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                                                                                              Mike Neale

                                                                                               Date / Dyddiad

                                                                                        January 2012
Dear Colleague

Re: GCSE Physical Education moderation 2012

I would like to inform you of some changes to the moderation process for 2012, namely;
     Centres will submit marks electronically in addition to completing the PE1 and PE2

      On moderation day, moderators will give general feedback to centres i.e. whether the
       centre`s assessment is accurate, severe or generous. They will not discuss specific
       mark changes

      Final decisions on any mark adjustments, based on changes made on PE1 forms by
       moderators, and the moderators’ reports, will be made by centrally by WJEC.

Rationale for change - Electronic Submission
   • Electronic Submission is for all WJEC subjects

   •   Marks are entered electronically by centres which reduces the risk of administrative

   •   The previous system relied on one person manually inputting the marks of over 6000

Rationale for change - Centrally Amended Marks. This system should ensure that;
   • There is a reduced risk of confrontation at moderation

   •   GCSE Physical Education is consistent with all WJEC subjects

   •   There is time for moderators to reflect on decisions

   •   Marking of individuals is avoided

   •   Moderators assess the overall accuracy of centre marking, which is the main aim of
The moderation process 2012

Pre Moderation
Centres will be issued with instructions for entering marks electronically in spring 2012. The
marks entered should be your final marks on your PE1 forms i.e. out of 120. The electronic
system will not allow the break down of each of the four activities to be entered. Marks can
be entered electronically from 10th March.

We would like centres to send PE1 and PE2 forms to moderators two weeks before
moderation day if possible, but certainly no later than one week before as stated in the
specification. Please indicate the activity next to the mark in each of the columns on
the PE1 mark sheet.

Discuss with your moderator the activities to be seen on the day.

Moderation Day
Centres should organise a range of activities as discussed with the moderator prior to
moderation day. The moderators will note any possible changes on the PE1 but will not
discuss these with the centre. General feedback will be given.

Post Moderation
Moderators will send all PE1 forms along with their reports to WJEC. The reports will be
consistent with the oral feedback given on the moderation day.

The Subject Officer and senior moderators will view all PE1 forms and reports before
deciding whether to implement any changes recommended by the moderator.

It is hoped that this system will enable a fairer assessment of the overall level of accuracy of
marking by the centre to take place.

If you have any queries about any aspect of this correspondence please don’t hesitate to
contact me.

Yours faithfully

Mike Neale
Subject Officer, Physical Education

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