NOTICE TO BIDDERS

                 University of North Carolina at Charlotte
                         South Village Dining Facility
              Early Sitework, MEP and Foundation Bid Packages

Shelco/T2-JV, Construction Manager, will accept sealed bids for the UNC Charlotte’s new South
Village Dining Facility Early Sitework, MEP and Foundation Packages located on the campus of
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Bids will be accepted from pre-qualified trade
contractors for the packages as listed below. Sealed bids will be received by hand and publicly
opened and read aloud at 3:00 PM E.S.T. July 24, 2012 in Cone Center Room 210 on the UNC
Charlotte Campus. For directions, see

Sealed bids may also be delivered or mailed, provided they are received no later than two hours
prior to bid opening delivered to:

                                UNC Charlotte – Facilities Management
                                           Attn: Ms. Joyce Clay
                                        9201 University City Blvd.
                               Facilities Management Building, 2nd Floor
                                        Charlotte, NC 28223-0001

They will be delivered to the bid opening room by a UNC Charlotte Project Manager.

A Pre-Bid Conference will be held at 2:00 PM E.S.T. on July 10, 2012 in Cone Center Room 210
on the UNC Charlotte campus. The pre-bid is not mandatory but attendance is highly
encouraged. A Outreach Event will take place immediately following the Pre-Bid Conference
for Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) firms to meet the Project Team and interface with
the Prequalified Trade Contractors. All pre-qualified trade contractors are encouraged to seek
HUB Certified/Minority Business participation. The minimum goal for this project is 28%
participation. Interested second and third tier subcontractors and suppliers are encouraged to
quote work to the Pre-Qualified trade contractors.

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An open meeting in accordance with GS133-3 will be held at the pre-bid to identify the
preferred alternates for the project. The following is a brief list of these preferred alternates
that are being considered by the Owner:

      Brick Pavers – 2 ¼” x 4” x 8” English Edge Pavers “Red” by Pinehall Brick Co.

All questions and/or clarifications should be addressed to the Construction Manager, who will
then correspond with the Design Team, if necessary, for answers and clarifications (see
Construction Manager contact information below).

Construction Manager: Shelco/T2 Joint Venture
Steve Russak
5400 Old Pineville Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217
(704) 527-3031

Owner: University of North Carolina @ Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223

Architect: Perkins Eastman
520 West Sixth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Full sets of Bidding Documents may be obtained by PRE-QUALIFIED Bidders from:

       SHARPE IMAGES AT 4832 DWIGHT EVANS RD, CHARLOTTE NC 28217, (704) 525-7087. There is
       a $200 (per complete set). Additional sets of drawings and specifications can be
       purchased at Bidder’s expense. All full sets of Bidding Documents from unsuccessful
       bidders shall be returned to SHARPE IMAGES, in good condition, within seven (7) days
       after Bid Package Awards to be eligible for plan deposit refund.

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Complete Bidding Documents may be viewed at the following locations:
      Shelco, Inc. Office (704-367-5600)
      5016 Parkway Plaza Blvd, Suite 100
      Charlotte, NC 28217

       Tyler 2 Construction Office (704-527-3031)
       5400 Old Pineville Rd
       Charlotte, NC 28217

       Hispanic Contractors Association & ISqFt Plan Room (704-583-4184)
       226 Westinghouse Blvd. Suite 303, Charlotte , NC 28273

       Metrolina Minority Contractors Association (704-332-5746)
       2915 Rozzelles Ferry Road, Charlotte, NC 28208

Bidders must be properly licensed under state laws governing their respective trades and
General Statutes of the State of North Carolina applicable to those trades shall be observed in
the receiving of bids and awarding contracts for the work.

Bid security in the amount of 5% of the bid amount shall be submitted with each bid of
$500,000 or greater. The bid security shall be in a form of a bid bond, cashier’s or certified
check made payable to Shelco/T2-JV. The apparent low, responsible, responsive bidder shall
have their bid security held until the Trade Contractor agreement is executed and all required
documentation and material are set forth and approved by the Construction Manager.

Utilize the bid bond forms contained within the Specifications Manual. Bid security will be
returned to all bidders in due time after the lowest responsible, responsive Trade Package
contractor is determined and said contractor had agreed to enter into a contract for the work.

Payment and Performance Bonds will be required on all subcontracts of $500,000 or greater, as
well as any building envelope trades as may be identified by the Construction Manager.

No bids may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after receipt of bid. The CM and Owner
reserve the right to reject any and all bids, to waive informalities, and to award to other than
low bidders should it be deemed in their best interest.

Shelco/T2-JV is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Pre-qualified bidders and bid packages listed below. Bid package information can be found in
the project specifications.

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Bid Package ESP- BP-1D – Staging and Traffic Control

Jones Grading &                                        704-331-
Fencing             Nate            Jones, Jr.           9224

Carrothers                                             704-984-
Enterprise          Christopher     Carrothers           0145
Tron                                                   704-507-
Construction        Antwan          Alexander            8739
AAC Enterprise                                         704-788-
LLC                 Donald          Wimbush              1922
Lakeside Project                                       704-483-
Solutions LLC       Becky           Loranger             3739
Buchanan &                                             828-497-
Sons Inc.           Jessica         Schermerhorm         9720
Blythe                                               (704) 588-
Development         Jim             Burdette            0023

Pedulla                                                704-663-
Excavating          Dominick        Pedulla              0017

Abram                                                  704-392-
Construction Inc.   William         Abram                4002

Bid Package ESP BP-2A – Site Development

Pedulla                                             704-663-
Excavating          Dominick       Pedulla            0017
Showalter                                           704-376-
Construction Co.    Colin          O'Brien            6372
                                                   (704) 588-
Siteworks LLC       Scott          Bovit              3055
Blythe                                             (704) 588-
Development         Jim            Burdette           0023
Granite                                             704-794-
Contracting         Brad           Whaley             6253
Wayne Brothers                                     (704) 938-
Inc.                Renee          Morici             8400
Mid Atlantic
Infratructure                                      336-251-
Systems Inc.        Jeremy         Johnson           1017
Buchanan &                                         828-497-
Sons Inc.           Jessica        Schermerhorm      9720
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Bid Package ESP BP- 2C, Shoring

Morrison                                         704-849-
Engineers            Jim            Arnold         0606
Subsurface                                      (919) 857-
Construction Co.     Jeffrey        Coonse       4609 x18
Hayward Baker        Kevin          Lewis          0884
Blythe                                          (704) 588-
Development          Jim            Burdette       0023
Pedulla                                         704-663-
Excavating           Dominick                     0017

Bid Package ESP BP -3A Concrete

Wayne Brothers                                      (704) 938-
Inc.                  Renee          Morici            8400
Allied Concrete                                    7047884182
Forming Inc.          Chip           Clark             225
Lithko Contracting
Inc                   Nick           Polack        704-784-9879
D. Washington
Group                 Lisa           Simms         919-794-5948
Rodgers Builders,
Inc.                  Chris          Piephoff      704-537-6044

Bid Package ESP BP-5A Miscellaneous Steel

CMC South
Carolina Steel        Michael         Andrews       864-244-2860
McCombs Steel
Company Inc.          Brandon         Tarlton       704-873-7563
Steel Specialty
Co. of Belmont
Inc.                  Ed              Reese         704-825-4745
Steel Fab Inc         Doug            Secrest       704-394-5376
Fabricators Inc.      Richard         Tucker        828-465-1010

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Bid Package ESP BP -7A Waterproofing

Atlantic Coast                                    (704) 399-
Waterproofing        Allen          Reynolds         0561
East Coast
Restoration and
Waterproofing                                      704-262-
Inc.                  Jim           Sherrife         7034
Waterproofing                                      404-292-
Inc.                 Dennis         Topf             8013
Waterproofing                                      704-347-
Co                   David          Eddy             1345
Waterproofing                                     (704) 489-
Specialties Inc       Ronald        Guilliams        2099
Construction                                      (734) 464-
Services             Dave           Diatikar         3800

Bid Package ESP BP-15A Mechanical Utilities

Quate Industrial
Service Inc.          Skip             Higgins        919-596-5965
PC Godfrey Inc        CB               Martin         704-334-8604
                                                       (704) 357-
McKenneys, Inc.       Nick             Bartley            1200
Pipeline Utilities
Inc.                  Ted              Harmon         919-772-4310
Mid Atlantic
Systems Inc.          Jeremy           Johnson        336-251-1017

Bid Package ESP BP 16-A Electrical Duct Bank and Site Lighting

Besco                Dan            Caylor          4200
                                                 (864) 848-
Metro Power          Chris          Moore           4454
Gregory Electric                                 (704) 622-
Company Inc.         Tommy          Foster          1706
Howard Brothers                                  (704) 523-
Electrical           David          Latour          7730
Watson Electric                                  (704) 947-
Company Inc.         Jim            Kelly           5151
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                                           (704) 483-
Lake Electric Co.   Michael     Scronce       4000
Watson                                     (252) 237-
Electrical          Ruth        Rouse         7511
Excel Electrical
Technologies,                              (704) 795-
Inc.                Randy       Sossamon      0060

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