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Inspecfrom Ei by SUfK94


									Engineering Village

INSPEC on Engineering Village
What Is Inspec?

•   Multidisciplinary Database produced by IEE
•   Subject covered:
     • Physics
     • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
     • Computing & Control Engineering
     • Information Technology
     • Manufacturing, Production &

•            Mechanical Engineering
•   Wide range of cross-disciplinary topics
Overview of Inspec Database

The INSPEC database includes:
•   Over 8 million records
•   Over 400,000 records are added every year
•   1969 to date
•   Over 3,740 journals
•   3,000 other publications
 Searching Inspec on Engineering Village – Step 1

                                        Key words to be searched

                                      A list of all available Inspec

Type in key words and select the fields that you would like
them to be searched in.
Searching Inspec on Engineering Village – Step 2

                                         Limitations include document
                                           type, treatment type and

* Document type includes journal articles, conference proceedings etc.
  Treatment type includes application, historical, literature review etc.
  Discipline includes physics, electrics etc.
     Searching for Chemical and Numerical indexing on
                    Engineering Village
2 Inspec fields are supported via Expert Search only:
•    Chemical indexing (CI)
            Applied to records from 1987
            Controlled indexing for inorganic compounds & materials
•    Numerical indexing (NI)
            Applied to records from 1987
            Controlled indexing for numerical data such as variations
            in quantities, units (C, Celsius, Kelvin etc.) and values (i.e.
            27,500kW, 27.5 MW etc.)

           To view a full guide of IEE CI and NI thesaurus go to
 Indexes available

Click on an
index to begin
a search.
                     Change indexes from
                     within the window.
                                              Go back to refine
Search results                                 your search or
                                             begin a new search

                                                       Use the results
                                                      manager to view,
                                                    email, print, download
                                                      or save selected

                                                  Save search,
                                                 create an email
                                                  alerts or RSS
  The search string shows the number of
  records in the set, key words and fields
Refine your search using facets

                                       Controlled vocabulary
                                       corresponds to terms
                                     found in Inspec thesaurus

                     This facet corresponds to Inspec
   Search History
   Use search history to combine, re-run or save searches as well as set up email alerts.

                   RE-run a
                   search                                            Save search or
                                                                     Create an email alert

                Combine searches

*** Remember that search history is available as long as you are in an active
session. If you leave your computer for 20 minutes or more, your search history
will not be saved.
Inspec Achieve
•   Electronic access to the printed Science Abstracts journals
     • Covers 1896-1968
     • Contains over 873,700 records (Equivalent to 176 print

     What are Science abstracts?
     Coverage: multidisciplinary database including physics and
       electrical & Electronic Engineering from 1896 in one science
       abstract journal.
             Physics from 1902
             Electrical & Electronics Engineering from 1902
             Computing & Control Engineering from 1966
             Wide range of cross-disciplinary topics
Inspec Achieve features
•   Basic Index: single words from title, abstract, journal,
    conference or other publication, original indexing &
    classification, controlled indexing & classification.
•   Abstract:150 words in length, non standardized,
    discussion participants names included, references
    included “see also”, one abstract for combined references.
•   Title: original or English translation
•   Classification & Indexing: over 2 million original index
    entries. Automatic application of current terms, UCD used
    for 20 years.
•   Publication year: given for the abstract, not publication.
    Some older publications have no dates given.
•   Warnings: Early days had lower & varying standards,
    some fields may be missing.

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