Latin II                         Providence High School                         2012-2013

Instructor:           Magister Andrew Spencer
PHS Latin Website:

Salve! Latin II is a continuation of the introductory Latin course, where students will
expand their knowledge of Latin grammar and syntax. The course includes various topics
in Greco-Roman history and culture.

I. Primary Course Goals. In Latin II, students will learn:
1. intermediate rules of Latin grammar and syntax, including the passive voice of verbs,
    relative pronouns and clauses, comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs,
    and various clauses that employ the subjunctive mood of verbs;
2. translation strategies (students will be expected to translate from Latin to English and
    from English to Latin);
3. fundamental events in Roman history, from the end of the Second Punic War in 146
    BC to the fall of Rome in 476 AD;
4. various episodes from Greco-Roman mythology (including the heroic sagas of the
    Trojan War, Hercules, Jason, Theseus, Perseus, and Odysseus).

II. Classroom Rules and Procedures
1. Students must be on time to class every day; if they are late, they must report to the
    SMC (Student Management Center), or present Magister Spencer with a current hall
    pass or note.
2. Students must be prepared for class every day (this includes bringing all required
    materials to class, as well as all assigned homework).
3. Students must be respectful in class, both of Magister Spencer and of their fellow
    students. Talking about topics other than Latin will not be tolerated. Students must
    raise their hand to speak, they must not disturb other students in the class, and they
    must listen to P.A. announcements quietly.
4. Magister Spencer adheres to all PHS rules and procedures, as outlined in the Student
    Handbook. Food and drink, and all electronic devices, are strictly prohibited and will
    be confiscated if used in class.
5. If a student’s behavior proves to be disruptive, Magister Spencer first will provide a
    warning. If the behavior persists, Magister Spencer will assign an after-school
    detention and/or contact the student’s parent/guardian. Continued disciplinary
    problems will result in an administrative referral.

III. Homework
Students should expect to be assigned homework for every class meeting. All written
homework assignments must be completed by the beginning of class on the day they
are due. All late assignments will receive a 10% deduction per day (i.e. each school day,
not the next A or B day). For example, a completion assignment that is received two
school days after it was due can received a maximum score of 80%.
Latin II                         Providence High School                         2012-2013

NOTE: Internet-based assignments (including listening comprehension activities) are
a required component of all PHS Latin classes. ALL STUDENTS will be expected
to access the internet to complete course assignments on time – NO EXCEPTIONS.
Students may use computers in the Media Center or in one of the school’s computer labs
if they do not have internet access at home. Please contact Magister Spencer as soon as
possible for any anticipated issues.

NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with Magister Spencer to
complete all missed assignments. Late assignments can receive full credit only in the case
of an excused absence or illness. Arrangements must be made within 5 days of the
student’s return to school, on the student’s initiative.

IV. Grades
Grades are calculated based on the following categories:
50% Homework, Class Work, and Quizzes
50% Tests and Class Participation

Participation is calculated as one test grade per quarter. Students begin each quarter at
93% for their participation grade. Positive participation and class contributions can help
increase the participation grade. Unexcused absences, tardies, disruptive behavior, lack of
attentiveness, or failure to follow instructions will result in a reduction of the
Participation Grade. Participation cannot exceed 102%.

Grades will be updated, and will be available to view on Parent Assist, on a weekly basis.

V. Required Materials
Students are required to bring the following materials to every class:
1. Textbook
2. Three-ring binder with dividers (1½- or 2-inch binder)
3. All course handouts and assignments, filed
4. Loose-leaf notebook paper
5. Pencil, black or blue pen, red pen, pack of highlighters (various colors)
6. Dry erase marker, and an old sock, washcloth, or dry eraser

I’m looking forward to a great school year! Fortuna maxima vobis sit!

~Magister Spencer

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