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                                 NEXT GENERATION TRAINING PROGRAM
                                FRQS VISION HEALTH RESEARCH NETWORK
                                          2012-2013 Competition

The purpose of this scholarship is to enable a member of the Network to send a student to a foreign laboratory
(outside the province) in order to enhance his/her knowledge and/or to bring a new technique in the laboratory of

 1) Minimum stay: 2 consecutive weeks.
 2) Maximum stay: 3 consecutive months.
 3) The original laboratory must submit the application prior to the student travel. The file submitted must contain
     the following:
     — the academic record with transcript, CV and relevant experience required.
     — a brief description of the training period and its impact to the originating laboratory and for the Network.
     — the expected duration of the internship
     — the negotiated wage and the funding source that will be used to defray the portion of the grant not
          covered by the Network.
 4) The host laboratory must approve, in letter form, the student's application and describe the financial,
     technical or other benefit which the latter during his stay.
 5) Incomplete applications and applications not conforming will be rejected.

Evaluation Criteria:
The application will be evaluated based on the added value of this training for the laboratory of origin and, where
appropriate, for the Network.

Amount of award:
   — Maximum amount of financial income from the Network: $ 3,000 (or $ 1,000 per month)
   — Maximum amount allowed for travel expenses: $ 750
   — Maximum amount allowed for living expenses: $ 1,000 per month (or prorata if less than a month)
   — The host laboratory will be responsible for making up the difference to bring this scholarship to a level
       enabling the student to do the internship without assuming its financial burden.

 Any summer student scholarship recipient agrees:
     — to present the results of his/her research project at the Vision Network Annual Scientific Research Day
     — to acknowledge the support from the Network on each presentation (oral and poster) and publications
        resulting from this project for which he received the fellowship.
     — to declare any other funding received during the internship.

Eligible costs:
     — Transport, accommodation, meals ($ 30 per day in Canada and $ 40 outside Canada).
     — The student must submit original receipts and airline boarding passes for a refund.
     — Where appropriate, provide the exchange rate of the currency in Canadian dollars (conversion rate of
         foreign currency at the time of the transaction).
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Closing dates: Open.

Number of scholarships available per year: Limited. Depends on availability of funds.

Please submit an electronic version of your application to:
FRQS Vision Health Research Network Secretariat

                                   For additional information, please contact:
                                                Nadia Ben Mérièm
                                 FRQS Vision Health Research Network Secretariat
                                          Department of Ophthalmology
                                  Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, CSA RC-F120
                                            5415 Assomption Boulevard
                                        Montreal, (QC) H1T 2M4, Canada
                                         Phone: 514-252-3400 ext.1568

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