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									         Department of Health and Human Services

                   Statement of Duties

 Title: Senior Tradesperson (Electrical)   Job                         Effective
 and Instrument Team Leader                Number: 520212              Date: March 2012
 Group: North West Area Health Service     Organisational Unit: Corporate Services
 Section: Facilities Management and
                                           Location: North West Regional Hospital
 Engineering Services
 Award: Health and Human Services
                                           Stream: General
 (Tasmanian State Service)
 Level: Band 4                             Job Status: Permanent, Full Time
 Reports to: Manager Facilities &          Number of Subordinates: 2

Focus of Duties:

  Supervise and co-ordinate Electrical Trades and Operational Staff to ensure
   effective and efficient services are provided.

  Coordinate Electrical trade services including maintenance of specialised
   equipment, the reliability of all electrical equipment and services, high voltage and
   low voltage supply systems, control systems, specialised health facility systems,
   emergency power and lighting systems in accordance with statutory requirements,
   and support a preventative maintenance schedule for equipment as required
   within a major health care facility.

  Ensure all Plant and Equipment under the control of this position is maintained in
   accordance with mandatory or statutory or local requirements.


1.        Provide leadership for the Electrical Trades Services to ensure a highly
          cohesive technical team that can efficiently service a complex hospital
          environment based within the Department’s responsibility work area.

2.        Effectively coordinate, supervise and participate in the day to day operations
          of all staff that come under the control of this position, ensuring work
          assigned is completed within agreed timeframes and to approved
          specifications and quality standards.

3.        Undertake electrical work within the boundaries of trade qualification/s, skills,
          knowledge and experience.

4.        Use initiative and liaise with other roles of this nature within the Department
          to co-ordinate and implement timely, quality and efficient provision of
          Engineering and Building services to various clients within the Departments
          responsibility area.
5.        Prepare and/or review equipment specifications, recommendations and
          provide quotations from contractors/suppliers when required.

6.        Manage and co-ordinate minor projects and refurbishment projects including
          determining trade cost estimates. Facilitate the procurement of goods and
          services in accordance with State Government policies and guidelines.

7.        Ensure that safe work practices are adopted at all times and that protective
          clothing and equipment provided is worn and used as recommended including
          the implementation and enforcement of legislative requirements such as the
          Workplace Health and Safety Act to safeguard the interests of the department
          of Health and Human Services and its employees.

8.        Maintain Quality Control measures to approved levels and ensure compliance
          with all relevant Australian Standards, Acts, Regulations, Instructions and
          other directions applicable to the trade.

9.        Ensure all Plant and Equipment is maintained to the best standards and
          workmanship possible by showing initiative and keeping abreast with all
          changes and trends within the industry.

10.       Make recommendations on the impact of new trends upon the delivery of
          electrical services.

11.       Comply with and utilise procedures, policies, regulations and standards which
          impact upon the role, including Workplace Health and Safety, Equal
          Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination policies.

12.       Participate in the on-call roster.

13.       The incumbent can expect to be allocated duties, not specifically mentioned
          in this document, that are within the capacity, qualifications and experience
          normally expected from persons occupying jobs at this classification level.

Scope of Work Performed:

      • The role operates with a high level of independence in undertaking day to day
        activities and shall report to the Manager Facilities & Engineering.

      • The role is responsible for supervision of Electrical trade staff, contractors and
        consultants as appropriate.

      • Internal communication is primarily with other staff within the Facilities
        Management & Engineering Services Department of the North West Regional

       Required to take responsibility for Licence Nominee.

       Ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation and
        Australian Standards.
Pre-employment Conditions:

Essential Qualifications:
Evidence of the following must be provided prior to appointment to the job:

        Relevant Trade Qualification*

Pre-employment Checks:
The Commissioner has determined that the person nominated for this job is to satisfy
a pre-employment check before taking up the appointment, on promotion or transfer.

The following checks are to be conducted:

        Nil

 *For the purpose of the previous section the “relevant trade qualification”

        Minimum: Certificate III Engineering - Electrical Trade with an “A” Grade
         Licence, and Instrumentation.

Selection Criteria:

1.   Demonstrated comprehensive and extensive knowledge and experience
     relating to installation and repair of Industrial Plant and Equipment with a
     working knowledge of equipment similar to that found in major health care

2.   Demonstrated comprehensive and extensive knowledge and experience
     relating to installation and repair process and control equipment/ systems

3.   Demonstrated ability to interact and communicate effectively with staff from
     all levels as well as external organisations and to effectively coordinate and
     supervise staff under the control of the role as an efficient working team.

4.   Demonstrated ability to prioritise works, project time frames and costs and
     make responsible and accurate recommendations both verbally and in
     writing. An ability to produce an effective work output in terms of both
     quality and quantity without supervision.

5.   Demonstrated skill and ability to manage, coordinate and participate in
     equipment installation and/or refurbishment projects.

6.   Evidence of continual updating of knowledge and skills and willingness to
     participate in staff development activities.

7.   Knowledge of, or an ability to acquire knowledge of procedures, policies,
     regulations, and standards which impact upon the role, including a knowledge
     of Workplace Health and Safety, Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-
Working Environment:

      Day work plus on-call, primarily at the North West Regional Hospital but may
       be anywhere within the North West Area Health Service.

The Department of Health and Human Services is committed to providing the highest
levels of healthcare and services, and values equity, diversity, initiative, flexibility,
creativity, teamwork, conduct, occupational health and safety and the capacity to
make a difference.

The minimum responsibilities required of officers and employees of the State Service
are contained in sections 7(1), 8 and 9 of the State Service Act 2000.

The State Service Act 2000 and the Commissioner’s Directions (employment directives)
can    be   found     on    the   State  Service     Commissioner’s   website     at

This job may exercise delegations in accordance with a range of Acts, Regulations,
Awards, administrative authorities and functional arrangements mandated by Statutory
office holders including the Secretary of the Department. The relevant Organisational
Unit Manager can provide details to the occupant of delegations applicable to this job.

DHHS is a smoke free work environment. Smoking is prohibited in all State
Government workplaces including vehicles and vessels.

Health Care Workers with the Department of Health and Human Services are
expected to comply with the Agency’s Hepatitis B Policy and the Tasmanian Code of
Practice for Health Care Workers.

The Agency’s policy classifies the levels of risk to employees, who have a risk of
exposure to Hepatitis B higher than the normal population, as either:

Category 2.     Employees whose employment arrangements and duties place them
                at a higher than normal population risk of exposure to blood or body

Category 3.     Employees who are, or potentially will be, directly involved in the
                conduct of exposure prone procedures.

For employees who occupy jobs classified as Category 2 level of risk it is strongly
recommended that the occupant either demonstrate current immunity or previous
seroconversion to Hepatitis B or demonstrate immunity following vaccination.

For employees who occupy jobs classified as Category 3 level of risk the occupant
will be required to either demonstrate current immunity or previous seroconversion
to Hepatitis B or demonstrate immunity following vaccination.

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