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     How I Safeguard my family and myself.
I live with my wife and my two children. We also have
three cats and one dog. We live in a purpose built
house and my wife Cathy is my main carer.
I have a IB (individual budget) and with this I employ
2-3 PAs that assist me with my every day life.

Some of the duties are personal care, handling
money, shopping, assisting me with being a active
father to my two children, also looking after the
family pets.

I feel that safeguarding my family and myself is a
huge responsibility that I am more than prepared to
take on, as I feel I should be in control of everything
as an employer.
Some of the things I have to think of in relation
to safeguarding are:

•My safety
•My families safety
•Trusting P.A.s with financial matters and
handling money
•Risk management (my carer's safety)
A P.A. needs to respect my
Recruiting a new PA is one of my biggest
safeguarding issues. Interviewing will always be a
risk, but one I am willing to take.
Compass deals with the advertising, the sending
and receiving of the application forms, therefore
only the shortlisted applicants will know my home
address. I then take on the whole responsibility
of employing a new PA.
I ask a current PA to ring and invite the
shortlisted applicants to my home for an
interview. (I choose and feel comfortable doing
the interview in my own home with my wife beside
me, as it gives the interviewee a glance of my
family life and the work environment.)
Phoning applicants
      The Interview Process
I prepare a list of questions that will help me envisage
the character of the person. I try not to have any
yes/no questions to get the candidate to speak openly
about themselves.
I always answer the door, as the initial greeting is
usually an indication as to whether they are a suitable
I have a set interview plan which I follow, so
everybody has the same interview.
I score each person immediately after they leave in 10
Categories (marking out of 100) i.e. Understanding me,
Suitability, Eye Contact and experience.
               2nd Interview
Usually there are a few people that stand out, I then
ask them back for a 2nd interview, which consists of
them escorting me out on my own (pushing my
wheelchair) and talking in a relaxed atmosphere.
I know it is a risk asking a interviewee to take you out,
but I feel it’s a important gamble to take, as the
person you pick you have to build up a trust with.
I feel I need to see how they are out and about with
me. Do I feel secure/are they trustworthy, how they
handle my money, do they listen to me, are they
comfortable with me?
2nd interview stage
References and CRB Checks
I always take up references and always get
Compass to help with the CRB check. However I
think I’m a pretty good judge of character, so if
they’ve just had a CRB check, or been a carer
before, I let them start before the CRB check
comes back, as quite often it can take months.
Fortunately in my 16 years of employing PAs I’ve
only had 7 Pas, 3 of which are still working for
me. I am always aware that employing a new PA is
a huge risk until you find the bond of trust, so in
the first few weeks my wife or another PA are
always about incase any difficulties arise
Out with the family
     Safeguarding Everyone
I also need to be certain that the PA fits into all
aspects of my life. I need to trust them to do
personal care as well as assist me with taking my
children and me out. I need to be sure of
confidentiality and respect.
I have to be sure that my children, my pets and
my wife are safe at all times. I need to show
them how electrical items work, safe handling of
equipment etc.
I have to consider my PA’s safety as well, and
that they feel secure and not at all vulnerable in
the work place i.e. that I don’t ever put them in a
situation they aren't comfortable with.
P.A.’s walkies
        Feeling Vulnerable
I’ve always been confident employing PAs and
sorting out any problems that may arise, I know I
have the back up and added security of my family.
I can see why people feel they need some kind of
back up to help with difficult situations, which is
something which needs a definite resolution so
there is someone that can come and help whenever
If I have to confront a issue, I will wait until I’m
not in a vulnerable position (e.g. the bath/lift) to
address the problem. I remain composed and in
control of the situation (although inside I hate
confrontation) and we discuss the problem
Now’s not the time!
      Handling My Money
As I’m unable to physically handle my money I
have to rely on my PAs entirely. I have a method
which I follow:
When a new PA starts I always make sure I have
cash in my wallet for the first month.
After this I do tell them my pin numbers for my
cards. I know this is risky but I have a trust with
my Pas, but I have internet banking which I check
everyday. As well as this I record every penny I
spend on my computer.
I’ve never had any issues with PAs handling my
money, I think they know I’m in complete control
of my family’s finances.
A PA is in a position of trust
            In Conclusion
I have been employing PAs through Direct
payments for many years, and I appreciate that I
have been extremely lucky in employing PAs that
fit in well.

Over the years I have never felt vulnerable, and
haven't had major problems to deal with.

I believe it works both ways, treat your PAs as
you would like to be treated yourself, “you get
what you give”………….
You don’t want to end up

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