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First Quarter Units by r5uhfBp


									First Quarter Units
      Measurements and Graphing:        Chapter 1
             Science of Learning
             SI Units
             Metric/English Conversions
      States of Matter:       Chapter 3 and 13
             Kinetic Theory of Matter
             States of matter
             Phase changes
             Heat of Fusion/Vaporization
             Charles Law and Boyle’s Law
             Archimedes Principle
             Bernoulli’s Principle
             Pascal’s Principle
      Matter Classification: Chapter 2
             Elements and compounds
             Heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures
             Physical and chemical properties
             Chemical changes
             Law of conservation of mass

Second Quarter Units
      Atomic Structure and History: Chapter 4
              Protons, neutrons, electrons
              Quarks and leptons
              Electron energy levels
              Isotopes and ions
              Dalton’s theory
              Thompson’s model
              Rutherford’s model
              Bohr model
              Electron cloud model
              Standard model
      Periodic Table: Chapter 5 (sect 5.1, 5.2) and Chapter 6 (sect 6.1,6.2)
              20 element symbols
              Periodic table background
              Periodic table organization
              Atomic masses and atomic particles
              Neutrons in isotopes
              Metals, non-metals, metalloids
              Noble gases, Halogens
      Compounds and Bonding: Chapter 6 (section 6.3)
              Valence electrons
              Dot diagrams
              Ionic bonding
              Covalent bonding
              Oxidation numbers
              Forming compounds
              Naming compounds
              Hazardous compounds

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