PACAF Brief 18 SEP 07 by HC12091317213


									  Harmonizing Guam Munitions Planning

Andersen AFB Munitions Operations Overview

                         MSgt Bruce Martineau
                          HQ PACAF/SEW

                           MSgt John Nesler
                            13 AF/SEW

      Integrity - Service - Excellence
                    MUNITIONS STORAGE AREA

   The largest air-to-ground munitions stockpile in
   75 miles of roadway
   Land mass of 5,500 acres
   Our storage facilities consist of:
      - 2 multicubes
      - 4 earth covered flow-thrus
      - 12 aboveground magazines
      - 127 igloos (12 additional Hayman igloos w/IDS
      under construction) (48 future construction)
      - 183 revetments (only 16 sited) (9 with LPS)

          Integrity - Service - Excellence
                    FLIGHTLINE EXPLOSIVE

• Combat Aircraft Parking Areas:
  - 11 North Ramp
  - 56 Center Ramp
  - 24 South Ramp

• Hot Cargo Parking Areas:
  - 4 South Ramp
(Currently being re-sited by ISA)

     Integrity - Service - Excellence

• 36 MUNS
  •   TURBO CADS Operations
  •   Storage Rewarehousing
  •   Continuous Bomber Support
  •   Stockpile Inspections/Maintenance

           Integrity - Service - Excellence
• 36 EOD
  • Emergency Disposals of munitions recovered on
    emergency responses. WWII ordnance and base
    supported munitions items
  • Explosive Evidence Disposal Operations for Bureau of
    Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; OSI, and Security
    Forces Investigations
  • Disposal of classified materials for Comm Squadron
    and HSC-25
  • Disposals of ADR materials as authorized under our
    RCRA Permit
  • Explosive training operations to maintain our EOD
    Demo proficiencies and training requirements

         Integrity - Service - Excellence
   New igloo construction (60 ea)
   New missile maintenance facility
   New conventional maintenance facility
   LPS replacement on MSA 1 structures
   New electrical wiring installed in MSA 2 area
   Expansion of 736 SFS armory (completed)

          Integrity - Service - Excellence

• Moves should not impede F-22 ops
• A/C Ramp near the HSC-25 area could be expanded
  although current plan was for rotary A/C only, but
  could expand even more if fighters are thrown in the
      • EOD ops would be affected but controlled with prior
        coordination as they do now with current ops

           Integrity - Service - Excellence
                           Considerations (cont)

• Northwest Field
  • Currently used extensively for REDHORSE,
    Commando Warrior and Combat COMM plans
    and training
     • Facility construction already in works to support
       current ops
  • Real world ops would infringe on operations
    conducted in the MSA
  • Silver Flag range is now squared away, A/C ops
    would take that away
  • Would advise keep it a joint training area
          Integrity - Service - Excellence

Integrity - Service - Excellence

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