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					                                     Home Inspection Report

Folder-loose pages

15 Pages – each makes 2 copies

The bottom of each page has section basics (material type, system type, ratings, fuel type, etc).
Each page also includes a list of what the inspector shall inspect and what he is not required to
inspect as well as a comments section.

Ratings for inspected items: S-M-P. Satisfactory, Marginal, Poor

1. Inspection Information: cost, date, house information, etc.
2. Standard of Practice: table of contents, introduction, purpose and scope of inspection, keys to
    visual inspection (S-M-P)
3.Structural System: foundation, floor, walls, columns, beams, joists, sheathing
4.Exterior: walls cladding, trim, entry door, patio door, garage door, driveway, steps, porch,
    deck, retaining walls, exterior faucets, wood deterioration, vegetation, drainage, garage door
5.Roof System: covering, valleys, gutters, downspouts, extensions, flashing, skylights, chimney,
    plumbing vents, signs of leaks
6. Plumbing System: supply pipes, waste pipes, pressure, drainage, vents, sump pump, fuel
    supply, flue pipe, chimney connect, casing, temperature control, relief valve, main water
    valve, cross connection, main gas valve, leaks, gas leaks
7.Electrical System: overhead entry, main conductor, main panel, main disconnect, grounding,
    bushings/knockouts, branch circuits, exterior electrical, expose wiring, garage electrical,
    GFCI’s , wiring type, panel location, smoke alarms
8.Heating System: burner, flue, chimney connect, fuel supply, thermostat, distribution,
    blower/pump, filter, T/P/R Valve, high limit safety (functional), unusual conditions
9.Air Conditioning Systems: exterior casing, exterior fins, electrical disconnect, refrigerant
    lines/insulation, interior ducts, condensate drain, thermostat, adequate cooling, unusual
10. Interior: 5 sections. All five sections have the following sections: walls/ceiling, floor,
    electrical, door/window, heat source. A and B have the additional sections listed.
    a.) Kitchen/Dining: cabinets, counters, sink, plumbing
    b.) Bathrooms: vanity/basin, tub, shower, toilet, plumbing
    c.) Living room:
    d.) Family:
    e.) Bedrooms:
11. Insulation and Ventilation: insulation, attic vents, foundation vents, kitchen fans, bath fans,
    dryer vent
12. Fireplace and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances: type, firebox, visible flue/chimneys, clearance,
    door/screen, hearth, loose fire bricks
13. General Limitations and Exclusions: inspection exclusions, standards of practice
14. Glossary of terms
15. Report of summary concerns/ receipt for report

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