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									 Course Information

GAB             Grounding And Bonding- 2008
                      6 hrs/.6 ceus
                  Class location and date tba

Why is grounding so controversial? It shouldn’t be. I will teach
and train you what the code says and what the code means and
why the code requires it. There is NOTHING more important than
a properly grounded and bonded electrical system. My mentor
taught me over 20 years ago that if you have a good ground and
bond, you have a safe building. This is true, but unfortunately
dozens of people are killed each year because often times one wire
was either not connected or connected at the wrong place. You
don’t want to miss this class!

Topics include:

Service grounding, equipment grounding and sizing, grounding
electrode conductors and terminations, lightning protection, ground
rod myths, what does a ground rod accomplish, separately derived
systems, grounding generators, grounding transformers, 2008
grounding updates, sub-feeders, new requirements on feeders to
separate buildings, grounding low voltage systems.

This seminar will not just read the power point slides, but will train and
discuss how safe grounding is a must. Relevant, local discussions will drive
this seminar. Seminar location: 28 John Street, Westminster, MD 21158
Course Material: 2008 Mike Holt Grounding and Bonding book included in
price. Student should bring 2008 NEC book. A calculator is recommended.

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