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					How to find people like Scott Trucker

Now it’s easier than before, with all
the social media, to get in touch with
people you are interested into. At the
beginning networks like Facebook,
where all about knowing what other
do. Such networks are also used in
marketing and advertising. For
instance, it might be a good idea to
create an account for your business,
promote your products to thousands
of people and keep in touch with
your current customers in a common
and friendly domain.

However, some networks go further
than that. Linkedin is dedicated to professionals, either if you are looking for a job or you
want an insurance agent like Scott Tucker. Linkedin is not like Facebook or Hi5. It is not
all about having fun. Instead, it has gained an unusual status over the past few years. So if
you want to hire someone, or start a project, this is the place you might find your people
easily. Finding specific people here is intuitive. Searches can be made by location,
industry, business name and even by name, like Scott Tucker from Kansas.

Being different than other networks, don't aspect to have nice games to play with your
friends for hours. This is for people that know what they want. Some of the biggest
companies are present and some of the smallest local companies and individuals. This is
a nice way to find out more about a company, simply by establishing a connection with
them. Such an idea is even better when you are in a leadership position and you want to
know what others do too. Being in the same multi national company and knowing what
others do in the same position you have, can prove to be an advantage. Know you see
how this can improve your business statute?

                               I am going to take another example: you leave in Kansas
                               City and you want to get in touch with a particular
                               consultant. A name of the person you are looking in the
                               specific industry will ease out things in just a few clicks. If
                               you get multiple results for a search, see what other things
                               your searched person does have different. Any particular
                               difference, like age, city. Searching for Scott Tucker
                               Kansas City, might get you a bunch of results, from sellers
                               to Le Mans race driver. These profiles are like specific
                               curriculum vitae, that you can read about each person if
                               they give you access to it. This is the best please to find
about a person resume, past business and collaborators. For some you need to have their
permission to read their entire profile, but its just their need for privacy.