How You Can Save on Necklaces and Pendants

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					How You Can Save on Necklaces and Pendants
By Joe Deacon

Many women have a favorite necklace or pendant that they wear all the time. For other women, a new
necklace is almost as exciting as a new pair of shoes! When it comes to shopping for necklaces and
pendants, it is possible to save some money with a few smart shopping tips. In most cases, you can
purchase these jewelry pieces without having to pay retail as long as you follow these simple steps:
Shop from Home
One of the best ways to shop for necklaces and pendants is to shop online. The internet age has brought
an entire new element to shoppers. With no fuel expenses, no lost time stuck in traffic, and no crowds,
shopping online certainly does have its advantages. Many women find there are more design choices
available online than in a traditional jewelry store.
One reason why you can save money by shopping online is that there are no storefront expenses that a
traditional store has. This way, the savings can be passed onto the customer. You can also find many
online discount codes that can save you a substantial amount of money.
Stores like Desires by Venus offer coupon codes for free shipping on all purchases. Other outlets, such as
Anjolee offer online coupon codes for an additional two percent off their already low factory direct
pricing. It only takes a few minutes to search for these codes online and the savings can really add up

Look for Going Out of Business Sales
If a jewelry store has a huge banner that states they are going out of business, it is time to do some
serious shopping. Most of these stores are required to sell their merchandise at greatly reduced prices -
some as much as 90% off the retail price. The one drawback to such a sale is that there may be a limited
selection but unless you stop in and look, you will never know.
Buy Second Hand
For those that love a great bargain, you can find some sensational necklaces and pendants in some
unique places. Consider pawn shops, estate sales, and even your local thrift stores to locate jewelry
pieces at tremendously reduced prices.

Consider Laboratory Created Gems
One of the newest trends in jewelry is to use laboratory created gems. Sometimes, these gems are so
real looking, a jeweler can have a difficult time telling them apart from the real thing. While you will
know the difference, most of your friends and family members will not. These beautiful creations will
pass muster even under the strongest scrutiny and will save you a ton of cash.

Some Final Thoughts
Necklaces and pendants are very popular pieces of jewelry, but you don't have to shell out the big bucks
to get them. Look for jewelry stores that are going out of business consider jewelry with laboratory
created gems, and shopping online with coupon codes are great ways to save yourself some money. You
can still have a beautiful necklace to wear with that new dress, but you don't have to bankrupt yourself
to get it!

From Hearts, to crosses, drops, angels , keys and more there is pendant and necklace for every taste

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