food webs. We animals are very busy creatures!

Fifth Grade - Ms. Martenak's class will finish up their geology unit by looking at
sedimentary rocks to see how superposition takes place. We will also create snow flake
"crystals" so we can see how crystal shapes form in rocks. Who knew geology could be
so engaging?

Thank you for enjoying the wonders of the world of science with your child-whether it be
nature, how objects move, or how the world was formed. It really helps build
background knowledge that we can add on to here at school!

Mrs. Ablott

**Save the Date!

Science-Tech Night will be April 6th, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. We will have our Jr. FIRST
Lego Robotics groups explain their projects, while the fourth graders display their power
points on their animal research, view our space station and much more science at ASFS!!

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